About Me

Working at the Marketing team of the world's best energy management corporation during 8-5 but on the other (darker) round of the clock. Snoozing on daytime, highly alert during weekday evenings. Weekends are for reading and writing and learning and more sleeping. 

I was once a teacher for the first five years of my work life, teaching the new wave of analysts and programmers to other future professionals. Those days were golden and the love from my former students that spans up to the present just makes me look back with smiles and happy memories. I still want to go back to it someday, but I have to learn more so I can teach what I really want.

Most of my writings are about travel but I also write about life in general which is not limited to my works on social studies, education, food, and friendship. I have a lot of dreams but ultimately, I would love to see life unfold in front of me through my very own eyes but with different lenses.

I am almost 30, but dreams make it hard for me to settle but drives me to go further and farther in the future. I've always wanted to see the world, and in the past decade I was able to start living that dream. I can't wait to see more of it.