October 23, 2014

Seven Things I did in Cambodia

Truly one of the most exotic locations not just in the Region but in the whole world, Cambodia boasts of its beautiful gems, friendly people and ancient history preserved for the next generations. The Khmer nation is the eleventh country I have visited, my sixth on the ASEAN region. It the second stop of the French Indochina trip we had last January 2014 together with my cousin Judy and my brother Wilson.

I love a lot about this country that are worthy of making me think of going back to this beautiful country in the near future. But here are ten things I can never forget that I did in this amazing country!

1. Shopping

You can't just leave any country without just a simple keepsake to remind you of that magical time you had on the land. And Cambodia is no exception to a variety of souvenirs you can get at a very reasonable price (again, remember to haggle!).

The Night Market at Siem Reap

There are several markets available for everyone the most famous of it is the Old Market situated at the City. But we did our shopping at the Night Market (Which is already open by early afternoon) where there are more choices and prices are actually cheaper. It is situated just after a walkway bridge behind the old market complex.

From spices boxed in banana leaf weaving to printed shirts all the way to silver works, Siem Reap is filled with a lot of treasures, big and small some even functional like the krama. The krama is a traditional Garment used as a scarf, bandana or when intricately folded, can be used as a bag.

Touristy items such as keychains and magnets are also available on a good deal! For me, I got my mini Cambodian flag for my collection, a miniature monument, some magnets as gifts, there's just so much for everyone!

Tip: The money widely used in Siem Reap and in all of Cambodia is the US Dollar. So it's nice to bring those spare one-dollar bills that are often refused on money changers and use them to buy those woven products and coin purses!

2. Temple Run

Well you can't just run around UNESCO Heritage sites but you can walk through them and appreciate the beauty that was made hundreds of years ago by the Ancient Khmers. Siem Reap literally stands for "Defeat of Siam" - or today's Thailand - which was named due to the victory of the Khmer against the Siamese. Along its glory, it left these wonderful Dravidian architecture that is distinct to its region.

Me in front of the Ethereal Angkor Wat of Cambodia

The most famous of all these structures is the famous Angkor Wat. According to an Ancient Chinese traveler, the whole structure of the Angkor Wat was just built in just a single night by a divine architect. The sight of its moat is already a marvel but when you get inside its walls it is just simply breath-taking! Taking shots of it during Sunrise and sunset gives you different perspectives but both interestingly magical! 

The Bayon and Me

Another marvelous Temple is called the Bayon which features gigantic pillars with faces of different reactions. though it is just a few kilometers away from the Angkor, it features very distinct architecture style.

As a true-blooded Filipino, it is in my nature to be in love with taking pictures! And it is a perfect match for me to be on these beautiful marvels from the ancient world. Every shot I take in my camera on any angle is just magnificent. The wats, the buildings, the smile of the friendly Khmers and just the life of the ancient city that I was once in. 

Tip: For just 20 USD you can get a whole day pass which can get you to all of the buildings on the Ancient city of Angkor. You can get the pass the day before your morning trip so that you can get the afternoon before the registered day, for free!

It is best to see the Angkor Wat both on Sunset and Sunrise! Better be there hours before the sunset and the sunrise so that you can get a very good spot to watch it and take great pictures of it, not just of the architectural wonder but that unforgettable moment.

3. Ride a Tuktuk

The Khmer tuktuk is slightly different from the ones we see on the streets of Bangkok. These ones are with the motorcycle detached a separate carriage while the ones in Bangkok features a whole body with the motorcycle inside the carriage. But it still has the same use and capacity. The fare for the tuktuk depends on the length of the journey and of course, your deal with the driver.

A photo of mine during my break as a tuktuk driver.

In our case, we availed the tuktuk service of our hotel, the Bou Savy Guesthouse and we just payed 15 USD for a whole day trip around Siem Reap and the Angkor City. The drivers at Bou Savy are very friendly and nice and they will assist you in your journey! Our driver even has a box of bottled water for us during our trip to the Ancient City.

Tip: The drivers can understand English and they can even talk basic English so just tell them and converse to them nicely and he will take care of you in your journey. Also, tuktuks are open air vehicles so expect a fast and windy drive! Better to bring your sunglasses to keep the wind out of your eyes, besides we all love a breezy trip to the temples.

4. Jewelries

Pink Sapphire Ring, Blue Sapphire Ring and a Ruby Ring

Cambodia is not just known for its Ancient ruins but also for its gems! Rubies and Sapphires and Aquamarines lined up in great quality. Just make sure to haggle their prizes so that you can get a great deal! Most of the rings and necklaces are encrusted on Cambodian Silver which does not tarnish (for me at least) but they also have Chinese Gold upon request.

The friendly couple who owns PEAR MENG Jewelry Store

On that very moment have I known that Sapphires are not just shades of blue but it ranges from white to pink and there is even a yellow sapphire! But one it's rare variety is the star sapphire which is a hazy blue color but there is this one big sparkle that is permanent to it in the middle of the stones cloudiness. 

Tip: I once had a short conversation with a Thai businessman from the US at Bangkok and he told me that travelers are said to have at least one piece of ruby jewelry for protection. 

5. Biking around the Ancient City

Me on my rented bike roaming around the streets.

Bicycles are a very good (and cheap) means of going around the city if you are ready for some dust and some sun! It's a very good way of roaming around while keeping it up with the locals! For just two dollars, you can use the bike for a whole day around the city. It comes with a chain and a lock to keep it secure so that you can park at any part of the streets as you go shopping and dining. Just don't forget to keep your keys and make sure they don't jump out of your pockets!

Tip: Just make sure to check on the chains and the brakes so that biking experience will be a breeze! It is best to rent your bikes early in the morning so you can get to choose the best ones.Souvenir 

6. Walking, Walking, Walking

Traveling by tuktuk or by bike makes roaming around faster but nothing beats walking on our two feet. The people you may meet, the aroma of that corner restaurant and the good prices and deals you can get! Nothing beats walking along the streets and feeling as one with the locals. Language is not much of a barrier because most Khmers know basic English and they are used to communicating with tourists and travelers from different nations!

On the dusty road around the streets inside Angkor City

Even inside the Angkor City, you have to walk inside all the temples and shrine sites for all the bikes and tuktuks are parked on a designated area. But believe me, every walk is worth it!

Tip: In your walks, it's better to bring an umbrella or at least a bottle of water to keep you hydrated from the heat of the sun! Cambodia is a tropical country so expect warm sunshine all-throughout the year except on the monsoons! Just forget to wear that sparkling smile!

7. Dine!

Me with Ate Judy and Kuya Wilson at Golden Coconut, Siem Reap

We all love a hearty meal every trip we take and Cambodia has its own taste to cater our craving palettes. In general, Khmer cuisine is spicy, not as spicy as Thai and leafy, but not as leafy as Vietnamese. It has it's own distinct savor to its dishes which at first you may think it's a bit bland but it just shows the real taste of the food, not much strong spices or seasonings but just the exact amount of everything.

Golden Coconut's Beef Lok Lak

We cannot get enough of our Beef Lok Lak from Golden Coconut that right after our dinner on the first day, the second day we got back to it and had the same exact meal! Golden Coconut is a Restaurant located in the Pub Street section of the Old Market in Siem Reap. It has these favorite Khmer dishes, Ice Cream, Shakes and a bar.

We also had dinner at our hotel, the Bou Savy Guesthouse and their version of the Beef Lok Lak is also good! But one unforgettable dish was the fried rice with mushroom and beef. For just 3 USD, you can enjoy a stir fried rice with local mushrooms and their savory beef all mixed and concocted together in a delectable dish!

Golden Coconut's Stir Fried Noodles

Tip: Just as long as you know your allergies, it's not very risky to try Khmer Cuisine since there is no surprising taste or very spicy feel to its dishes unlike dishes of other countries! Bread is a staple just like in Vietnam through its French influence but rice is available.

There you have it! Seven things that Seven did in Cambodia! Truly one of my favorite countries that I have been to, it is absolutely rich in culture and people who take pride of the ancient history that was there hundreds of years ago and is still unforgotten. 

But never ever forget that the best souvenir anyone can have on their travels are of course pictures. It is not just a proof that you were there at that place, at that time but also a reminder of that glorious memory that you can relive anytime you wish.

Thank you Cambodia, See you again really soon!


June 2, 2014

As I Turn 24

As I Turn 24

As I turn 24, we double a dozen,
As I Turn 24, a lot may have forgotten.
The places I've been to, the times I've spent,
The times I've forgiven, the moments I repent.

24 years have gone like a breeze,
But surely everything it brought will always be at freeze.
For friends, family, places and a never ending adventure,
Will forever keep my heart in an endless venture.

As I turn a new leaf, my 24th one,
Who knows who I'd meet? Who knows what be done?
For I live each day with lessons from before.
Because I know God has been with me, throughout the 24.

My Friends during my Simple Pre-Birthday Celebration

Last May 31, 2014 I invited a few friends to visit me for a simple dinner! I invited my colleagues and closest friends Maam Sheryl, Kathleen and Jayson and also some of my closest students who are now Graduates, Mary Anne, Arlan, Raymond, Jonathan and Christian. I wasn't able to invite many friends because I'm quite broke haha so I just told those who I always talk to usually and I am so happy they all came despite how far our place is from all their homes!

With all the laughs, the stories and all the food (they say it was good, well I cooked it all) I surely had a wonderful day! Though we celebrated four days early, It assured me that the coming days before the fourth of June will be filled with so much blessings :)

The Messy Dinner Table

Ice Cream!

Pictures by the stairs

Beautiful Shirts! Gifts from my dear friends!

Thank you all so much my dear friends! You all are some of the biggest blessings that I have in life and that I wish to take until my very last days! I wish I can celebrate many more Birthdays with you all! Thank you for making me Happy, Thank you for accepting whoever I may be, and mostly, thank you all for Loving me!

Almost 24,

April 23, 2014

To be Continued ... BCS41

Well here we go. If you are from this section and you somehow thought of all the reasons why it was to be continued from the last post, Was I sleepy already? Or was I just uninspired? Well of course both those assumptions are gravely false because the real thing is that I ought to dedicate a separate blog post, a separate message for all of you because as everyone can see, you guys are a little bit extra special for me. Maybe not just a little bit but yes, you guys are special to me.

I know you guys must be tired of how much I really wanted you to become my students, but hey, I really like to tell that over and over again and I decided that I shall start my message from there. It was the very first Semester for me as a Teacher and for you guys as a LaSallian Student. Unang bes ko magsusub noon dahil napakiusapan ako ni Maam Lallie na magsub sa class nya eh nagkataon na super takot ako kay Maam Lallie lalo nung student days ko pa kaya wala na agad akong tanggi tanggi pa! (Lagot na naman ako kay Maam Lallie nito) At nung nakapagdiscuss na ako sa inyo super nakita ko yung eagerness nyo na matuto at yung kabaitan nyo! Iba yung kabaitan nyo eh, hindi fake na dahil lang Sub ako kundi dahil tlagang mababait kayo! Since then di ko na agad nakalimutan yung iba sa inyo, anjan si Chen noon, si Ena, si Donil at si Jam! Sila yung mga hindi ko nakalimutan since then! Actually noong mga sumunod na taon everytime na paguusapan ang BCS41, palaging si Jam yung una kong naiisip eh!

Kaya naman after noong Substitution ko noon kay Maam Lallie at sinoli ko na yung attendance yata yun or test results, sabi ko agad kay Maam Lallie "Maam pag magpapasub po ulit kayo sa BCS11, ako nalang po ulit" at ayun, nagkatotoo nga yung wish ko dahil parang naaalala ko na nagsub ulit ako sa inyo at nagdiscuss pa! Kahit di ko na binasa in advanced yugn diniscuss ko eh naituro ko naman yata ng ayos dahil magagaling naman yung mga nakikinig! Yun nalang maalala ko nung mga time na yun pero all in all, it was a real good experience kaya naman all those years that passed, I longed to be your teacher each and every semester!

Dumatinga ng Third year of teaching ko, Third year of College nyo din, napagbigyan ako na mahandle ko na kayo finally kahit half man lang! Web Development Class yun ni Maam Bansagan! Uanng meeting palang sabi ko grabe knowing BCS31, napakadali nito for them at kaya nila ito ng 10 minutes! Natakot pa ako noon kasi baka sabihin nyo na napakadali naman ng mga pinapagawa namin sa inyo kasi mahuhusay kayo pero nawala yung kaba ko noon kasi instead na umupo lang ako at magfacebook nalang kayo lahat sa Lab, chinika ako nila Khhhhim at ni Arlan noon hangang sa nagkwentuhan nalang ata kami noon hangang sa natapos yung First Meeting sa Lab! After noong meeting na yun, I had to let go of you guys kasi 4 pm yung class na yun eh before that 10 yung tapos nung last ko kaya napakahaba ng break ko! Super hinayang ako nung time na yun pero dahil alam ko naman na fave kayo ng SQl kaya naman bago ko sabihin noon kay Miss Rosas na ileletgo ko kayo, kinausap ko muna si Maam Kathleen kung pwede ba sya sa time na yun kasi kung kanikanino lang kayo mapupunta, hindi ko na kayu ipamimigay pa kahit na maghintay pa ako ng 6 hours every friday ;)

Another year has passed and sabi ko padin mukhang malabo na nga yata na mahandle ko ulit kayo! Kasi each and everytime talaga na magbibigay ng subjects bawat magstart ang Sem, parating kayo ang hinahanap ko or hinahanapan ko ng paraan na mahandle ko kayo HAHAHA Seryoso yan!!! And then at last, Fourth Year Second Sem, there it was PROFESSIONAL ETHICS BCS41 COS108 W 1200-1500! Pagkabigay sakinn g load na yan hindi ko napigilang hindi mapasigaw! Finally, napakabait talaga ni God kasi sa pinakahuling pagkakataon eh hindi nya ipinagkait sa akin yung pinakahihiling kong section sa buong stay ko sa LaSalle as a Teacher!

Hindi nyo naman ako binigo dahil bukod sa sabi nila Arlan at Meanne na sa unang meeting palang eh napakasungit at nakakatakot daw ako, mukhang natutunan nyo naman akong kilalanin at in a way sa nararamdaman ko, natutunan nyo din ako mahalin! Kasi kayo, minahal ko na kayo bago ko pa man kayo makasama at hindi ninyo binigo yugn pagmamahal ko na iyon sapagkat sa tuwing kasama ko kayo, ang gaang ng buhay, masaya at wala na akong iba pang iniisip! Marahil ay hindi ko na iisaisahin pa ang mga nangyari sa buong Sem na nagdaan pero meron akong mensahe sa bawat isa sa inyo na sana eh ikasaya nyo at baunin nyo sa nalalapit nating paghihiwalay! Hindi naman siguro lingid sa kaalaman nyo kung gaano kayo kaimportante sa buhay ko sapagkat sa tinagal tagal ko na naging guro, ngayon lang ako nagimbita ng isang buong section sa Bahay namin na napakagulo at hindi ko pa nalilinis mashado! Pero that night was so much funa nd truly unforgettable kasi nakasama ko kayo and I shall never ever forget that! Maraming salamat sa mga pumunta at pati sa mga hindi nakapunta, andun naman kayo in spirit!

Malungkot man na kailangan na nating maghiwahiwalay, lubos ko namang ipinagpapasalamat dahil nangyari, nangyari na nakasama ko kayo kahit sa kahulihulihang sem at kampante ako na lumayo man kayo eh hindi naman kayo mawawala sa isip at sa puso ko (korni ni Sir Que! Pero totoo yan)

EUGENE - Suuuper tahimik, andun lang lagi sa isang sulok at kahit nakikipagkwentuhan eh parang hindi ko naririnig ang boses! Pero yun pala napakaactive naman sa facebook at isa sa pinaka Autoliker ko sa mga posts ko! Kahit walang kwenta yata yung post ko laging nakalike! Kahit comment ko nilalike! Pero hindi nya alam eh sobra kong naappreciate yung mga like like nya dahil pagdumating man yung panahon na wala ng may gusto sa akin, sigurado ako na merong isang tao na ila"like" padin ako! Salamat din Eugene sa pakikipagchat mo kay Aslan na talaga namang English pa! Kahit ako nahihirapan magEnglish AY HINDI PALA AKO! Kahit si ASLAN eh nahihirapan magEnglish para lang makausap ka! HAHA Maraming Salamat Eugene, kahit sa huling mga panahon eh kahit papaano eh naging close din tayo!

DONIL - Isa pa sa mga students na kahit hindi pa Ethics eh kilala ko na bukod sa akala ko talaga eh Magkambal sila ni Muli, eh talaga namang very nice guy itong si Donil! Maraming salamat sa pagyakag sa akin sa mga gala at sa mga kwentuhan din natin! Ikaw yung klase ng tao na para bang hindi ko pagsasawaan kakwentuhan dahil kahit minsan lang tayo nakapagkwentuhan eh talaga namang nakikinig ka at ako naman eh nakikinig din sa mga kinukwento mo! I can also see your passion for travel and I am very happy for that! Bihira sa panahon ngayon yung nakakakita ako ng may drive sa travel na kagaya ng drive ko! Basta set your goals, start near muna and then you'll see yourself na lumalayo layo na yung mga napupuntahan mo! And someday hopefully makasama kita sa mga future adventures ko! Well sisimulan natin yan sa Skating Plans (naku manunuod lang ako sa inyo ah) Basta ituloy natin yang gala bago kayo magstart nila Memey!

CZEN - Truly one of the nicest students Ever! Isa ito sa never nawala ang greeting sa akin kahit nung early years pa ng college nyo! Hindi ako nalimutan nito ni ChenChen kaya hindi ko din sya nakalimutan! Natatandaan ko pa nung first meeting ata ng ethics eh sabi ko Ang laki mo na Chen! Well hindi naman literal I mean malaki na kayo compared nung mga Babies pa kayo nung BCS11 pa lamang kayo! And I thank you for being so kind and nice and for the messages sa facebook ng recommendations ko to watch yung mga Movies na magaganda! I really appreciate that kasi mahaliga ko sa movies eh lately nga lang dahil busy di ako nakakapanuod pero Thank you and I shall watch those very soon!

JAEZELLE - The girl that can launch a thousand ships with just a smile! Naaaaapakatahimik na bata grabe as in buong buhay ko ata eh Hi Sir lang yung narinig ko from her but deep inside is a very sweet girl na talaga namang kahit saan ka makita eh ngingitian ka nya! Naalala ko din nung mga unang meetings ng Ethics, ag naghahanap ako ng hindi pa nagrerecite, sya ang natulong sa akin para tawagin ko yugn mga hindi pa natatawag hahaha it goes to show na kahit tahimik sya, she is concerned for her friends and her classmates! Thank you so much Jae and please stay as pretty as you are! Kapag sumikat ka na at nagartista ka na, may picture na tayo na magkasama nung nasa Grad Ball kaya maipagyayabang ko na na naging teacher mo ako!

JONATHAN - Si Jonathan! Grabe isa sa mga pinakanagulat ako sa buong BCS41! Sa classroom akala ko Male Version ni Jae kasi bukod sa magkatabi na sila, grabe hindi talaga nagsasalita! as in pagnagkaklase nakatingin lang sya sa board or sa akin pero hindi mo makitang nakipagdaldalan! PERO HINDI PALA! Grabe nung nakilala ko naoutside the classroom Napakagaling pala mangbara! Sabi ko nga eh kung meron mang isa sa 41 na pinakatanggap sa tropang SQL, tingin ko si Jonathan yun eh sa galing mangbara at bumanat! At saka super nakakatawa ka grabe parang kahit kausap kita ng seryoso para ka talagang lasing! Pero ok lang yan cute naman eh! Keep it up Jonathan! Aliw na aliw ako sayo lalo na alam mo pala yung bahay ni ano! HAHA Stay funny and stay cute and salamat sa mga kwnetuhan at tawanan! Suportado kita sa plan mo after grad basta keep in touch ah!

LORIE - Lorie Girl! Unang naaalala ko na nakita kita is nung magkasabay kami ni Kathleen sa jeep tapos nakasabay ka din namin tapos ang ingay nyo nila Kathleen pa noon tawagan nyo pa ay FRIEND!!! Parang make up na make up ka pa noon at kakatapos lang ata ng Graduation Pictorial nyo! Tinitingnan kita noon pero nakakatakot kasi parang ang taras ng mata mo! Kaya nung sinabi na ni Meanne sa akin na natatakot sya sa iyo, super nagulat ako kasi pati ako natatakot ako sa iyo kasi parang ang taray mo at palaban lagi! Kaya nung may nagsabi sa akin na lagi mo daw sinasabi na lagi nalang ako nagpapaquiz, natakot ako noon kasi sabi si Lorie daw nagsabi, grane urong pwet ko sa takot nung sinabi na si Lorie! Pero outer facade mo lang pala yun kasi kahit hindi man tayo mashado nakapagbond eh alam ko naman taht you are this sweet girl from deep inside at ngayon, hindi na ako natatakot sa iyo, mejo nalang HAHA!

CUYNO- Hindi ko pa mashadong kakilala itong si Cuyno kasi ACI palang yan di ko na yan naging student haha! Unang bes ko naging student si Kei sa System Analysis and Design tapos sa Visual Basic tapos ngayon naman ikatlo at huli ay sa Professional Ethics! Ito na siguro ang pinakamatalino kong naging student! Okay, hindi ko na kailangan pang isipin pero sya na nga siguro yung pinakamatalino! Hindi mo makikitang nagrereview yan sa school kung hindi yan naggegames sa Tablet nya, pupunta yan sa CSD para lang bulihin ako! Pero Cuyno kidding aside, I know gasgas na ito sa pagsasabi ko na You are truly the brightest student I ever known, though misunderstood ka ng ibang tao ako naman eh talagang love na love ka! I hope that someday I can still see you again kahit owner ka na ng company or ng isang buong probinsya at hindi mo padin sana malimutan yung saya natin kasi ang haba na ng pinagsamahan natin! You will always be one of the sweetest and nicest students I ever had at alam mo naman yan! I love you so much Cuyno and I will forever be proud of you!

AARON - Aaron! Hinding hindi ko malilimutan ang mga pagmake face mo na cute padin kahit na wackyng wacky na! Sa mga pagphotobomb mo sa mga pictures HAHA Isa sa mga students na nakilala ko na lamang nung Ethics na hehe actually isa ka din sa hindi ko mashadong pansinin noon sa class kasi napakasimple mo lang na lalaki which is a very good thing and I really admire! As time went by mas nakilala kita and I have known that you are extraordinary! Marunong magluto, marunong magbake ng hindi nasusunog, nagbibike ng malayo, kumakanta! You continue to surprise me with the things you do and you wish to do and I am really impressed with a guy who has dreams like you, like me! To be honest nanghihinayang ako na hindi tayo mashadong nagkausap or naging close kasi feel ko talaga magkakasundo tayo sa maga bagay bagay eh! I just hope someday you can be successful in whichever you choose to be, saan ka man mapunta! And most of all, I wish that you will always be happy :)

MOMOND - Hay eto na Mond! Hindi ko na hahabaan kasi baka wala na ulit ako masulat haha Isa pang hindi ko talaga napapansin at nakilala ko na lamang nung Ethics na, tahimik sa klase dahil kung hindi inaantok eh natutulog! HAHA Pero mula naman ng mas nakilala kita simula nung bago magGawad Agham, naging sobrang close na tayo! Yun nga lang hindi halata kasi sa personal di tayo mashado nagkakausap! Pero basta gaya nga ng sinasabi ko sayo parati na I will always be so proud of you and will always be here for you no matter what! Kapag kailangan mo ako kahit tulog na yung mundo isang message away lang ako! I pity those people who did not get the chance to know you better kasi ako kahit yata more than a month pa lamang tayo close eh sobrang nakilala ko na kung gaano kang kabuti hindi lang sa pamilya kundi sa kaibigan! And your dreams? Dreams not just for yourself nor the circle of people you are in but in a scale as large as nations, dreams for humanity! Basta huwag na huwag kakalimutan mga advise ko sayo ah! I want to thank you for giving me the chance to know such a great boy! I thought I found a friend but it turned out that I found the little brother I always wanted but never had, well now I do! Never forget andito lang lagi si Kuya ;)

HARVEY - Well wala na naman siguro pang iba pang papalag kung sabihin ko na ikaw na ang pinakaartistahin sa buong BCS41! Looks mo palang pamatay na eh yung height mo pa na hindi ko na makita yung nasa likod mo sa Class na napakatangkad din na si Bruce! PEACE BRUCE! One thing I know about you is that beyond your looks is a boy who is very nice, magalang and smart! Kapag naisipan mo ng magartista sana wag mo padin makakalimutan si Sir Que ah! Sayang nga lang ngayon ko lang narealize na wala pala tayong picture together wala tuloy akong proof pag naging Movie Star ka na na dati kitang student HAHA Basta stay as nice as you are, as humble as you are and the Lord will bless you with more blessings, much more than you deserve!
ANJO -  Probably one of the most inspiring people I have ever known, that is you Anjo! The way you helped yourself and made yourself so much better, ewan ko nalang kung hindi pa maisip ng mga tao na nais magpapayat na humanga sa ginawa mo! But the best thing about you is yung constant na pagiging mabait mo mula pa man noon! Natatandaan ko inadd mo ako sa facebook eh hindi ko pa kayo student noon sa Ethics, tapos kaya naman hindi kita matandaan nung first year siguro kasi sing laki mo pa si Sir! Thank you for all the things that you shared with me, all the advises na sana talaga eh magaya ko so that I can look like a better version of me! Stay as cool as you are and thank you very much talaga sa pagyakag sa aking magjogging noon, I'm telling you Anjo kung ako lang yun, hindi talaga ako matutuloy magisa kahit isang beses pero dapat kahit wala na kayo ituloy ko padin para hindi masayang yung effort nyo na samahan ako hehe! Keep in touch because you are a very good friend to keep! Maraming Salamat Anjo!

ENIERGA - FUEGO!!! Hay naku ewan ko ba kung anu ibig sabihin nyan Enierga pero ewan ko ba instead na mainis ako eh natatawa pa ako pag nagwawala ka ng ganyan sa classroom! Isa ka na yata s apinakamaaangas na naging students ko pero behind those angas I know is a sweet and gentle guy deep inside! I can also see how smart you are and kaya naman kahit ang gulo mo sa class di na ako mashado nagsasaway pa kasi kampante naman ako na masasagot mo yung quizes and exams ko eh ahaha. Basta walang kalimutan ah! Kapag Acton star ka na huwag mong kakaligtaang ibili ako ng Gold na G-Shock ah gusto ko talaga nyan eh HAHA Maraming salamat sa lahat ng tawa na naidulot mo sa akin at sa mga commentan natin sa mga kagwapuhan natin sa ating mga profile Pictures! HAHA

ENA - The strongest girl in the planet, Ena! Isa pa sa mga hindi ko talaga nakalimutan mula pa man nung nahandle ko ang BCS11! Hindi lang dahil ang tangkad mo kundi dahil you are you have been so nice to me ever since! Super close mo noon kina Kathleen at Jayson kaya super naiinggit ako noon sabi ko sana maging close din kami ni Ena kasi napakabait at napakahusay! You know how much I believe in you? That when time comes that I shall run my fingers through my ballot for the 2040 Elections and I can see myself Shading the name GABOG, ENA for the President of the Republic of the Philippines! You are a very responsible woman with a big personality and you still manage to have time for your friends and even in the midst of being very busy, you still manage to send me a text message just to show that you remember me! I will surely miss your presence pero sana not the text messages kasi your messages always brightens up my day and touches my heart no matter how short and sweet they were! I love you Ena Beybeh, you are one of a kind!

KEN JAMES - Si Ken hindi ko din makalimutan kasi kasama ko to sa mga tawanan sa CSD parati kahit na noong hindi pa nagEthics! Yung mga bagay na nakakatawa sa kanya eh talagang nakakatawa din para sa akin kaya bentang benta! Napakagalang na bata at talaga namang may kabutihan! maraming maraming salamat sa lahat ng tulong at support mo kay Sir Que, sa pagtulong mangalap ng mga Graduation Pictures ng Classmates mo na talaga namang nagawan mo ng great job! I just wish you will still remain as the sweet and bubbly guy that you are no matter how far you go in your chosen career because I know that you can do wonders with the kind of person that you are right now! Makikita ko pa naman kapatid mo kaya hindi kita lalao makakalimutan! Lagi kitang ikakamusta sa kanya kapag makikita ko sya pagalis nyo! May God bless you Ken and Thank you very much!

MARJ - Well wala namang kokontra kung sasabihin ko na you are one of the sweetest girls in BCS41 if not the sweetest! Napakahinhin pero you can see her great personality showing out her timid facade! Kung si Ena ang presidente, ikaw naman ang nakikita kong Beauty Queen sa section nyo! The way you handle yourself with poise and dignity, sabi ko nga sa kanila eh you remind me of Shamcey Supsup, as in SOBRA! Your wit, smart and artistic abilities, pareho kayo ni Shamcey! I just wish you never change but if you do, I am sure you shall do it for the betterment of yourself! I know as I type this and as you read this later (or now as you are reading this) you are probably in your office already working, I want to express how proud I am of you and I wish we could talk again sometime like when we talked nun sa Army Navy na super kwentuhan tayo, ang saya mo kakwentuhan Marj! Hope to see you again soon and God bless you!

BRUCE - Grabe si Bruce, ang little ball of Sunshine or I must say, little ball of Fire! Hindi maawat ang pagkahyper isang oras tapos sa ikalawang oras hindi maawat sa pagtulog! Grabe pagnagwawala ka sa classroom napakasarap mong tiriin lalo pag tinataas mo pa ang paa mo! Pero ganun lang talaga ako pero deep inside naman natatawa din naman ako sa iyo hindi lang pwede ipakita syempre at baka araw arawin mo na eh! Hahaha I know na magkikita pa tayo soon and kahit hindi mo na ako teacher sa subjects mo, please do remember na if you need help punatahan mo lang ako sa CSD wether Trigo pa yan or Calculus or Physics, try natin yan sagutin! Wag lang PE ah kasi wala ako maitutulong sayo kundi Recess at Break Time! Hahaha Study Hard Bruce, I know you can make it, you surely will!

JOIA - Ang batang hindi ko alam paano nga ba talaga ang tamang pagbigkas ng pangalan! Jo-wa-ya pala ang tama (Tama nga ba?) Well napakatahimik din sa class pero nagrerecite naman sa recitation kaya sure ako na nakikinig! Stay as cute as you are Joia and look naman yang picture natin diba! Favorite ko na picture natin yan kasi donyahin ka talaga jan grabe! Parang ikaw yung amo ko at ako yung Butler mo at pinakukuha mo ako ng Champagne pero nagpapicture muna ako sa iyo hahaha. I can see na big fan ka ng mga Korean Korean and ituloy mo lang yan kasi maganda din sa buhay yung may mga hinahangaan gaya ng pagkafavorite ko kay Kim Chiu! HAHAHA Kakaibang inspirasyona ng dulot nila sa atin eh! Basta please always be the cute little girl that we all love!

SAMUEL - Grabe isa pa sa mga tahimik sa classroom! Ewan ko ba ang dami nyong tahimik samantalang nakuha naman ata nila Meanne at Rayton yung ingay nyong lahat! Bihira kitang nakasama siguro dahil ang layo ng inuuwian mo at kailangan mo na umuwi pero kahit naman papaano eh nakilala kita sa class at nung one time na nakasama ka namin magjogging! Akala ko nga wala din tayong picture na magkasama eh bigla ko naalala yang Jogging McSpicy Day natin at buti nalang magkatabi tayo so ayun may picture na tayo magkasama kinrop ko lang sila! I wish you would talk more and open up more because I know deep inside you is a big guy who can take on the world anytime! Basta if anytime you need someone to talk to about anything, I am just here to listen kahit anu pang problem yan! Nagawa mo ngang maging bida sa The Necklace eh, sure ako wala ka ng hindi kaya pang gawin ;) I wish you all the best in life and sana you will always be smiling and happy! 

VEA - My gali Vey define OLD SCHOOL! Hindi mashadong proof yang picture na iyan kung gaano na tayo katagal na magkakilala! Kapareho ni Cuyno, this is the Third time naging student ko kayo after SAD at VB! Grabe everytime nakikita kita naalala ko lahat sila Eunice, Hannah, Estela, Pascua, Emz at yung mga ACI at ACC pa na iba! Kahit na parati mo akong binubully at ako pa ang tinethreaten mo na isusumbong mo sa CHED eh kung hampasin mo nga ako at kurutin kainam! Kidding aside Vey I really want to thank you so much for being so nice to me! Magpinsan nga kayo ni MJane kasi ganyan din yun kabait eh! I hope na patuloy padin ang communication natin at kapag nakapulot ka ng Taylor Swift Live in Manila Cotest Tickets, Sana naman wag ka magkaila na ibigay sa akin yung isa kasi alam mo naman na hindi tayo mashadong fan nya diba? Sobra ko kayo mamimiss ni Cuyno, Vey, lalo na yugn pagtambay nyo sa CSD at pagiingay natin at paguusap tungkol sa mga nakakatawang mga tao! Stay in touch!

LORAH - Eto na ang aking Kababayan! Grabe hindi na maipagkakaila na magkababayan tayo eh bukod sa pareho tayo magsalita na talagang namang kabiteng kabite, eh alam natin ang mga nakakatawang chismis sa Malabon! Iilan lang tayo sa Dasma na talagang magkababayan! Kahit nga Rosario address mo eh alam ko na tubong Gentri ka din dahil sa ASJ! Basta thank you very much sa pagshare mo sa akin ng dreams mo lalo sa mga wishes and wants mo after graduation! Alam mo naman na anu man mangyari eh fan mo ako and supporter mo ang Sir Que! Malay mo isang bes nalang malaman natin magkaklase na pala tayo sa Design school sa Paris or sabay tayo ng flight sa business trip natin to Kosovo! SAAN DAW!?!? basta I'll always be a message away Lorah! Hindi lang a message away but an 8 peso jeepney ride away! Wish you all the best and I pray hard that may all your dreams come true because I truly understand your dreams as well!
MULI - Ay teka ikaw nga ba yang nasa Picture? Ay So Donil pala yan! Kasi naman wala tayo palang picture na magkasama! Basta una kitang nakilala eh sa HTML class na akala ko talaga ikaw si Donil hahaha at nung pumasok si Donil sa room ko sa Lab eh nagtaka ako bat nagiba yung damit! HAHA Sana magkapicture tayo magkasama bago man lang maghiwalay kasi mamimiss ko yung tawa mo na nakakatawa at yung pagpapacute mo sa iPad ko na pagkita ko nalang eh panay selfie na! Wish ko sayo is continued success kung saan ka man mapunta! Hindi ko sure kung anu ba talaga gusto mong career pagkaGraduate eh pero kung halimbawa lang eh maisipan mo nalang na sumali sa PBB, wag ka magalala, irerequire ko mga students ko na iboto ka sa Text Votes! I pray for your continuous happiness!

CHANO - Cha-Know!!! Ang lagi kong kasabay kapag nagjojogging! Kasabay kasi lagi kaming naiiwan sa huli kasi kami ang mga bigatin! Ewan ko ba kung sinasadya mo lang na bagalan kasi naaawa ka sa Sir Que kasi napakabagal ko haha Pero Thank you very much Chano! Madaming beses din tayo nagkasama na kumain, mas madami pa nga yung sa kain kesa sa jogging eh! You are also a smart guy and one of the guys I think I can talk about anything under the sun! Salamat dahil pag gusto ko magjogging eh G ka din palagi kaya naman laging natutuloy tayo sa Oval eh kahit na wala ng pasok! I wish sana hindi pa tapos yung mga bonding sessions natin lalo ang mga eating sessions natin kahit after graduation na! Salamat kasi lagi kang nakasmile everytime na makakasalubong kita lalo pa ngayon na mejo close na tayo! Stay the same and you can always brighten our everydays!

CHRIS-PIE - Probably the smartest guy in the section, smart not just in the subjects but in everything! Well kanino pa nga ba magmamana edi sa Sir Que! JOKE! Mapa Capital pa man yan o bansa or General trivia, alam na alam yan ni Crispy! Bagay na bagay talaga kayong magkakaibigan nila Jam at nila Ken kasi parepareho kayung mga cute! Para bang mga little grade school boys and girls, very youthful ang feeling ko pag nakakasama ko kayo! Nagpapasalamat din ako kasi lagi ka ding naglalike ng mga posts ko sa Facebook na kahit hindi napermit ng time na maging super close tayo eh you still show that you care for Sir Que and the things he do! And I'll be the same with you as well! You may be small but surely big things are in store for you and I am excited for that time to come and wishing you still remember me when that time comes because I am sure that it will be very very soon!

PILIEN - Sel-FIE-LIEN!!! Joke! pero mamimiss ko lagi yung kahit nas class pa tayo at nagdidscuss pa ako eh tatawagin mo na ako tas magpapaselfie ka with me! Syempre payag naman ako feeling artista eh! Naku skill yang pagseselfie na yan kasi ako hirap ako magselfie lalo kung group selfie laging may napuputol! Pero ikaw look naman yang picture natins a right oh? Ikaw nagtake nyan sa Phone mo! Hindi lang tayong dalawa pati si Arlan kasama talaga! Alam ko naging student na kita noon sa C++ sa Laboratory eh ewan ko lang kung naaalala mo pa iyon pero I'm so happy na naging student ulit kita at sa lecture class na! Thank you very much Pilien, isa sa mga iilang BCS13 na tumagal talaga at umabot sa dulo! May God bless you and never stop taking pictures! Basta kasama ulit ako sa selfies ah!

MEMEY - My one and only lovey Memey! Gaya din ng kay Momond, hindi ko na hahabaan kasi baka wala na ulit akong maisulat pa sa inyo! Pero I want to thank you for being my one and only Lovey! Kahit na nagkakilala lang tayo eh sa jeepney ride nung first sem eh napakaingay na agad natin noon sa jeep at talaga namang napapatingin na yung driver sa bunganga natin kahit unang bes natin yun magkwentuhan! Sobrang kampante ako na kausap ka na kahit mga bagay na hindi ko na kailangan pangs abihin sa iyo eh alam mo na! Kahit na sinabihan mo ako na nakakatakot ako nung unang meeting, love padin kita kasi saan pa ba ako makakahanap ng iba pang Mean! Kung meron man akong dalawang pinakaclose sa section nyo, si Mond yun at Ikaw! Pinakaclose ko pa yata kayong dalawa sa lahat ng gagraduate at sa lahat ng gumraduate na! Pero hindi naman ata tayo ganun kaclose diba? Magkachat na sa FB kasabay pa magkatext at magkaiba pa ang topic sa Chat at text! Haha Basta super mamimiss kita at alam ko naman na you will hold on to your promise na magkakamsutahan padin tayo even na Working gurl na kayo! Love you so much Lovey and sana  madami pa tayong bonding nila Ena even after graduation! hangang dito na lang muna!

RAYTON - Ewan ko ba nasanay talaga ako ng Rayton gawa nung HTML lagi na ako nakaRayton eh kahit one meeting lang yun! Alam mo napakadaldal mo Rayton as in! Pero alam mo naman na like jko yang madadaldal kasi birds of the same feather ika nga, are the same birds! Kaya nga nung HTML eh close na agad tayo kahit isang meeting palang yun kasi you got this rapport  that you can build with anyone you wish to talk to! Kung ganyan lang ako eh hindi nyo siguro ako teacher, sa ABS-CBN na ako nagapply at nagpakaTalk Show Host ako! Ayan Rayton ah Career option yang binigay ko sayo pero walang joke, pwedeng pwede ka maging Host sa TV :) Basta stay smart! Kahit hindi ka naexempt nung Final Exam eh pinakita mo sa akin na kaya mo iperfect kaya naman para ka nading naexempt! Keep up the funny and sunny spirit kasi nakakahawa lalo na whenever you smile! Tingnan mo nga never ako ngumingiti sa pictures pero tingnan mo yang picture natin oh! Napangiti mo ako!  See you very soon again Rayton!

JAMILLA JYSSA MAE - ONe biggest thing I can say or a heavy title that I can give you my dearest Jam is that you are "THE FACE OF BCS41" totoo yan! Kasi ever since kapag pinaguusapan ng teachers ang BCS11 or BCS21 or BCS31 or BCS41 bigla agad papasok sa isip ko hindi Lightbulb eh, Mukha ni Jam! Well being one of the brightest and the sweetest and the kindest, wala ng hahanapin pa sa cutee Jam! Favorite kong gayahin yung voice mo kasi super cutee! Sayang hindi ka talaga naksama nung overnight pero feel ko magkakabonding pa tayo na magkasama tayo, let's hold on to that feeling kasi I'm happy everytime you are around! Such cutee baby Jammie!!! sabi nga sa song, You'll always be my Baby! Thanks thanks Jam you are very nice to me, I will never ever forget you!

ARLAN - Kaya pala hindi kita mashado maalala nung mga early days kasi ikaw pala eh chubby chubby pa noon! Pero since Third year kayo kilala na kita kasi ang daldal mo eh madaldal ka pa kay Rayton kaya naman super saya mo kasama, ika mo nga eh, ARLAN EH! Well maraming salamat sa pangungulit mo, dahil lagi mo ako niyaya noon kahit di ako nakakasama sa inyo, salamat sa mga kwneto mo na naishare mo hindi lang about yourself kundi about nadin sa family mo na super humanga talaga ako sa family mo! Mamimiss ko yung face mo na nakakatawa, yung pagholding hands mo sa akin kahit na andun na tayo sa sakayan papuntang open Canal HAHA kahit na inaalis ko na eh kinukuha mo ulit! Pero higit sa lahat ang mamimiss ko ay si Arlan, at ang pagiging Arlan ni Arlan kasi wala ng iba pang Arlan kundi si Arlan, if you know what I mean. I wish you will stay the same and if you choose to improve things about yourself, go for it! Because in the end I know you will still be the Arlan that we all love!

SARSI - One word best to describe you Sars is "CUTEE" Grabe yung mag selfie mo mga pictures mo mga pose mo grabe ang cute cute cute! Sarap kurutin ng pisngi mo sa pictures pero sa personal di kita makurot kasi ang payat mo eh! Pataba ka konti Sars ah para mas cute na cute ka pa hehehe Stay being very smart! I know na you are a smart guy beyond our subject lalo na doon sa thesis nyo grabe hanga ako dun! Hinding hindi ko kayo makakalimutan nila Lorie at Marj kasi may remembrance na kayo sa akin eh, yung Arm Chair at Table na prop nya, andun yun sa desk ko sa CSD hahaha! Salamat din kasi lagi kang present hindi lang sa mga jogging kundi sa mga after ng jogging hahaha Sana magpost ka pa ng madami pang selfie kasi aabangan ko yun at cute na cute ako sa mga yun! hahaha See you soon Sarsi and Thank you!

REG - My one and only Baby Chun Li! Kainis wala tayong picture nung nakaChun Li ka super cutee! Pero masaya padin ako kasi akala ko talaga wal atayong picture together well, look! Iba nagagawa ng pagbubungkal sa mga albums sa FB! Thank you very much dahil hindi ka nagagalit sa akin kahit hindi kita mashado natatawag sa Ethics! Akala ko naman kasi joke lang na di kita tinatawag sina Memey kasi hindi daw pero madami naman recitation! Well hindi naman din kasi kailangan pa ng recitation kasi mataas na naman ang grades mo dahil mahusay na bata ang Regine! Madami ding umiirog jan kay ChunLi! Haba ng hair! Basta I will always be here for you Baby Reg! Sana magkakasama padin kayo sa teams nila Ena, Memey and Doe para paghahagilapin ko kayo na gumala, magkakasama padin kayo hehe Love yah Reg and Wish you all the best!

JV - Jesica Villacarillo. Well what more can I say? You are truly one of a kind, you may think you have nothing but in fact you have everything. The Beauty, the Brains, the Personality and so much more than it! You are the kind of person everyone wants to be and everybody wants to be with. I have never seen a lady so amazing as you are. Thank you for being a good student in class, a nice friend to your classmates and just thank you for just being yourself all the time! I hope and pray for your endless happiness and success in whichever road you will be taking. Basta I have just one wish, and that is for you to stay the same as long as we all live because you make everybody's world a lot better with just knowing you. Never shall we find somebody like you because for me, for sure, I shall never find a girl as perfect as you!

MARAMING SALAMAT SA SUPORTA, RESPETO AT HIGIT SA LAHAT, SA PAGMAMAHAL BCS41! MAKAAASA KAYO NA MAMAHALIN KO DIN KAYO HANGGANG SA KATAPUSAN NG AKING BUHAY! See you all in Graduation and I shall be the one to applause the loudest for every BCS41 na aakyat sa stage! I love you all and hope you guys will never ever forget me!

I hope na kagaya ng title nitong post na ito, kahit na Graduates na kayo, yung bonding ko with you guys ay always TO BE CONTINUED..