July 21, 2011

Amazing Thailand - Day 0

As most of you know, Steven Que is a die-hard traveler. I have been in love, am in love and will forever be in love with my first Love, GEOGRAPHY. It was quite unfortunate that I haven't pursued a College degree related to this Wonderful Field of Science because it is not so common here in the Philippines. Though I took up a career in Computer Science, my passion for Geography, Culture and everything that fall beside it never lingers.

So much for all this dramatic introductions, Let me talk about my Thailand Trip. It was the very first time that I will be travelling out of the country for more than a decade since my last trip to the United States when I was still so young. It was an added challenge since I am the one leading the Trip with my Cousin Judy and College Friend Ralph. It was almost the most exciting feeling I can ever remember throughout my Adolescent life. Though my longing for my Mommy never leaves my heart, I am sure she is very happy I'm starting to live my dream on circling the Globe and I know she is with me.

It was March 28th in the evening when we left Manila via Cebu Pacific Flight MNL-BKK leaving from Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. I can still remember joking about my last trip before this one. I told myself "Dapat sa susunod kong trip, International na" And then the power of words proven it was quite real. I was bounding the International Gate and of to my Amazing Trip to Siam.

Me at NAIA 3 boarding gate bound to Bangkok

After almost four hours in the dark horizon, Our Pilot finally talked from the cockpit telling we just landed ourselves at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. Even if I was quite sleepy from the trip, I was nearly into tears when I started opening the Windows and seeing all these Humongous Airplanes lining up the Gates along the Airport. I can even enumerate the name of the planes with just looking at the emblems and tails. When we finally got out, We breathed our very first Thai Air. I was super super excited.

Me and my Ate Judy at the Gates of Suvarnabhumi Airport

Sawasdee Krab

My Mom at Thailand :)

A Typical Thai 7 Eleven Store

The Spiciest Thing I have ever tasted! From 7 Eleven

I really can't believe I am not stepping on Philippine Land at that very moment. Walking on Foreign Streets at one in the morning. We felt very safe and was at awe to found out that there are almost thousands of 7-Eleven scattered along the City. I was continually near to tears the very first night we were there because as I have said earlier, I still can;t believe I'm living my dream. Stay tuned for my next post about our Adventure at Bangkok Day 1 :)

Never Stop Dreaming!

July 11, 2011

Project Nautical Room: Task 1 - Naval Flags

I have always been passionate about Travel, Geography and everything else that involves Maps, Cultures, Long Roads and Seas and Horizons. So I suddenly woke up a morning with the idea of turning my Room into something that involves the Sea, Lighthouses, Ropes, Ships, Sailors, Everything Nautical.

At First I thought, Nice! My Walls are painted Cool and Light Pistachio which look like a clear sky. Then I wanted to build up a Lighthouse inside my room (the Ultimate Project) and so I decided to plan everything.

Aside from buying decorations and other things that would "Navalize" my room, I thought of painting all my furniture, Tables, shelves and counters clean white as I see it on most Nautical Inspired rooms online. Then I will slowly redecorate and refurnish the room which I shall feature here as Tasks on my "Project Nautical Room".

For my very first Project, I thought of making Naval Flags, the one that corresponds a letter per flag or also known as Maritime Signal Flags. So I bought some Short Bond Paper ad Colored Art papers at Ate Lita's Store and Made the flags.

Colored Papers cut and glued into Flag Designs on my Desk

After making 10 Flags that corresponds 10 letters for more than two long hours, the flags have been completed. I was very delighted by how it turned out much more when I saw it hanging on the top of my bed.

"S T E V E N S O N"

Stay tuned for more Updates on the Projects and Redecorating of my Sea Room!