August 9, 2019


Serenity at Kyoto

A UNESCO Heritage Site, Kinkaku-Ji Temple has been turned from a Shinto Shrine to a Buddhist Temple and then to a Private Palace. The exteriors of the second and third floors are plated of 24K Gold which gives out a striking shine in the middle of the serene lake that it is built upon.

Tourists Flocking along

It was the beginning of summer when we visited this beautiful wonder. You can see that it is Sunny but there was a certain calm within the area that gave us a cool feeling despite the number of tourists that were there with us.

Selfie Time

Family is the best Policy

Truly, anywhere in the world, as long as you are with family, trips and adventures are sure to be memorable. Here I am with my cousins and niece and nephew on a picture perfect day in Kyoto, a trip I will always treasure! I wish we can do it again someday, altogether.


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