September 18, 2012

Sentosa at Singapore

Before the Malaysia Trip, our first stop was the Lion City of Asia, Singapore! Singapore is a City State in an island located at the bottom tip of the Malay Peninsula. It boasts of being a Fine City, Fine in the sense that each and every simple thing that is prohibited will force you to pay a fine which is nice so that locals even tourists would have to abide by it.

The Merlion at Sentosa

One of the best places to see in Singapore is Sentosa, an island resort located at the island of Sentosa which houses several places including Golf Courses, Hotels and the Resort's World Singapore which features the Universal Studios Singapore. Getting there, ride the MTR (Purple Line) until the last station which is Harbour Front until you reach Vivo City which is Singapore's Largest shopping mall. On the Third Level, the shuttle monorail train which is officially called Sentosa Express will take you to the island.

Several packages are available for purchase before boarding the Sentosa Express but a 3.50 SGD Entrance fee should be paid as well excluding the package. We arrived in the afternoon so we chose to avail of the Evening Play Pass for just 26.90 SGD you can now choose three of their attractions which you can enjoy from 6 pm until 10 pm.

When we arrived at the park, we had a few photos taken at the Merlion, okay not a few, a lot of shots taken at the Merlion (I was with my camwhore Friends during this trip remember?) And then after a lot of shots, we went to our first ride, it is the Luge and Skyride. We first rode the Luge and it was so much fun! We were riding downhill on a three wheeled cart with only go and breaks which is so much fun! I bumped on one of the railing which gave me a hard time going downhill! but when I got through it, the ride came swift and fast. Until I reached the end! Amazing, really!

Ate Judy and Myrcel on the Skyride

On our way back, we rode the Skyride. A maximum of four people seated on an open air gondola (I don't know if it's called a gondola but I'll call it one anyway) and you will go up high about a hundred feet above the ground and it feels so good while you are up high! I chose to ride alone so I can feel the thrill! I was wearing flops and my feet started to sweat but I got hold of myself and it was really fun! Some of my friends still have this strong fear of heights. I overcame mine when I went Skywalking at Cebu a few years ago.

After the ride, it was time to get to the Songs of the Sea, a famous production inside the park and was our Second of the three attractions for our Night Pass. But the way to it was the most memorable part of the Sentosa Trip for all of us. Guided by the map, we were confident to walk downhill hoping that we will reach the Songs of the Sea in no time. We went walking and walking downhill and then it started to get dark and dark. The sun is slowly lurking down and massive hedges were blocking what's left of its rays. It's like we are on a scary horror movie trapped on a massive hedge maze.

Me at the road starting to feel lost (This shot was staged obviously but we really are lost)

Then when the road seemed endless, we can't help it but just laugh and laugh because when we saw the entrance to the Golf Course, there we were, truly lost. That's what we are, laughing at ourselves knowing that we are indeed lost. But we continued walking downhill until we saw the bus that took us up again to the Park proper. And luckily, there it was when we went got down the bus, we were just a few yards away from the Songs of The Sea. So we went inside the outdoor theater and the view was spectacular! The story was set along the beautiful stilt houses built on the shoreline of the beach. The staging was beautiful and the laser, lights and fire effects were truly amazing! Here are a few shots of the Show:

Water sprouts and blue lights

Fiery Lights and fantastic effects

Firework Finale

Me and my Ate Judy on a blurry shot after the show

After the show, we grabbed a speedy but heavy dinner at McDonald's then we went straight to the Cable Car Ride which will close at 9:30 in the evening, we chose this one as our last of the three Attractions since it will take us back to Harbour Front so that we can ride the MTR back in time because we still want to see the Marina Bay at Night. we rushed our way and the people are nice enough to accommodate us. While boarding, the view was absolutely fantastic! So Beautiful that my eyes were fixed on the view and my camera was left on the bag haha!

Sentosa was amazing! It is a mini world of the Asia we know. It has musical sights and colorful sounds that will truly leave a mark on anybody's hearts forever. See it for yourself! It was amazing!

Me at the Merlion in Sentosa

Never Stop Dreaming!
Steve :)

September 12, 2012

Petronas Towers

First of all, Thank you Lord for yet another Country on this Blog's Sidebar which I made my Travel Directory! It truly is a big blessing to Add Malaysia and on my next rant, Singapore! Many more countries Lord, Thanks in Advance :)

When I hear the Word "Malaysia" of all the things I know about this beautiful South East Asian Country, it is always and will always be the towering, silvery bright Petronas Towers flashing on the screens of my brain. This was by far the most beautiful skyscraper I have seen in my entire life in my travels.

The Petronas Towers at Night. Stunning!

After dinner at Jalan Nagasari from a very generous Indian Restaurant owner who gave us a great buffet dinner just a few blocks away from our Hotel, we thanked the man and bound a taxi that took us directly to KLCC where the Twin Towers are located. We all know that hagling is prohibited between the drivers and the passengers but we can't refuse because it is night time and we hate to argue. Besides, the price is not that high (8 MYR) so we said yes and he took us there.

As the towers get bigger and bigger to my very own eyes, we come closer and closer and closer until it went blocked from our view when we got down our cabs because the Mall was on our sight. Of course if you look up, the Towers will be seen in above the Mall but I refuse to give it a look that early because my friends are still on the other cab and we are waiting for them. I truly am quite the sentimental so I told myself to take that grand, complete look when I'm at the most perfect angle to see it.

When the rest of my friends arrived, we gathered around and started walking beside KLCC Mall and there were so many Malaysian Flags floating and flying around the place, actually most of Kuala Lumpur, since August is the month wehre the Malaysian Independence Day is celebrated.

The Vertical version of the Malaysian Flag on a building close to the Towers.

So when we were already at the front of the Towers, I continued walking through the offed fountains until I reach the very posible end wherein other tourists and travelers are in. When I saw them taking their own shots, I realize that it's time for me to take that marvelous and most awaited perfect angle look. And there it was, shining ever so bright along the beautiful sounds of Kuala Lumpur. The Towers truly are the star at the grounds of the City. The feeling was breath-taking!

My Friends are all so busy taking pictures of them with the tower! If there are people called Camwhores, they are the special breed of those species! When one has a good shot at some place, all of them should have one of the same shot, WITH THE SAME POSE! Hahaha It's so much fun being with them!

Me in front of the Towers

Will I let that moment pass without a shot of me in front of the Petronas wonder? of course not! Thank you so much to my friend Dianne for taking this cute shot of me and the Towers!

Once seen only on movies and on Travel shows but now, I am on my own travel show at front of the Tallest structure in South East Asia. It was a sweet moment I wish would last forever (But it did last long though). The whole moment, I savored the beauty of the Petronas!

It was truly an experience of a lifetime! Seeing the towers with my very own eyes is truly breath taking! Taylor Swift(Love Her!) kept on using the Word "Wonderstruck" and that was probably the word to describe the overall feeling I had when I was on that very moment! I will never forget that encounter between me and the twin towers that happened that evening of the 8th of August of 2012! It was very sweet and passionate!

And of course, What trip can be better without the presence of your High School Friends! We call ourselves High School Friends but we have been friends and classmates ever since Kindergarten! We did had our ups and downs through the years but on that very moment, on that very trip, It was all fun and love! I love you guys so much! Thanks for sharing my Malaysian Moment!

Me and my High School Friends in front of the Petronas. Myrcel, Dianne, Ivy, Ate Judy and Lea

And also, May I present you my latest travel Video "Where is Sir Steve?". I got the concept from the Great Man Matt Harding's Where the Hell is Matt! These features my travels since May of 2011 from the Philippines up to my Asian Adventures at Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. Hope you guys enjoy!

Never Stop Dreaming!
Steve :)