June 26, 2011

Happy Feet Lost the Title of Grand Winner but they are my CHAMPION

It broke my heart to know that Happy Feet finished Second on the Second Season of Pilipinas Got Talent. They came a very long way from the far and humble province of Bukidnon from Mindanao. The Grand Winner Marcelito is quite entertaining, Very Entertaining to other Filipinos most especially the voters, but I admire the Quality of Talent that the Brothers Happy Feet have. Together with in-sync stomping of their feet, you can really feel how happy and thankful they are for that very moment! Watch the Happy Feet brothers as they Tap their way to the hearts of the viewers!

Just as I have said, They may not won the Title as the Grand Winner but for me, they did really great and their Talent will never ever be taken away from them. I just wish them more success in life wherever it takes them. They may not appear again on TV, the important thing is that they did their best to show and share their talents and how great they Tap Dance to all Filipinos at a point in time! Congratulations Guys! Congratulations Marcelito and Congratulations to all other 12 Finalists! You all did a great job! But Happy Feet just stole my heart out of the lot.

Just like Happy Feet, NEVER Stop Dreaming!

June 25, 2011

Romeo ♥ Juliet

Mine thoughts have wished endlessly as to have hold and of read a wonder as such. Shakespeare truly a man of measure which measure immeasurable is. Ok enough of this trying-hard-to-be-old-English stuff! I just Love the fact that I finally bought a Shakespeare Play, Printed on a Book, in my own hands earlier at National Bookstore at SM Rosario. I hope this would enrich my knowledge in English Literature and much more, to deepen my vocabulary and the way I arrange words and phrases in a more artistic manner!

What way to choose than grabbing Romeo and Juliet which is perhaps his most famous work. I got the No Fear Edition which features a Shakespeare side by side Plain English which aids Shakespeare beginners like me to have a more comprehensive experience while reading this wonder.

I hope, but I'm sure, I'll have fun in my hopes in reading this book. I am now on the Fourth Scene of the First Act and I'm Loving it! Hope to post again about this Book!


June 24, 2011

Flu: Day 2

Tamiflu 75 mg Twice a day

I have been sick now for 2 long days and that means to long days without Work! Luckily I have great co-teacher friends who are there to substitute for my classes. To you guys, Thank you all so much! Plus all the "Get Well Soon"s I receive from my Dear Student, they just never fail to be sweet and encouraging, Thank you guys so much!

I have been taking Tamiflu for 2 days now which is prescribed by my cousin who is a Doctor Kuya Eriel. Thanks again Kuya Eriel, it made me feel better! I really hope I'll be better as better tomorrow but still, I hope there will be no classes so that I can add it up again to my series of rest days.

I go to school every Saturday as a Student enrolled in 9 Units of Education Subjects. This is my Last 9 units before I can take the LET or the Licensure Examination for Teachers here in the Philippines. I really hope I can pass the exams soon!

Good Night Everyone! Just wanted to add up a rant about this gloomy, rainy day. NO CLASSES TOMORROW PLEASE!

Don't Stop Dreaming!

June 23, 2011

Bad Day

Where was the moment when you need it the most? Well I guess this song kept playing the whole day in my mind because I literally have a Bad Day. Yesterday, It started as runny nose and the day before, it was sore throat until I woke up earlier, can't get up, and Flu greeted me with a banner "Call your Co-Teacher and tell her you can't go to school!" It was a very sad morning because I can barely move and I felt all the energy in every cell of my body just all drained out.

I only have one class today, a VB.NET Laboratory Class that is shared with my Friend Miss Lumandas. So I started calling my co-Teachers Mr. Sabale and Ms. Lumandas (Thanks so much Katieloo!) to absorb my class because as a real teacher would first do when they get sick, is to think about their students, just like what I did. So when I got the assurance that someone would take over my class, I went back to sleep. But I did not get to sleep fully because I also have a headache. Too bad for me huh? But then my dad came and gave me breakfast because they came from the Airport to fetch my Uncle Ben and his family from San Francisco, CA.

As I got up and ate my breakfast, someone came to my room! It was my Aunt MAMA VICKY! I am very very happy to see her because I haven't seen her for a very long time since she got back from San Diego! I was really happy and my Flu went away temporarily with the sight of her. She asked me if I got my medicines and then she went downstairs. Then I drowsed off for about another hour my Mama Vicky came back and brought me back a box of Apple Juices, Snacks and a Bed of Vitamin C! THANK YOU SO MUCH MAMA! You made me so happy even if I have this Flu!

For someone like me who is a WORK WORK WORK Person, I'm not used to staying at my room shut for hours unless it's bedtime! So around 10 in the morning, I went downstairs to have lunch and talk with some people there! I spent almost all the time chatting with my Yeya and my Lola in the Kitchen! I was even scolded to shut up or else I won't get well. Then my Kuya Eriel, my Doctor who is my cousin prescribed my with Tamiflu for 5 Days (Thank you so much Kuya Eriel!) and I really hope I'll be well fast.

I'm better now than earlier but there is still a lot of aches! I can now laugh with my Kuya Wee not like earlier, I can;t because it hurts so much! See you next time guys!

Never Stop Dreaming!

June 17, 2011


Started the day very early at around 5 am. Posted something for Skywatch Friday on Cavite Daily Photo then rushed off to school. The 7 am class with BIT31 went well and meeting them was really nice. I like each and every section that I have right now just as much as I love every single student who passed by me as their Teacher. after Two VB.NET Activities, We called it a meeting and went to the Faculty Room.

Jodi Sta. Maria was a few steps from me but my shyness took over me and I really wanted to have a picture with her. When she went away to attend her class that was the time I felt so much regret by the chance I let pass.

But I think the HIghlight of the day was my System Analysis and Design Class with ACC21 and ACI21. It was our very first lecture meeting and it felt really good giving the lecture from one of my favorite subjects! It's almost as perfect as what I have felt yesterday as I substituted to one of my teachers on her Automata Theory Class. The ACC/ACI kids are nice as well and you can see most of them did understand everything I have been talking about. It was a brief Introduction to the Subject including examples of Information Systems. I really like the class and my students and I really hope they'll like me as well!

After class I rushed home and saw my Dad on the way so I halted the Jeepney to ride with my Dad and we had an awesome snack at Jam's in the Town Plaza. He Had Valenciana and I had quite a Heavy Meal. I had Spaghetti and Ham Sandwich and also, Valenciana! That was quite Heavy eh? But the food trip did not end there! We went to Tagaytay to had dinner at the Tapsihan but we stopped at Amadeo to have my Favorite Cafe Amadeo, freshly brewed on site! As we had our dinner on a Foggy Tagaytay, the Combacheros I have Featured on my Cavite Daily Photo Blog serenedade us again with two songs. They sang Baby by Justin Bieber and they were sooo great! But the best of it was when they asked us for another song and I told them any song would do, They started playing my Favorite Song, Just the Way You are and it was MAGICAL! I hope to upload the video sometime soon here. After Dinner, we strolled along Robinson's Tagaytay and called it a day!

Tomorrow will be a big day again as we start our First Semester on our Education Classes. It will be held every Saturday and I'm quite excited yet very tired from this day's Adventure! Good Night Everyone and Talk to you again soon!

Never Stop Dreaming!

June 15, 2011

Date Hired: June 15, 2010 (A Year of Teaching)

My Faculty ID at DLSU-Dasmariñas

For a whole year, I am not just the Simple Stevenson Que but I became Sir Steven/Sir Steve/Sir Que/Sir Seven. Without this career, I may never have known such WONDERFULL people especially ALL MY STUDENTS which are truly the reason why I am here and Why I wake up in the morning with a reason to Live! I LOVE YOU ALL MY STUDENTS and Mommy Ghing Que, I Hope You're proud of me up there!

It was a very tiring day at school as usual. But also as usual, I had fun meeting my new students! The sweet new students of Programming 1 - BCS13 (Although most of them are irregulars and from Higher Years) and the Fun Loving ACC21 and ACI21's System Analysis and Design Class. They are all nice and I hope they will remain nice until the end of this semester.

A sad story is that one of my classes that I am supposed to teach did not reach the required number of students thus the class will not be split and my Teaching Load is truly diminished. I did not even make it to the Maximum Load but it's Okay, I'll just work harder with what is given to me and hope there would be more Substitutions to come! Haha!

After class, My father went to school to fix the Car Sticker for our Car so that He'll be able to bring me and fetch me up at times to school during the whole school year. It was actually a very fast process this year as compared to last year and I commend the people and staff who are behind the processing of Vehicle Stickers!

Snack Time with Daddy

After that my Dad and I went to Robinson's Place Dasma to have a short walk. We had Fruit Shakes and Donuts. We each had Big Dunk Donuts and I had Mango Yogurt Shake and Daddy had a Mango-Banana Smoothie. When my feet started aching we decided to go home.

We are all asked to wear Jeans and a White or Green Shirt for tomorrow's Opening Celebration of the Centennial Year of De La Salle in the Philippines. I am sure it will be a fun event (though classes are not postponed and I cannot attend the Mass) filled with programs for a whole year! Until my next post!

Never Stop Dreaming!

June 14, 2011

Start of My Second Year of Teaching

Second Year of Teaching, Second Year Employed. It was really a liberating feeling for me but the night before was really nerve-wracking. I am a nervous person, I have to admit it it gave me chills in the morning. Will my students like me? Will I get to teach my lessons right? Am I really ready to go back to school as their Teacher? Those questions kept on flashing repeatedly on my mind.

But as I entered my First Class, It was my VB.NET Lecture Class with the BIT36, I felt quite relieved even from the first 5 minutes. I have a good command as to feeling other people and I really felt they are all nice students. I mean all the students I have had are very nice to me because it is always due to how the teachers present themselves and how they treat their students with the respect they deserve. But this time it was different, I knew they have nice hearts.

The class went by nicely and we bid our Goodbyes, Thank yous and see you next meetings and I went to the Admin Building to pay for my tuition fee for my CTP Classes every Saturday. After that I went straight back to the CS Department to take a quick rest and freshen up for my next Class, Basic Computer Operations with my HUB12 Students. They are Freshmen students and as expected, they are all nice and very respectful. But I was really surprised by the fact that they seem to be already close even if they come from different schools, places and backgrounds. I was really happy to see them having a great time with each other! I hope they'll remain like that until they finished their Four Years.

But the best thing of the whole school day was seeing my past students which I really really missed the most! They were gleefully greeting me everywhere they see me and I am thrilled with all their hellos! I also had a great time in the evening as I went to my Ate Judy's House to Celebrate her birthday.

I am very very much thrilled to blog about my Daily life because this is a new experience to me as a Blogger. Blogging about nothing at all but my life. Blogging about ANYTHING I WANT TO SAY AND RECORD just like a Journal. Until my next post! See you guys very soon again!

Never Stop Dreaming!
Sir Steve^^

A Birthday Letter for my Ate Judy

"Seven and Judy beside Wat Ratcha Burana at Ayutthaya, Thailand 03.30.11"

Being born on the same Family, we have been friends from the very beginning. Ever since I was small, I always had an Ate which is always with me. We went to the same school, Had Meals together, Ate the same foods (Not the same amounts though) You get half, I get one and your half.

We always fought during our early years up until High School. Palagi nalang nagaaway sa mumunting bagay pero sabi ng ni Yeya, saglit lang taposs bati na ulit. Well I think kasi we have been born to be together! For the World it is Seven and it is Judy but for us, It is always Seven and Judy. All my Travels ikaw palagi ang kasama exept yung Palawan kung saan di ka pinayagan wherein super lungkot ko noon alam mo yan! Agawan at gayahan sa mga toys and things nung Bata and all teh commotions that come with it.

But when we entered college that's when I realize na there will be no other definition of a friend than my Ate (Anu ba yan naiiyak na ako) I am very sure wala ka ng sinasabi ngayon kundi ANG ARTE!!!! But well, you did a lot on my Birthday and I really feel like doing this! So to turn back, we grew very close and much closer nung College. I know about your wants and you knew about my dreams. Kaya naman kahit na ayoko ng Crowds, Go padin ako sa Kimmy Shows kasi I know that yun ang pinakakaligayahan mo, for me naman, Travel and you are always there naman for me para samahan ako at natutuwa naman ako that you developed the same love nadin to Travel.

People and Chances did everything to break us apart. But we never did because we are born with each other nga eh! Sa Magpipinsan madaming Pairs at lahat sila, este tayo, pinagkokompare since like forever! Well Ok lang kasi sila lang naman gumagawa ng Competition pero tayo, we're always a team! Kagaya nga ng sinabi ko noon, "Karamihan sa mga magpipinsan, hindi nagpapansinan or nagpapalastican pero tayong dalawa iba, WE'RE AUTHENTIC! What they see is what it is!" I am very very proud of you of what a person you became. Don't mind other people making comments about you, your desires, your jobs and your dreams. Just be YOU and Do YOU! Because they don't stand a space in your Life! Basta always remember that when all else Fails, Seven will always be here! Kahit na ilang Mall Shows pa ng Kimmy yan, Kahit ilang Premier Nights pa yan, Kahit Ilang Shootings pa yan, Sasamahan kita (Sana naman magkapic na ulit ako with Kim! LALO IKAW!) not because I am forced to do so but because I want to be there for you.

Thank you very much for always telling me How proud you are of me (Iyakan na ito) kasi iba talaga kapag sa iyo nanggagaling! Kasi bihira mo sabihin eh! HAHAHAHAHA I know kaya bihira kasi sasabihin mo na naman pag nagreact ako na ang arte arte ko pero I know naman you are really proud of me! Especially the Day I got hired to become a teacher and I really felt you are so proud of me, Nabura lahat yung mga salita ng ibang tao na "TEACHER LANG!?!? ANU MARARATING MO!?!?!" Kasi like I told you, It is always about us, not the breakers! BREAKERS!?!?!? HAHAHAHA

Kulang na kulang itong Note Chorva na ito to tell you everything I want so I'll sum it all up like this. I will always be here for you NO MATTER WHAT! Kung sino ang Kaaway mo, Kaaway ko din! At kung sino ang Friends mo, Friends ko din (Totoo naman to diba?) And all I can promise you is to be beside you in all your endevours and successes kasi I have been self-employed to be your best friend eversince time started for our lives. I wish is all time success and yung Resto natin huh? Ako nalang sa Bakeshop WOW MALAKING RESTO!? hahahaha

Happy Happy Birthday and God Bless you Ate! I will forever Pray that God will bless us with more years because without you and me, there will be no life for me! There may come a million casts but it will always be "THE SEVEN AND JUDY SHOW" Oh walang Seniority jan kahit ako nauna ah! HAHAHAHAHAHA I Love you so much Teh and Mommy Loves you so much too tandaan mo yan! Many more travels to come and sana naman PAYAGAN NA U! Grabe Ang tatanda na natin! Hahahahahahaha China, Korea, Vietnam, Italy, Greece, Spain, NEW YORK, Seven and Judy is coming so you better wait!


PS Sana matanggap mo na inaanak mo si Doggy!

June 13, 2011

This Blog is Signing On, Again...

Well it has been years since I blogged on this Blog. This is actually Entitled "Life of a Daily Photo Blogger" with respect to my Cavite Daily Photo. There are 15 Posts already here dating back to as early as 2008 which is the main reason why I decided not to trash those posts due to its post age. But now, As I have my 2 Active Blogs Cavite Daily Photo and Endless Expedition and a Contributor to our Group Blog The JSV Insider, I think it's about time I have a Personal Blog, Somewhere I can posts anything and everything that's happening in my life, my wants, dreams and desires.

On my past Blogs, I always think of very creative Titles which reflects Me in ways but right now, I have decided to name this Blog as Simple as Steven Que, Just Me. No colorful backgrounds, no stylish layouts, because This blog is going to be about Steven Que and His World.

I am actually on our Kitchen right now, My new found Favorite Place in our House to work, play and just sit down with my Laptop (Which is actually suffering from Loose Hinges that's why there is always something behind the screen to support its weight). But who cares? What's important is that I Love My Laptop which Celebrated it's 3rd Birthday last June 4th, together with my 21st Birthday!

I am so excited to fill this Blog up and I wish I will be frequent on this Blog so as my other Blogs. Tomorrow is the First Day of School and it means First Day of Work for me as well! Hope to post again tomorrow!

Don't Stop Dreaming!