Hi, my name is Stevenson.

I was born and raised in the Philippines, currently living my dream in Spain, but a citizen of the world. I'm both Loud and shy and also optimistic yet reserved. In love with long and deep conversations about everything especially with regards to diversity and culture, but also mastered how to enjoy being on the listening side of things.

With degrees in Computer Science, Education, and in Social Studies, I am currently working in the world of Data and Business Process Transformation. I was once a teacher for half a decade, but as they say, once a teacher, always a teacher. My former students are my living pride.

I firmly believe that every person is curated to become somebody in life. But at the same time, we are all concoctions of different ingredients that makes us both unique and as well, related - and that's what makes our world more interesting. And that we can only achieve an understanding of the universe if we travel - not just to see landmarks and taste delicacies - but to see how people live and learn how our differences make this world more richer and worth living in.