November 15, 2019

They Say: "What I Love About Being A Teacher"

Nobody will ever be somebody without the people who help them be anybody that they wanted to be. Those people are usually regarded as our heroes in life. But most of us forget about the heroes that share most of their lives for the sake of us, our Teachers.

Being a teacher myself for five years has taught me a lot of lessons that I never have realized when I was just a student. Even if i was the one teaching, the profession has taught me things not just about life but also about the different people and situations in our society. People kept saying that it is a noble job, and it takes to be one to understand what that really means. Endless hours of preparation just to give an informative lecture or hours on the computer writing that challenging examination is no joke. And it doesn't end at that because we would all have to check and grade those papers all by ourselves in the middle of the night which can tend to drown you in the long run.

But what keep a teacher from leaving this tiring profession? What are their reasons to keep going and continue with this noble but usually forgotten profession. I have interviewed a few of our respected and ever loved teachers and here is what their answer to the question "What I love about being a Teacher":

Maam Wea A
PAREF Woodrose School
"Teaching is an opportunity to contribute to the future of the society as we help form the hearts and minds of our students. Teaching is enjoyable when you see your students enjoy the activities you prepared for them. It is fulfilling especially when you see your students become better versions of themselves. I love teaching because I learn a lot from my students and from teaching itself. I gain knowledge, experience, and virtues in the teaching-learning process."

Sir Pio G
San Beda College Alabang
"I think the best for me is the experience of encountering diverse types of people and seeing them explore their talents through classroom discussions. As Saint John Baptist de la Salle said, it is always about "teaching Minds, Touching hearts, and Transforming Lives". And that is the real essence and beauty of the teaching profession."

Maam Dharlene B
Bauan Technical High School
"Appreciation. That's what I love the most about being a Teacher. The simple things that I do which is truly just a part of my job but at the end of the day, your students will come to you and express how deeply grateful and how much they love you for those simple things, it really melts my heart! The love and appreciation of my students is in a different level that I myself cannot really explain, but one thing is for sure, it really is fulfilling. I may get tired from teaching but their simple gestures of appreciation keeps me going.."

Sir Argel M
Dasmariñas Integrated High School
"The best feeling for a teacher is when you realize how we serve as a guide to our students' young minds on their way to the right path. They do have their own sets of problems. But whenever I see the values I teach in our classroom being evident with their actions not just in the classroom but even beyond, it gives me pleasure to keep teaching. As they say, it's hard to be a teacher, with all the paperwork and the extra tasks that the government asks us to work on. But for me, I love this profession because it gives me the ability to inspire my students to reach for their dreams. At the moment I already have students who are now professionals themselves and it feels good when they come back and tell me how I was one of the reasons why they are where they are. Lastly, continuous learning. As a teacher, learning never stops - through seminars, training, and even supervising practice teachers. And even from students, especially now on the techie age, I also get to learn a lot from them."

Maam Gloria D
De La Salle University - Dasmariñas
"To be someone acting as a vessel of information is a divine calling for me. Everyday, I have the obligation to tell my students to become the better version of themselves by improving their study habits and never losing sight that learning is a way of life. There is so much to learn from anything and everything!"

Being a teacher myself for five years, truly I had a fair share of reasons or better to say so much more of the saying teaching is the most noble profession. After all these years and almost another five years away from my college teaching days, all the experiences, learning, and love that I get from my students and even from the school community, I was able to live what one of my old friends had told me, and that is "Teachers are the most remembered".

Never Stop Teaching and Learning! 

THEY SAY is a segment on my blog which features a little survey where I asked a few of my friends and readers about a certain subject. A Topic is started and they would respond in the way it applies to their lives and experiences.

October 22, 2019

Sad Days

Have you ever felt so lonely? Like, I mean, you have the most supportive friends who you know would always have your back, and family members who never fail to be present in your life, but still there's that emptiness that no matter how you distract yourself from, will do its best to be felt? I know I am a happy person, I truly am. But even the happiest of people can still feel lonely and sad from time to time. But the hardest part for me is that I have no idea why I feel sad, and alone. I always pray to the Lord that he will continue to give me comfort and peace which He always provides but still, STILL there will be moments where I just feel so all by myself.

I am known by those dear to me as the person who is made up of sunshine and stars. Always vibrant, always joyful, free from any worries or pain. But little do they know how alone I feel, despite all the smiles that my face constantly displays. With all the cheers and support that I shoot out, at times I thought, do I get my share of those things as well? I never ran out of love for people, and I never count the amount of feelings I give out to anybody, but sometimes, I just get to stop and think - Maybe I also need love.

Recognizing the hardships of other people and all other souls who are much more at a lonelier state and living a sadder life than mine makes me invalidate such feelings of sadness that I feel. But no matter how blessed and privileged I feel I am and I know I am, I guess the human in me causes my vulnerabilities to resurface, at least to myself and to my own perceptions. Also, the fear of being perceived as ungrateful to all the love and support that I get from my friends and family hinders me to open up about the shadows of silent griefs that I live through from time to time.

What do I need to make this sadness go away, or at least lessen through time. I know the light of happiness can only be appreciated if one has passed through the valleys of sorrow. But what do I need to finally reach the sun? What do I need? Or maybe, who do I need? These questions will only make it harder for me, but if not ask, will I even find answers in the first place?

August 9, 2019


Serenity at Kyoto

A UNESCO Heritage Site, Kinkaku-Ji Temple has been turned from a Shinto Shrine to a Buddhist Temple and then to a Private Palace. The exteriors of the second and third floors are plated of 24K Gold which gives out a striking shine in the middle of the serene lake that it is built upon.

Tourists Flocking along

It was the beginning of summer when we visited this beautiful wonder. You can see that it is Sunny but there was a certain calm within the area that gave us a cool feeling despite the number of tourists that were there with us.

Selfie Time

Family is the best Policy

Truly, anywhere in the world, as long as you are with family, trips and adventures are sure to be memorable. Here I am with my cousins and niece and nephew on a picture perfect day in Kyoto, a trip I will always treasure! I wish we can do it again someday, altogether.


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July 12, 2019

The Ming Tombs at Winter

Youngster me at the Ming Tombs

Let me give you a visual tour of the Ming Tombs in Beijing. A UNESCO World heritage site, the Ming Dynasty Tombs are a collection of tombs or mausoleums built by the emperors of China during the Ming dynasty. though the first Ming tomb is built on the ancient Chinese capital of Nanjing, most of the tombs can be found in Beijing  which is collectively known as the Thirteen Tombs of Ming Dynasty. 

Beijing Winter Skies

Winter Fogs and Branches

The walkway to the Tomb's Entrance

My father enjoying the cold (and dry) Beijing Winter

Tower at the Dingling Tomb

Ornate Items on the Tomb Complex

Early morning photo of me at the Tower.


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July 5, 2019

Mornings at Tumon Bay

Early Morning at Tumon Bay, Guam

Just this past weekend, I celebrated my 29th year in the beautiful island paradise of Guam. This trip is truly memorable because it did not just mark my 16th country/territory, it also made me set foot on my 3rd continent - Oceania/Australia. A territory of the United States of America, Guam boasts of its amazing views of the sea, and clear summer skies all year long.

Crystal Clear Waters

It was very tempting for me that morning to take a leap and swim but I was about to get in my flight in a few hours. Just take a look at how clean and clear the water is right across this park. Well with all these views, I will never miss the chance to take as much photos as I can, including a few with my travel buddy Krit.

My Travel Buddy Krit Enjoying the Guam Sun

Guam enjoys a tropical rainforest climate all 12 months of the year filled with sunny skies and occasional rains. Since the island is located in the middle of the Pacific, typhoons usually visit the landmasses a few times a year. For a Filipino like me, there is no drastic change in the weather when I was there except that I left the Philippines that Friday night with strong rains and moving to this island to continue with the sunny skies.

View from the Hilton Guam Lobby

My new found friend John who was also my host during my four day stay at the island took me to the beautiful park at the Hilton where these stunning views are located at. I really liked the resort and hotel because the people are very friendly and accommodating.

The Chapel at Hilton Guam

Guam is also a very famous spot for destination weddings that hotels and resorts have dedicated chapels that have stunning views for brides and grooms to tie the knot. This one is located within the vicinity of the hotel. We were not allowed to get inside it but imagine the views from the inside with all those glass windows. Fairy Tale Wedding for sure!

Meditation Hut

I thank my dear friend and brother John for letting me see this sights a few hours before I left the island. The beautiful palm trees and crystal clear blue waters of Guam will always be engraved in my mind and in my heart.

By the way, May I take this opportunity to greet my friends in the United States of America a Happy Independence Day! Thank you for letting me see your beautiful island of Guam, hope to explore more of american lands in the coming years!


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June 19, 2019

Metro Train Tour in Bangkok

Ratchadamri Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Probably one of the most visited cities in Asia, Bangkok offers a lot of things to travelers from all over the world. One thing that I admire about this city is its well planned and placed Metro stations that enables tourists like me to reach a large number of attractions and shops faster and at ease. So one late morning, I decided to not plan on anything and just see what the city has to offer.

I purchased a BTS One-Day Pass that lets me have unlimited rides on the BTS system for just 140 Baht (Php 233). I was so happy that day because I was able to see most of the city with just a little more than 200 pesos! So I did my self-guided tour by visiting spots that are within the BTS Train Stations. Click on this link to know more about BTS One-Day Pass.

Central World

One can reach and visit one of Bangkok's biggest malls, Central World, by riding all the way to the heart of the city. You can exit either by Siam Station or through Chit Lom Station to reach this area. As you can see on the photo, it is still the iPhone X posted on billboards because I was there at January 2018.

Khlong Saen Saep

Walking along the overpass along Ratchadamri Road, I passed by this beautiful river where water taxis are passing through. This river is called the Khlong Saen Saep which is a very important canal that has been used by the Thai people dating back centuries ago to transport people and goods as well.

An overpass by the Pratunam Market

Pratunam Market is also reachable by foot from the stations Chit Lom and Siam. It's not that near though but for afternoons like mine, it was a good stroll for me. Pratunam is famous for its cheap selections including clothes and cute trinkets and souvenirs. I got my Dad and my brother some pasalubong (travel gifts) from here and they were very happy.

After buying stuff at Pratunam, I made my way back to Siam Station by foot and headed back to Central World to see what's inside the mall and yes, to cool myself down from the hot and humid Bangkok afternoon. Aside from shops and restaurants, I was able to find a few interesting things inside this mall.

Art Gallery inside Central World

One of the walkways inside the mall was turned into an art gallery. I am not very sure if it is a usual place for such art exhibits or I was just very lucky that day to see these beautiful pop art posted for the public eye.

Then it was time to get back to the train and on to my next stop, Victory Monument Station. This is one of the most interesting legs of the BTS tracks which I will elaborate later. But for now, Let me give you a little history of what is the Victory Monument and why it is important for Thai People.

Victory Monument

Victory Monument is a landmark in the heart of Bangkok which features an obelisk with several statues around it. It is a remembrance of Thailand's victory over the Thai-Franco War that happened between October 1940 to May 1941. It is a reminder of the victory of the Thai people against the French forces that led the Thai Kingdom to expand to several areas in Cambodia and Laos. It is erected last 1942 and is now located at the intersection between Phaya Thai, Phahonyothin, and Ratchawithi Roads.

I would like to thank the very kind policemen who saw me struggling for a selfie. One of them offered to take a decent photo of me with the Monument at my back. Thank you so much and also for holding my two litter drinking water. (that afternoon was really hot)

Victory Monument Station

As I have mentioned above, this leg of the BTS tracks are probably one of the most interesting. You have to hold on the handrails if you are standing because it literally went around the victory monument and gives you a beautiful almost 360 degree view of the landmark. It was a very beautiful moment and goes to show how important for the Thai people this monument is that it went all around it so that it can retain it's place at its center.

Mo Chit Station

Mo Chit Station was my last stop that afternoon. It is the farthest station at the North Route of BTS (as of now because construction is on going to expand up to Khu Khot). This station is well known not just because it is the last but because it is the station to exit if you wish to visit the biggest night markets in Bangkok, the Chatuchak Weekend Market. But since it was a weekday, I have decided to just visit and stroll the beautiful park just below the station, Chatuchak Park.

Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak Park is located at an area donated by the State Railway of Thailand and was built during the late 70s. It is a beautiful place at the middle of the hustle and bustle of Bangkok where you can take a break and press pause on your busy day. Though it was hot that day (okay I know I've said it so much but REALLY it was hot) all the trees and the lagoon gave me a fresh feeling, at least for my eyes.

A kind lady took this photo of me at Chatuchak Park

Solo Travel Tip: I know we tend to get a little shy whenever we ask strangers for a photo, but believe me you'll get through it. And when you do, if you want better photos taken, look for students and younger people, or better yet other tourists that have cameras on their necks (that's quite usual on touristy cities) to take your photo. Promise, you'll never regret the quality of their photos. Mine above was a bit far HAHA but hey, I can still crop it if I want to, important thing is that it's clear.

Aside from the fact that it is free, another metro line, the Bnagkok MRT has a station just below the park which is named after the park as well, Chatuchak Park MRT Station. Chatuchak was amazing and I was able to experience it on another day that week so hopefully I can write about it soon. But yes, if you wish to go shopping and get lost in the middle of markets, markets, markets, Chatuchak is a must.

Map marker of Chatuchak Park

Bangkok will always have a special place in my heart. Mainly because of its people who are always willing to give you their smiles for free. With my experience of travel around South East Asia, I must say that Thai people looks so much most like us Filipinos. They would even talk to me straight in Thai and when I politely inform them that I am not Thai, they easily recognize me that I am a Filipino maybe because of the way we speak English. And yes, they would even shout Manny Paquiao's Name once they knew I am Filipino HAHA!

Clear Blue Skies on that Summer Day in Bangkok

So what now? Book that flight to Thailand! If I can make it with just a BTS One-Day Pass, then so can you! I love Thailand, sure you will!

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For more information on BTS, contact them through:

Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited
BTS Building, 1000 Phahonyothin Rd., Chomphon, Chatuchak Bangkok 10900 Thailand
Tel : 0 2617 7300
Fax : 0 2617 7133 , 0 2617 7155
Email :
BTS CALL CENTER : 0 2617 6000
Daily from : 06.00-24.00 hrs.

June 14, 2019

The Empire Hotel of Brunei

Facing the South China Sea

The Kingdom of Brunei is famous for gold, oil, and luxury. One of its famous spots is the Empire Hotel & Country Club located at the Muara district just a half hour drive from the capital city of Bandar. Dubbed as a 7 star hotel, The Empire boasts of its luxury hotel suites and rooms and first class amenities. But for sightseers like me and my high school pals, a half day trip around the area is more than enough for us.

       (Left) Beautiful Glass Walls            (Right) Marble floors and stairways.

Opened at October 2000, The Empire's interiors are made of the finest grade marble and some of the furniture you will see inside the hotel are finished with pure gold, one of which is a great grand mirror at the hotel lobby which is leafed with 24 karat gold. The Major pillars are made of Marble and lined with gold which gives is somewhat an Egyptian/Middle Eastern feel.

But what struck me the most  is that big and beautiful glass wall made into some sort of a solarium that is several floors high which gives guests an amazing view of the tropical paradise just on the other side of the door. It reminded me of that final scene from beauty and the Beast when all of them were waltzing around at the transformation of the beast into a prince.

Judy, Myrcel, Dianne, Angelica, Lara, Me, Marvin, and Faith at the Empire

The whole receiving area was extravagant and spacious with a very high ceiling that spans several floors high. From the lobby, you would have to take several flights of stairs or escalators to reach the glass walled entrance to the pool and beach area.

The Empire is a member of Worldhotels which is one of the world's leading organization of independent hotels across the globe. This hotel has several amenities aside from 518 rooms (Yes, five hundred and seventeen!!!) which includes function halls, restaurants, cinema theaters, and a full golf and country club. Now how luxurious can this hotel get?

View from the outside of the glass wall.

Since Brunei is situated in the tropical jungles of Borneo, going outside the hotel premises will open your pores to humid and all-year-long summer heat. But the high temperature does not tamper the beauty that your eyes will witness as you walk along the gardens that lead to the pool and beach areas.

(Left) Pool Area                             (Right) Open Lagoon where guests can use kayaks      

Truly this ambitious project that lasted for a construction time of more than 6 years produces a beautiful and over the top architectural wonder. One thing I realize during our day's visit is that there are very few hotel guests that day when we visited. Our guide told us that it really is a quiet place because of the price per stay on their hotel rooms. Truly, sticking and staying true with Brunei's title of "Abode of Peace". 

We were very blessed to have had the chance to witness the Empire's Majestic glory. Will I ever get the chance to stay a night here as a guest someday? Only God knows and time will tell, nothing is impossible. (HAHA) 

The Empire Hotel and Country Club is located at Kg Jerudong, Muara - Tutong Hwy, Brunei BG3122, Brunei. You can contact the hotel at +673 241 8888 or click on this link to visit their website. So when you visit Brunei, tell your guide to visit the Empire. It's beautiful, astonishing and a great place to cool down on Brunei's all year Summer.

Ate Judy and Me at Bander Seri Begawan, Brunei

Before I end this post, let me ask you to greet my sister Ate Judy a Happy Birthday! She is not just my cousin but she is also my best friend and classmate since kindergarten up until highschool. We love to travel together and see the world side by side.Happy Birthday Ate Judy!


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