December 2, 2013

Frozen on the City of Tianjin

Me above the Frozen Hai River in the City of Tianjin

We visited the City of Beijing in Northern China, the country's Capital City, last Winter at the beginning of January 2013. On our third day, January 11, 2013, we decided to visit the nearby City of Tianjin miles away southwest of Beijing. Via the Bullet Train running at the maximum speed of 295 kph, we arrived at the Tianjin Central Station just 30 minutes from Beijing! It was our very first experience riding the Bullet Train.

Me, My Dad and my Ate Judy had so much fun during our day tour around the Beautiful frozen City. Though smog was rampant it added to the beauty of the city (for me). Here are some of the pictures we shot while doing our walks around the City's downtown.

Me posing on a Beautiful Intersection lined up with French Styled Buildings

While waiting for Daddy at the Restroom, munching on this weird Meat Wrap that tastes sooo good!

Me and Daddy at the Italian Style Town looking for the Starbucks Shop to get my Mug.

Daddy on a smoggy Tianjin afternoon in front of Tianjin's Iconic Clock.

Just before leaving, outside the Train Station

 I love the streets of Tianjin and these houses reminds me of Movies shot in New York

Tianjin is a beautiful City which is a mixture of Chinese Culture and beautiful French and Western Architecture. The weather was really cold and I really like it so much! One of the reasons why I love such weather is that I can wear clothes that I cannot wear in the heat of my Philippines! I just wish someday I can spend winter again on a very cold place such as China, such as the quiet-in-winter city of Tianjin.

Never Stop Dreaming!
Steven :)

November 23, 2013

My First Day in Nagoya, First Day in Japan

Me at the streets of Minami-Ku with traditional Japanese Houses

Nagoya, Japan. It is the largest city on the Chubu region of Central Japan. It is the third largest city in the country and the fourth most populous city after Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka. Though very populous, the city's quiet and laid back attitude draws much visitors such as yours truly! It is also home to my family in Japan, the Hayashi's which welcomed me with both hands and homed me during my whole stay in the beautiful land of the rising sun! 

I dedicate this post to them, to my dear Ate Minneth who was the main reason why I had the beautiful chance to visit Japan, who cooked all those delicious meals and gave me all those laughs as we chatted and talked all the time till midnight! To Kuya Rin Hayashi who has been so kind to drive us anywhere and gave us laughs as well! To Hiro and Franzen and to Ate Zeny who were with me there as I unveil the beauty of Japan.

I arrived in Osaka, Japan at the eve of August 13, 2013 with Ate Zeny, the mother of Ate Minneth who will be my host and my family during my stay in Japan! The Kansai Airport was huge and amazing with its beautiful structure and its modern facility, it will really amaze you on your very first landing at that airport. We then drove almost 5 hours to Nagoya, my Home in Japan for the next couple of weeks.

When we had a stop at a Family Mart the night, I had a chance to savor my very first hours in Japan. It was amazing. the streets were so quiet and clean. I believe we were in the mountains but it was really nice and I felt quite emotional just as always when I arrive to a new country, thanking God for that chance, for that very moment, for that blessing to be somewhere far from home and explore the beauty of his creation, beyond my own world.

Fooling around on a Chameleon Mural on Nagoya, Japan

We had so many places visited but I will start with our very first day. After having lunch at Sugakiya, we went to Kuya Rin's place to fetch some things to bring and that's where I got this cool photo of this Chameleon Mural! Ate Minneth directed this shot as if it was licking my nose! Hahahaha Ate Minneth is such a funny lady and when we are together we both are crazy people!

We then went to a nearby Temple. If it is a Buddhist Temple, it's called a Temple but for the Shintos, they are called Shrines. In front of the Temple was this beautiful zen inspired building laid with beautiful flags. I was not sure if that was a Shrine or a Temple but the flags here in the photo below is different from the ones at the Temple in front of it.

 Me on the gates of what I think is a Shinto Shrine

 Me looking sporty at the gates of Kasadera Kannon Temple. I look slim on this one!

According to wiki, The Kasadera Kannon Temple was established by the Shingon sect. The temple has a Niomon entrance gate, a number of small subsidiary temples and a pagoda which is two storeys high. I got the chance to see these structures and it feels really peaceful while I was on the temple outskirts. You can really see the relationship of buddhism with nature as everything is lush and the winds give it a very spiritual feel all around the place.

We took so many pictures while I was wearing the Yukata that we got from the store near Kariya City. Ate Minneth was directing all the shots and I really enjoyed the experience because I both love pictures and there is just this unexplainable peace while I was in the Kannon. It was a summer afternoon but it felt really mild and calm with these soft breeze blowing around the Temple grounds.

Me on my Green winter Yukata and my "Kung Fu" shoes as Kuya Rin calls it!

It was definitely a very good first day and as we went to a spiritual place such as the Kasadera Kannon, it was kind of a blessing for me to be there as the whole 13 days that I was in the land of the rising sun, each and every day was glorious, peaceful, calm and truly nurturing not just to my system but to the mind as well. I can't wait to tell more about my Japanese experience!

Japan will always be a special memory but on my very first day in the country, up until the next days, I remembered the very big wish I had. That wish was that this trip may not be my last to Japan and that someday I shall set foot to this beautiful country again.

Me posing on the bridgeway up to the Kasadera Kannon Temple

Steven V( ` - ' )V

November 12, 2013

How Haiyan affected me as a Filipino

Strongest Typhoon in the Philippines this year 2013. Strongest Typhoon in the Philippines Ever. Strongest Typhoon EVER in History. Well those are just a few of the descriptions as to the Super Typhoon Haiyan or as locally known, Yolanda. Just plainly looking at the animated photo above, you don't need a deeper understanding to meteorology to know how strong the typhoon was that hit the Philippines just last week.

Personally, as the storm was passing, the highest Storm signal that our province of Cavite got was a Signal number 2. Though classes up to the High School should be cancelled, local government officials suspended classes up to the University level just like in the City of Dasmariñas where I am currently working as a College teacher. It was harsh, really! And even for us at the Luzon region, though the eye was far from us, you can really feel the presence of Haiyan at the night of the 8th of November. It was a friday night when the storm signal went from 2 to a lower 1 but as it went down, the winds went from strong to violent! My windows are clamming to and from its hinges and I really thank God all the windows are still intact despite the winds that are ready to slap any houses walls at anytime of that night.

Though winds were there and no rain was present, I was really thankful. But what kept me awake was the fact that what we were experiencing, miles away from the eye of the storm, is a nightmare! But how about the Filipinos living where the typhoon is to pass by! Well that broke my heart! And at that moment, I had nothing else to do than to just sit quietly, go up and down our house, pray, pray, pray. Until 3 in the morning I was awake and I fell asleep when the violent winds are still driving my windows.

It was really scary! And the next day, I went to the celebration of my High School friend for her 25th birthday. Well it was really fun of course meeting them and having to bond with them but at the end of the evening, me and some of the group started talking about the storm and the victims, I can't help but cry even in front of my friends! The Filipino has been so close to my heart especially when I started to mature during the College days where I thought to myself that from now on, I will not just be living for myself or my family but I will be living a life for the Filipino People! It breaks my heart to see them suffer! But what touches me the most is that in line with those tents and shattered houses, are survivors, with dead family and friends, still smiling a midst the destruction that they faced! It was fast, really it was! And for someone like me far away, all I can do is pray and send some donations via text but it was still very little for me!

All day today, All I thought was, can I stop my life right now even for just a week and immerse myself to the people there in the Visayas? Personally be with them and offer anything that I can help to make their lives even a little better from what they have right now. With all those news of hunger, thirst, looting and even thieving, who can resist the thought? But of course, I have my work and I cannot just leave my students behind so the best thing that I can do is to Pray and hope for those Bisayas! Of course there is Hope, Filipinos are creations of Hope high enough to make a country stand up just right after any storm. But I pray that on the road to tomorrow, it will be fast and smooth and the Warays, Cebuanos, Negrenses, Atis, Ilonggos, Antiquenos, Bicolanos and all the Bisaya and Filipinos affected will soon stand up and be living testimonies that Hope is there, it always is there.

May I also take this moment to thank ALL THE NATIONS who helped my beloved COUNTRY! May you all be continually be blessed by our Lord God and may you help many more people who are in need! Froma  humble Filipino, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

October 31, 2013

Me and the C# Language

October 2013 By Stevenson Masdal Que

C# is a programming Language used for application development and is also one of the major languages that are being taught and discussed briefly in current curriculums of Undergraduate Computer Science subjects. Since it is a multi-paradigm encompassing procedural, functional, imperative, declarative, object-oriented to name just a few. It is a language developed by Microsoft as part of the .NET languages and is directly influenced by other languages such as C++ and Java. Also, C# is one of the languages that are developed for the Common Language Infrastructure or (CLI), which is the core of Microsoft’s .NET Implementation, wherein multiple high-level languages can operate on several types of platforms without the need to be rewritten for specialized architectures.

The name C# has been derived from the Musical sharp sign which means, as far as I could remember my elementary music class, to raise the written note higher by half a step.[1] I think they used this name so that the indication of the language is that it is a notch higher than the previous C languages such as C and C++. Not superior but higher in some cases where the succeeding languages are not so strong whether it is a feature or an implementation. It was a Microsoft man named Anders Hjelsberg, who was also involved with the design of languages such as Turbo Pascal and Visual J++, that formed a team that developed the C# language early 1999 and they decided to call it “Cool” which stands for “C like Object Oriented Language” and even thought of the filenames will be calleuntil the end when they have decided not to continue with the name for trademark issues.[2] C# is designed for the objective to develop a general purpose language that is simple object oriented language.[3]

On 2002, Bill Joy, chief scientist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems which is the company behind the Java Language, called the C# language an imitation of the Java and even though it was, as he said, “a sincere form of flattery”[4], combining the powers of C and Java, the C# does not add the feature of Security to the overall design. But I guess through the updating of version of the language, the latest version is C# version 5.0, these issues have been fixed thus improved. Especially during 2005 wherein both languages, C# and Java, evolved in a big factor separating one from the other making it different from each other specifically in the features in Generics[5] where I still have not much idea what it is to be honest which proves that these programming language have so much to offer than just the things that the school has taught us.

According to a standards organization the European Computer Manufacturers Association or (ECMA), the C# language is intended for creating software components that are suitable for the use of several distributed systems[3]. For me, this is a very strong feature of a language because dealing with distributed environments increases the risks of security threats and data integrity because multiple processes are simultaneously working on a task which are all crucial for the computing of the whole system. Another design goal is source code portability, which is very important for developers that specialized on the previous languages such as C and C++. Bt an important standard mentioned is that C# is also intended to develop applications for embedded systems. These systems are very important in our current era because almost everything now is computerized and digitized from watches to washing machines and even the simplest traffic lights, having a language that can cater to such machines shows flexibility to cater to such processors.

Reading more about the C# Language gives me flashbacks to my own experience with it. We had our C# Programming Class on our senior year at DLSU- Dasmarinas. Our teacher used the language to further our learning to objects and classes. It was quite hard for me that time because we have been used to programming in our “own way” and techniques and that usually means programming in procedural and sequential methods. We seldom used classes and objects for applications that we did on the earlier years of our Undergrad except from our basic Java where these concepts have been introduced. But though it was a bit tricky for me, I knew how important this object-oriented approach into programming because of the features that is really beneficial to coding such as using classes.

At first I hated classes and objects! Why would I have to make things as complicated as it was? Why use it when I can do the programming exercise that our professor is asking us to do in my “own way”. And then I get to realize that using it makes the code more portable in the sense that passing works from a developer to another can be made easier to understand with the use of classes. I know that Visual Basic also has methods, which was also introduces by our Visual Basic Professor, though I really did not use it regardless of the power that it has in it.

Another thing I learned through the object oriented approach in C# is that you can also make classes and variables much more secured by using classes. You can protect values and objects through it and make it concealed and less prone to risks. I have been a Laboratory Instructor to Programming Languages such as C, C++, Visual Basic and even ASP.NET but I always refuse when I was given C# loads because aside from a not so good experience with the Language during my college days, I haven’t developed that confidence in basic programming in C# as compared to other languages.

I am not really much of a programmer but as a faculty member and a computer science student, I really have to learn many languages and just as those that are discussed in our class, more paradigms. And as I mature learning things not just from my teachers but also from my student, that programming not just in different languages but also on different paradigms can truly help me as a person because I can apply several techniques to specific problems. And C#, for me, has introduced me and made me realize how important classes and objects are and that using them does not just make things hard but actually, better.


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June 25, 2013

Christie Technologies and Nanyang Technological University

On May 20-24, 2013, the Computer Studies Department of DLSU-Dasmarinas went to Singapore to have their first ever International Field Trip! It is my second time in the Lion City and I loved it so much more! Here is a rant about our fourth day of adventure extracted from my Singapore Field Trip Accomplishment Report:

Me together with the people behind Christie Technologies, Singapore Headquarters

The day started early in the morning with a beautiful buffet breakfast as usual. It was an American buffet breakfast filled with favorites like chicken nuggets, poached scrambled eggs and so much more. At around 8:30 in the morning, we left Value Hotel and went straight to Christie Technologies Headquarters. The office is about 15 minutes by bus from the Hotel, not too far. Mister Chris and the other officers of the company greeted us. They were all very nice and accommodating as Miss Trina introduced each of them to the group.

Just like most Singaporean offices, the people making up the Singapore Headquarters are filled with diverse people from their own expertise, Chinese-Singaporean, Malay-Singaporean and Indian-Singaporean. Despite their differences, you can really feel their good camaraderie and a positive working environment. We were then led to a cinema like room with cinema grade chairs and a big screen! By the material of the screen, you can see that projectors just like those used on classrooms, though on a larger scale, are projecting it upon. They started by briefing us with their products. We were all surprised that Christie projectors and their technology is being used by big companies from around the world for their cinemas and different productions. Even our very own SM Malls uses high grade Christie Projectors.

 Then the Indian technologist talked us about their latest technology that is being applied in the creation of their massive projectors. It is called the DLP Technology or the Digital Light Processing Technology. Each files like movies, productions, shows are loaded on the projectors which has its own external Hard drive that can hold Gigabytes of files and then being projected. Just like the rule of the white light, as it projects through a prism, the colors are then separated by three primary colors of projector technology, Red, Green and Blue. Each of the colors are represented by DMDs or Digital MicroMirror Device which then projects the images. Each of these devices, about 2x2 inch squares, contains 2.2 million mirrors, which outputs billions of different colors.

It really is amazing that such small components bursts out high definition images at a high rate to produce the movies that we enjoy with family and friends. After a few movie trailers and project presentations including the Beijing Summer Olympics, FIFA World Cup in South Africa are just some of their big projects which truly amazed me years ago watching it even in the comforts of my room, we had Japanese food for lunch and we said our goodbyes. Right after lunch, we then went straight to NTU or Nanyang Technological University.

Steven Que at Nanyang Technological University

NTU was about an hour drive from Christie Technologies. When we arrive the University it was beautiful! Just like those we see on American Movies and some Asian Dramas. Huge buildings, friendly and smart students and people dedicated in the fields they each chosen. We walked all the way to the building were we are to visit, the Fraunhofer IDM@NTU.

The Fraunhofer IDM research centre, according to their profile, carries out applied research. The Centre looks at real world problems and uses technologies in the field of interactive digital media to provide visual solutions. In essence, the Centre looks at user-centered, immersive, real-time visual environments that allow users to interact with information. The Centre also looks at the transfer of this applied research into the industry in terms of computer graphics and interactive digital media, which includes visualizations on large-scale retina, displays as well as mobile devices using intuitive interaction and augmented reality interfaces.

Me and Sir Gerald Lui, Senior Assistant Director of Fraunhofer IDM@NTU

Fraunhofer is a German Research Institute that has several research headquarters on key cities around the globe. They have presented us several of their latest research areas in Modern Computer Science and Engineering such as Augmented Reality wherein images and interface objects are merged to real life, real time elements being captured usually by camera hardware. Several examples and exhibits were presented to u by their student researchers which are very accommodating. One of which is a very useful learning material wherein the program is installed on a tablet or a mobile device and with the use of their camera, as they capture and detect the mage on a chart, the description is being shown and even played through audio.. Another research is a game wherein you can play using your concentration. By placing the hardware device on your head, your brain signals controls and commands as on how the character on the game will move, play and even decide. It is also an application of brain transmission and empathic computing wherein your emotions can control something. The day ended with a heat Chinese dinner at Chinatown and after a few hours of roaming around, we then went straight home. 

The immersion both on Christie technologies and Nanyang Technological University taught us many things in the field of Computer Science and the Modern trends and technologies that are being applied not just for researches but also for use on our future day to day lives. But one important thing that we can all learn from them, especially from Singaporeans is how they manage to work hand in hand despite their obvious differences from their skin color to their diversity of ideas. I think they are bonded by one thing that is their secret to success, their Love for their Country.

April 27, 2013

Monasterio de Tarlac

The main chapel at Monasterio de Tarlac

Last 2009, me and my family went all the way up the mountains of Central Luzon to visit the Monasterio de Tarlac. It was very peaceful and quiet up there and the mass are led by the Monks of the Monastery. The higher altitude gives it a cooler weather.

Together with my Lola, Auntie Neneng, Ate Judy and Choan. We heard mas and took pictures around the Monastery and there were beautiful sites to see anywhere you look. Here are some old pictures taken last 2009

Inside the Monastery Chapel just before the mass

A replica of the Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was made in the park of the Monastery. It faces the Province of Tarlac from the Mountains of the Monastery. It was huge and looks really beautiful even form behind it.

Christ the Redeemer

Auntie Neneng and Choan

Me behind the Christ the Redeemer Statue.

Ate Judy about 5 years ago. She still looks the same though!

Sometimes, when we look back, we can see the dreams that came true which we did not realize at the time it happened! It teaches us to be thankful to God and also, it makes us realize that if these little dreams came true? Why not the bigger and brighter ones we have at the back of our minds?

Don't stop dreaming!
Steven :)

April 25, 2013

I will always love you - BCS and BIT Batch 2013

For this Academic Year 2012-2013, I was assigned to teach the subject Professional Ethics. This course is taken by graduating students of BCS and BIT courses and I handled six sections out of all eight CS and IT seniors. I am mostly assigned to major subjects of the upperclassmen and it has been a good thing for me since I get to jive with all my students especially and even if they are close to my age!

They graduated just a week ago, and I, I really do start to miss each and everyone of them! We may say that they are just around, most of them, just a message or a wall post away from facebook but the fact that they left the school just pinches my heart a bit. So to all my students, I may not have said goodbyes this year just as I traditionally do it for the last two years for my graduating students but here's a little more to tell:

To all my students, Thank you all so much for being part of my school year and thus, part of my life! A semester or even a year or two is just so short for people to get along and be called as friends but for me, it is always a magical thing to be "in love" with my students and it happens in just three or four meetings! People always tell me how blessed or lucky I am that I have such loving students and that they love me so much! Lagi naman akong napapatanong sa sarili ko kung totoo nga kaya? Kasi mahirap maniwala nalang sa mga sabisabi ng hindi nanggagaling mismo sa mga taong involved, in this case, mga students ko! Pero natutunan ko na maraming bagay ang hindi na kailangan pang sabihin dahil minsan, sa simpleng pagsasama, makikita mo na ang nilalaman ng pagkatao ng bawat isa kaya naman sa mga texts, messages, bati, greeting ninyo, lalo na yung mga very friendly na students, napapasabi ako sa sarili ko ng "Ay gusto nga siguro talaga ako ng students ko"

Kahit na palagi akong mataas at Outstanding sa bawat Student Evaluation ko, hindi ko padin maensure na gusto nga ako ng mga nagiging students ko! Manhid epek ba? hahaha hindi naman ako kasi ang taong hindi mahilig magassume! Pero siguro nga hindi nalang kasi sa words eh, numbers nadin ang nagsasabi eh! Siguro yung love din ng students ko ang dahilan kung minsan mababa ako sa Peer Evaluation ko na galing sa ibang faculty member! Siguro naiinggit sila kasi mahal na mahal ako ng mga students ko! HAHAHA JOKE! Pero baka diba? Kasi lagi nalang ako mababa sa Peer kahit ang bait bait ko naman!

Kaya naman every end of the semester mula pa man nung kaunaunahan kong semester, Parati kong pinagsusulat ang mga students ko sa isang maliit na papel ng maikling sulat para sa akin! Yung iba malanobela at talaga namang nakakatuwang basahin! Meron namang iba na ilang pangungusap lamang pero di pwedeng di ako kikiligin at matotouch! Mula sa puso kong nababalot ng liempo at leching kawali, maraming maraming salamat sa inyo students!

Bago tayo maghiwahiwalay, isa munang huling hirit mula kay Sir Que! Para sa bawat section na nahandle ko! Kung binabasa mo ito at kabilang ka sa Batch na ito, hanap hanap din ng section mo! May message ako para sa inyo!


BCS41! Ang isa sa pinakamabait kong sections at pinakatahimik to the point na ayaw nadin magrecite kahit alam yung sagot sa tanong ko hahaha! Pero sobra yung tuwa ko talaga nung nakita ko yung BCS41 sa Plantilla ko or yung Faculty Load ko bago magstart yung semester kasi kilala ko na kayo at isa pa, alam kong mababait kayo! Kahit na half lang yung nahandle ko sa inyo sa JAVA class natin noon, everyone is so nice to me kapag napapasub ako kay Maam Azey! Nagpapasalamat akos a Diyos kasi nagkaroon ako ng time na makabond kayo especially yung Tropang One-D kasi sila yung mga nahandle ko noon sa Java and also, yung tropang White Profile noong Exhibit ng Thesis nyo! Grabe yung tinawa ko dun na wala na akong pakialam kung mapagalitan tayo sa lakas ng bunganga ko kakakatawa sa pagokray natin sa mga pictures sa portal! Maraming salamat sa bawat isa sa inyo! Napakababait nyo sa akin! PS Congratulations Roder! Sobrang nakakaproud ka Roder kasi hindi ka lang matalino, napakabait mo pang bata kaya sobrang deserve mo yung award! pareho kayo ni Jailah! I will always be proud na nabigyan ako ng pagkakataon na maging student ko kayo!


BCS42! how can this section be any more Special to me? Eh three batches ago, kami yan eh! Kami yung BCS42! Pero alam nyo, masasabi kong decendants namin kayo hindi lang dahil sa name ng Section eh! Kasi sa lahat ng sections na naggraduate this batch, sa inyo ko pinakanakikita yung sarili ko! ayee! Sa inyo ko nakikita kung saan pinakanapapabilang yung sarili ko bilang isang estudyante! Ang term ko nga sa inyo is "Tamang Timpla" Magulo pero nasasaway at nasa lugar! Matatalino pero hindi Dull! Maingay pero pala recite! Mga artistahin pero di mayabang (Pati ba naman yun) Naku tama na! Mamaya kakadescribe ko sa tradeoffs na yan mapunta na tayo sa Trade-off ng Ease of Use at Increased Security! Basta sobra akong masaya at naging students ko kayo kahit na pachugi na kayo sa La Salle! 

Sayang lang kasi sobrang iksi lang ng pagsasama natin, talagang isang Sem lang! Hindi ko kayo mashado nakabonding! Pero salamat kina Rinni, Essa at Kamil na nakasama ko tumambay sa school nung may paexam ako! Doon ko nasabi na mababait pala ang BCS42 at makakasundo ko! Nakakapanghinayang yung pagkakataon na naibigay sa akin at sa section nyo na sobrang iksi! Ang laki pa naman ng potential ko sa inyo (Wow relasyon?!) I mean, mas magiging kaclose ko pa sana kayo given more time kasi sobrang "ako" talaga "kayo" at "ako" ay "kayo"! Gets nyo? Lalo na nung nabasa ko na yung mga letters nyo sa akin grabe nakakatouch na kahit yung mga hindi mashado nagsasalita sa room na nakakaworry baka natutulog na ng dilat sa class, ang gaganda ng sinabi for me! Ah Basta! Pero ok lang yun hindi pa naman dito nagtatapos ang lahat eh diba? May nagsulat pa nga sa akin sa 41 na nakakapagtampo daw kasi mas favorite ko kayo sa kanila! Hahaha Napaisip tuloy ako totoo nga ba? Basta magkikita pa tayong kasi ipapapatent pa nga namin ni Rist yung Scream Pose namin! Thank you very much BCS42, Mahal na mahal ko kayo! Kayo ang nagpasaya at nagbigay kulay ng semester ko na nagdaan!


Hindi ko man kayo nahandle sa Ethics class, naging napakabait kayo sa akin lalo na nung nahandle ko yung half ng class nyo sa VB.NET nung third year kayo! Kayo ang section na masayahin pero magagalang! kapag naguusapusap nga kaming tropa sa CSD, lagi naming sinasabi na "ay BIT41? Very warm yang mga batang yan! Napakabait! Kahit saan ka makita nyang mga yan babatiin ka nila!" At totoo talaga yan! Kahit saan nyo ako makita, ginigreet nyo ako! Maaring napakababaw na bagay nyan pero para sa guro na kagaya ko, doon naipapakita ng student ang galang at kabaitan nito! Nung kinunan nga yang picture na yan sa UP, tuwang tuwa ako kasi sina Kathleen at Jayson ang kasama nyo sa picture talaga jan pero may tumawag sa akin na "Sir! Suplado naman picture naman kayo kasama namin!" Sa totoo lang natuwa ako noon kasi hindi ko naman kayo lahat nahandle pero tinrato nyo akong isang teacher nyo kaya mula sa puso ko, maraming Maraming salamat BIT41!


Sa pinakatahimik kong class, BIT42, pero dito parati nanggagaling yung mga Top students ko sa lahat ng sections! Kasama pa si Jailah eh saan ka pa poporma nyan! Kampante ako sa klase na ito noong mga unang araw ng First Sem kasi nahandle na kayo at favorite kayo ni Sir Jayson! Hangang sa natapos ang semester, never ko natandaan na nanaway ako or napasigaw ako sa pagsaway sapagkat lahat kayo ay behave at talagang mababait na bata! Kahit na konti lang kayo, napasama naman sa inyo yung mga lower years na napakababait din kaya swak na swak! Kayo ang last subject ko noon kaya nakakauwi ako ng walang stress! Maraming salamat BIT42!


BIT43! Well ano pa nga ba? Aaminin ko na kayo ang isa sa sections sa history ng teaching ko na nakapagpasakit ng ulo ko ng bonggang bongga! Hahaha Napakaingay, magulo at may ga matatalinaw pa! Akala ko noon super ayaw na ayaw nyong lahat sa akin! Pwera nalang nung nakausap ko noon si Jed na sabi nya hindi naman nyo daw ako ayaw hahaha. Pero alam nyo, may isa pa palang "pinaka" ang BIT43, isa kayo sa pinakaSWEET na section na nahandle ko lalo na sa last meeting natin, Grabe muntik na talaga ako maiyak nun kasi hindi ko ineexpect yung ginawa nyong way ng pagpapasalamat sa akin! Kahit na magugulo kayo, ang ilan sa pinakamababait na students ko, ay matatagpuan sa listahan nyo hahaha kaya maraming maraming salamat BIT43! Hindi ko kayo makakalimutan!


BIT44! Hindi ko na ikukwento yung mga huling meetings natin, alam nyo na yan! Hahaha pero don't worry, ok na sa akin ang lahat lahat! Sana ay wala naman sumama ang loob sa akin, nasaktan lang talaga ang sir noon (Wow nagdrama na naman) Pero kagaya nga ng sabi ko, ok na sa akin ang lahat! Nagenjoy naman ako na turuan kayo kasi palarecite din kayo at matatalino! Maraming maraming salamat lalo na sa mga naging talagang mabait sa akin kahit after ng sem na naging students ko kayo! Sana maapply nyo lahat ng naituro ko sa classroom hindi lang yung lessons natin kundi yung mga bagay bagay na wala sa books! God Bless you all BIT44!


Grabe paano ko ba ito sisimulan, BIT46, ang isa sa pinakaespesyal na sections sa puso ko hindi lamang sa dalawang semester na naging student ko kayo kundi sa buong kasaysayan ng pagtuturo ko! Nasasabi at nararamdaman ko ito siguro nadin ay dahil sa nangyari noong 3rd year kayo na grabe! Kapag naalala ko yun, hindi sumasama yung loob ko bagamat sumasaya pa ako lalo kasi bigla ko namang maalala yung way ng pagsosorry nyo GRABE! Napakasweet noon kaya naiyak talaga ako! Yung itsura palang ni Caraig at Altis sa Pintuan GRABE pwede ng pang batang lansangan sa teleserye kasi di pwedeng di ka maawa may hawak pang papel na may nakasulat! Pero syempre nung time na yun, naiiyak ako, ngayon nalang ako natatawa kapag naalala ko yung itsura ni Kulot! Pero saan ka pa pagpasok ko ng room patay pa ang ilaw at may nagbubulungan! Pagbukas ko ABA! NAKAPYRAMID PA ANG MGA LOKO! may hawak pang tagiisang papel na may letters ng Sorry Sir Seven! Grabe dun na ako pinakanaiyak! Natatandaan ko pa noon, evaluation ata din yugn araw na yun kaya ang tagal ko sa labas mugto mugtuan pa yung mata ko! Tapos pagpasok ayun sermon at ityakan na naman! Dun lang ako naiyak na hindi lang ako yung umiiyak kaya sobrang touching yung araw na yun! Nung nakita ko nga si Mutya na umiiyak nadin sa unahan ko sabi ko ay tama na nga sermon ko naiyak na si Mutya hala! hahahaha

Pero alam nyo ba kanina lang tinitingnan ko yung resulta ng bawat evaluation ko mula 2010, sa isang section lang nangyari na naka 4.9+ ako na score at sa inyo pa yun kahit after ko na kayo sermunan ng bongga! Narealize ko na hindi mali or sayang yung pagpapangaral ko sa inyo datapwat tinake nyo pa yun positively and for the betterment of yourselves kaya nung second class na natin, Ethics, Wala na tayong ginawa sa classroom kundi maghalakhakan every meeting tapos after pa ng class derecho chismisan na papuntang COS! Parati nyong sinasabi, kagaya pa sa Video Tribute Surprise na ginawa nyo nung Last meeting natin na "Kahit na hindi kami ang favorite section mo Sir..." Pero kung pwede ko lang kayo pagbebeltukan isa isa eh kasi sa Batch na ito, hindi ko ikakaila na KAYO ang favorite section ko! Sa ginawa nyo palang Video para sa akin, pak na pak na eh! ipasok mo pa yung fact na kayo ang pinakaWILD na section! Wild talaga prang animals HAHAHA PS Wag magseselos yung iba kasi Mahal na Mahal ko naman kayo lahat ng sections ko this batch eh :D Tama na nga magnonobela na naman ako dito pagtatawanan na naman ako nina Joanne! CHEERS BIT46! At PS2, SUNGA! Nagiisa ka at wala kang katulad mamimiss kita ng sobra!!!

Hangang Dito na lamang aking mga minamahal na Students ng Batch 2013! Sayang hindi pa ibinigay sa akin yung BIT45 para grand slam ko na talaga tong Batch nyo! Pero kung may makakabasa nito na BIT45, CONGRATULATIONS! Sayang di nyo ako nakilala at natikman (eew!)

Basta parati nyong tatandaan na kahit saan man kayo mapunta at mapadpad ng hangin ng tagumpay, nawa ay huwag nyo makakalimutan ang isang Sir Que na napakapogi at napakaHot! HAHAHA Kasi ako, hinding hindi ko kayo malilimutan! Kahit naka 1000+ na students na ako in 3 years, hindi ko kayo malilimutan kasi may parte na ang bawat is asa inyo sa puso kong tumitibok sa kulo ng mantika! Seriously, I am your teacher and forever will be your teacher kahit hindi na kayo enrolled sa class ko. Ganun ako maging teacher eh, kasabay ng pagiging parte nyo ng taunang class list ko, may kapares ng kontrata yun sa puso ko na magiging kaibigan nyo ako habang buhay! Sana ay hindi nyo ako malimutan kagaya ng parati kong sinasabi sa inyo! Mahal na mahal ko kayong lahat at kapag maisipan nyong dumalaw sa school, sana isa ako sa maging dahilan ng pagbalik nyo! Dahil ikasisiya ko talaga yun ng todohan! Yung saya na level ng Plane ticket para sa akin! I will be there waiting for you, each and every given day, for someone, even just one of you to drop by and say hello! I will always love you all and forever will!

Go on and do your thing! Make yourself and your family and friends proud but ALWAYS REMEMBER, MOST IMPORTANTLY, Make your COUNTRY proud! Kailangang kaialngan kayo ng PILIPINAS! Hindi ko naman sinasabing huwag kayo magabroad kasi kahit naman magabroad kayo, malaki ang maitutulong nyo sa Bansa! Basta lagi nyo lang sana isasali sa mga plano nyo ang PILIPINAS kasi karapatdapat natin siyang mhalain at Ipagmalaki! Kayo ang dahilan kaya naniniwala ako na darating din ang oras natin, ng bansa natin at tayo naman ang titingalain! kayo ang magiging susi nyan mga makabagong kabataan! Hindi na ako magugulat kung galing sa sections na ito ang susunod na Presidente ng IBM or Director ng Microsoft sa Asya or might as well, Pangulo ng Pilipinas! Glaingan nyo ah!

Laging nagmamahal
Sir Que / Sir Steve / Sir Seven

April 24, 2013

Manaoag's New Clothes

Last Monday, my dear friend Kathleen told me about her new sewing machine and how she is so happy about it! She sewn so many clothes for herself, bags, and even clothes for her saints. So I asked her if she can make a dress for our saint, Our lady of Manaoag since she hasn't had new clothes for a very long time now. She is one of our family's patronesses because she is my Mother's favorite Saint!

So Kathleen agreed! She bought the Felon fabric from Kadiwa market in Dasma just near our University. Felon is the fabric used as inside lining for the clothes of the saints to make it harder and have a good form. Then when I got home Monday evening, I got the clothes Manaoag last wore, which were clothes for my Kuya Erson's Saint in the States which he lent Manaoag. Then I got her Blue fabric from Kuya Erson as well which I decided to use for her veil. Then Kuya Wilson got this beautiful Orange Velvet fabric from an old box and I brought them all to school!

Together on Tuesday morning, me and Kathleen started cutting the patterns and the fabrics so that when she gets home she can start sewing them all which she did that night! The length of the dress was just an estimate since the dress from Kuya Erson's saint is much longer! So after a whole night of hardwork from the talented seamstress Kathleen, here is Our Lady of Manaoag and her new set of clothes

Our Lady of Manaoag and her New Set of Clothes

The Dress itself together with the clothes of the baby Jesus is made of Orange velvet fabric from Kuya Wilson. The Silver lace trimmings at the end of the seam of the dress are from Kathleen herself which added much detail to the dress. And the veil that extends up to the bottom is made up of soft blue metallic fabric from Kuya Erson. I don't really know the name of the fabric but it is beautiful even for gowns and dresses I think. This is the First time our Manaoag wore a veil as big and as grand as that one.

Dressing Manaoag is always Challenging because of all her ornaments and as always, the biggest challenge for me is sticking the baby Jesus on her body! Sometimes no matter how beautiful the dress is, if you don't know how to wear it to the saint, it will look tacky! But I asked for Manaoag's help and I personally think I did a great job placing all the ornaments and pinning this and that over the whole ensemble!

Manaoag on her Altar

I have never seen Manaoag as beautiful and as pretty! Thank you so much to my dear friend Kathleen! She has always been so nice and so supportive in everything I do as we are of her! She is probably the most talented friend I ever had! May God bless her with more projects and fabrics (just as she wants) and successes in life!

OUR LADY OF MANAOAG - Pray for us!

Never Stop Dreaming!
Steven :D

April 23, 2013

Term 3 Grades

My Computer Architecture Grade was tad low because I was short of 2 points to make it to the 2.5 Mark! So I was really anxious! I need to get at least 3.0 on my other subject, AUTOMATA which made me so nervous! When our Professor Emailed us about the Grades that are uploaded, the Portal went down! The agony of waiting was prolonged for 2 hours and now, It worked! I cried, literally! THANK YOU LORD!!! I GOT 3.5 ON Dr. Azcarraga's AUTOMATA CLASS!!! I am so sorry but I am just so happy! Thank you Lord!!!

PS Yah, my Comp Arch grade was Low :( But My AUTOMATA Grade SAVED me! My Term GPA made it and I can reapply again for Scholarship which is most important! ANIMO LASALLE!!!

Dr. Azcarraga, You may not get to read this but you inspired me so much! Even from that very first meeting/class with you! You made me love this subject so much more and also, believe in myself more!
Sayang walang .25 at .75 ang grades sa DLSU-M hehehe


Dream Dream Dream!
Steve :)

January 1, 2013

Manila - Starbucks Global Icon Mug #4

My Starbucks Manila Global Icon Mug, my fourth!
Jeepney Design and Manila Bay at the Back

It was the Morning of December 30, Rizal Day, when me and my Ate Judy went to Divisoria, Manila to get some last minute shopping for our upcoming trip. Before heading to SM Mall of Asia, we first went to 168 Mall at Divisoria to get me a new housing for my new iPod Touch 5!

We left home at around 8 in the morning and arrived at Lawton around 9 am where we shall ride a jeepney to Divisoria. The driver dropped us in the corner of Luna because jeepneys are not allowed to enter the street so we decided to go down and there it was. STARBUCKS! I was planning to buy my Manila mug on that day, on Mall of Asia though but since The Starbucks was already in front of us and at that place, Binondo, is really in the City of Manila as compared to Mall of Asia which is in Pasay so it is much better to buy it from there. So we crossed the street and entered the magical kingdom of Starbucks.

Starbucks Binondo taken by my new iPod!
I love my new iPod! The camera is so clear and the pod really is handy!

We got inside and LUCKILY! There was only ONE Manila Starbucks Mug! The Lord really is helping me and also my Mommy of course, in collecting this beautiful babies! So without further adieu< I grabbed it and went straight to the counter! I'm so happy to have my fourth Mug, Manila! So after payment we went outside. I asked my ate to take a picture of me but she insisted of taking the picture from across the street! Here it goes!

Me and my Starbucks Manila Mug with the Jeepney at the back

It was very risky to take that picture because there are so many people but we still did thanks to my very supportive Ate Judy! She even took the shot with the jeepneys passing buy which is on the Mug's design.

The STARBUCKS MANILA Global Icon Mug features the Philippine Jeepney in the front and at the back, a beautiful scribble of the famous Manila Bay Sunset!

I will always have so much fun on this journey of collecting these beautiful works of art by the best coffee shop in the world!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!! Keep Brewing! Dreaming!
Steven :)