August 29, 2015

Midas Hotel & Casino

Midas Hotel & Casino, Manila

Last April 25, 2015, I was abound to one of my biggest challenges I ever signed up on, my first Half-Marathon. It was not just my first Half-Marathon but actually my first run! So me and my friends Myrcel, R-Jay, and Judy, decided that we will be spending the night before in the Pasay City area where the NatGeoRun 2015 run will happen. We chose Midas Hotel & Casino because my friend Myrcel used to work there and she told me how nice their rooms are.

 Midas Hotel & Casino, Philippines

Midas Hotel & Casino is a Boutique Hotel located at Pasay City in Metro Manila. The hotel was renovated from the old Hyatt Manila. almost everything was refurbished but they retained the sandstone walls at the lobby which I really think is beautiful.

The front office people were so nice and accommodating and after our reservation was confirmed and our pre-check-in details were processed, we were advised that our reservation for the Deluxe room for four was upgraded to the Executive Suite, for no extra charges! A very special thanks to Miss Cielo Ortega Reboredo, Director of Sales and Marketing. We were excited to take a quick nap so we hoped up the lift and got out at the 9th floor where our room is.

Me, Myrcel, Judy, and R-Jay at the Elevator, Midas Hotel & Casino

When we went to our room and opened the door, we were greeted by fresh flowers and a plate with a cute cake with something written on it. We can't stop laughing because it said Mr. Myrcel when Myrcel is a girl! It was so funny but when we tasted the cake, it was so delicious! We really did feel welcomed.

The room was spacious and the bed fits all four of us! But of course there's a nice couch so one slept in there and the other three on the bed. It was very relaxing, just perfect for runners needing a nice rest before their 21-Kilometer run the next morning!

 Welcome gifts for Mr. Myrcel, well she is a Miss actually

Midas Hotel & Casino, Manila's Executive Suite

 Me messing around with the drinks

 It was so much fun staying at Midas Hotel & Casino. The run went smooth but I have to be honest, was a bit bloody on the toes since my shoes are not so good anymore. But I made it! We made it! And that is a big Thank You to Midas for giving us a wonderful night and the day after the run for our Half-Marathon Experience will never be as magical without it!

We hope we can stay again at Midas Hotel & Casino with my friends. Anywhere we go is a great place, as long as we are all together! But memories will always last with places like Midas.

Me, R-Jay, Judy, Myrcel, and Lea at the NatGeoRun 2015

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