December 12, 2011

My Bucket List

Before I die, I wish I could

Ride a Hot Air Balloon

Go Biking at Ayutthaya

See the Pyramids of Giza

Have my Photos Published on a Magazine

Write a Short Novel

Open my own Restaurant or Bakeshop with Ate Judy

Watch Taylor Swift Live!

Be a Licensed Teacher

To represent the Philippines on Something

Sky Dive

See the Big Five while in the Safari at Africa

Experince Sunset at Santorini

Watch the 20 Minute Sparkle of the Eiffel Tower

Be back at San Diego to See my cousins

Go on a Cruise

See the Petronas Towers at Night

Weigh less than 200 pounds

Train Ride from Beijing to Lhasa

Write a Book

Have my own SLR Camera

Have a PhD

Learn to Cook Valenciana

Watch a Fashion Show at Italy

Vacation Trip at Melbourn, Australia

See the Angkor Wat

Go Camping at an Evergreen Forest

Visit at least 50 Provinces in the Phiippines

Teach English in a Foreign Country

Walk along the Great Wall of China

Join a Fun Run

Go paragliding with someone

See the Hobbit Huts in New Zealand

Be in the middle of the mountains in Montana

Recieve a Letter from a friend Abroad

See my most favorite Students Graduate

Visit Two countries in a Single Trip

Make a Difference in Someone's Life

See the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro

Dance with the Masai People

Finally See Snow

Have a Cherry Blossom Flower fall at my head

Visit Batanes

Earn 100,000 Views on Cavite Daily Photo

Visit a Home for the Aged

See the Aurora Borealis

Visit Bali, Indonesia

Climb the Machu Pichu

Have a Picture Taken at Salar de Uyuni

Eat Pizza at Naples

Travel Alone

Throw Three Coins at the Trevi Fountain

See Fireflies in the Darkness of the Night

White River Rafting

See Van Gough's Starry Night at MMA in NYC

Walk along the Streets of NYC at Night

Eat Caviar

Harvest Grapes on a Vineyard

Visit Tuscany

See the Mount Everest

As I write these, I have to include the three best moments ever so far and has always been in my virtual Bucket List. Every time I complete one of these list, I will be posting all about it. Wish me luck! :)

December 8, 2011

We are Young

Honestly, I was not that excited to see this week's episode even if my friends kept on telling me it was a great one or it was the best so far this season. So After my download has finished this noon, I played it on and found out that it was Sectionals. Sam Evans went back and then the Troubletones were to sing a mash up of I will Survive and Survivor which I actually liked. Then it was time for the New Directions. I did not like their number that much because Rachel was not in it and the songs are not so good (in my opinion, not an MJ fan nor an MJ hater). So then it was Rachel and Quinn's scene at Figgin's office and it was touching. Much more the scene of Quinn and the Girls in the bathroom. then they started their song.

The song was We Are Young. I haven't heard of the song before but the first line has already captured me. Then as they were singing, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and that girl Sugar Mota went in and it was very touching to see them! But then when Mercedes did that note, I suddenly got teary eyed!

This is what Glee is all about, friendship and the music that binds it. It was really touching and this is probably one of the Numbers that the New Directions did that really touched me since their second turn on Don't Stop believing at Regionals Season 2.

I have always been a Gleek and I think will always be. It has been a big part of my life and my heart and probably one of the reason why i was teary eyed during their We are Young performance knowing that in just a few months, most of them are to graudate and I will be missing them so much!

Here's the We are Young Footage from this Week's Episode of Glee! Enjoy!

December 6, 2011

I am, and always heve been...

The sorting hat says that I belong in Hufflepuff!

Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same."
Hufflepuff students are friendly, fair-minded, modest, and hard-working. A well-known member was Cedric Diggory, who represented Hogwarts in the most recent Triwizard Tournament.

Take the most scientific Harry Potter Quiz ever created.
Get Sorted Now!
This has always been the results even I started reading the books, watching the movies and taking these quizzes back from High School! I have always been a fan of the House because it's highest character is Loyalty and Friendly. I do get some Ravenclaws and a Few Gryffindors but almost 80% of the quizes I took, I am a Hufflepuff and I love being one :)

PS The quiz I featured above is very scientific because I answered 122 Questions about my personality and I did get accurate results! Potterheads, I hope you guys try it!

December 4, 2011

Beautiful Dream + Creepy Spider = Good Morning Sunday!

After a very short sleep of just like 2 hours, I has just had a short and great dream! I was on a plane and when I got out I was at Kampala, Uganda and it was so beautiful! It felt so real that I was crying on my dream. I saw alot of Filipinos, I think they look like athletes and it was really funny! They were on the road looking at me then I told them "Pinoy Kayo?" Then they answered, "Hindi!" which means no but of course they are because they understood what I was asking! Then I told them "Pinoy din ako! Obvious ba?" Then they said another "HINDI!" and we all went laughing! I was on my way to Botswana then I woke up! Wooow! Africa! Even it was just a dream, it was beautiful!

Imagine how dreams can get so weird? pwede namang sa South Africa ako mapunta or sa Nigeria? Bakit talagang pagkita ko sa Airport sa Dream ko Kampala pa talaga! VERY PRECISE! I knew it was in Africa kasi yung mga tao at yung mga Savannah dun sa dream ko but I lost thought that it was at Uganda! Pagkagising na pagkagising ko I searched it on the Net Right away hahahaha :D

But again I have to say this! When I opened the lights earlier, there was something crawling at the floor! I thought it was a roach and when I'm about to smack it with something, I cleared my eyes and saw it was a Gigantic Spider with a weird looking body! Oh My! It was as big as a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup but the bottom part of the body was white and the legs are black! It looks VERY CREEPY! Grabe I did not have the strength to whack it sa takot ko grabe! I can;t believe something like that is in my room! Hahahaha

When will this come true? Is this another premonition of my future Trips? Well i hope so! :)

November 27, 2011

Let's Try Poetry...

10 to 7

The time I thought the day was a Grand
You came into the picture and made it even better
I knew I saw you but can never remember when exactly
Those sweet brilliant eyes
That skin, so flawless I wish I had.
Perfect Hair, every strand so magical.
You look so bright even in the darkness of the night
But when the light shun your beautiful face,
It reminded me of the same warm day I first saw your face.
I may be forgetful of the moment, but never forgetful of the feeling.
So beautiful, shining brighter than the brightest light.
You made me feel like life is a fairy tale.

10 to 7 ver. 2

With every day, a page in my book,
This one is truly bright!
With a series of wonderful things chained together amazingly.
But as it ended, there you came
Shining so bright than the brightest light.
So bright but it did not give me a fright
Because of your face so sweet, your eyes brighter than bright
Skin so soft, I can feel it with my sight.
You shun the night brighter than sunlight.
We may have parted, slowly faded away with flight
But the moment with you was truly magical.
My Book may be long, few volumes it might
But the page with you made the whole story a Fairy tale.


November 23, 2011

Just some random post - Post #100

Actually today is not a special day nor a day I'm hyped to tell the world about something. It's just that I hate this crappy feeling that I do have right now. But the think that's worse is that I don't know what exactly is the reason that's why I feel this way nor is there any reason to feel this way. I'm sure you guys have felt this once in while in your own lives.

Is it because I'm tired? Tired of my daily school life? Wake up early, talk for hours and asking my students to listen to me while I deliver the lessons and give them quizzes? I don't think so because I really do believe that I live for these kids and it's not just a matter of belief, it's really what I feel.

Is it about the subjects I'm handling right now? Two of my subjects for this semester are subjects I have ever taught before and worse case, one of it, I haven't even took when I was in college. But my friends are very confident about me and my abilities to handle such subjects, actually, anything given to me even if it is out of my Educational Track. So I don't think this is it.

It is because of the wrong salary I got last Pay Period? Neither that is the reason because I may be practical at times but such mistakes by some people or a system of people are very understandable unless they do something about it the next chance. And mostly to tell that I am not that greedy enough nor hungry for money because Money was NEVER my only reason why I am in this Teaching Profession.

Is it because of the Afternoon Nap I had just as I arrived home this afternoon? Honestly, I thinks so yes! I always get this crappy feeling that even leads to uneasiness and anxiety without any reason. I don't know if there is any medical explanation as to my case but this is usually the result whenever I get home and the afternoon and have a quick sleep. But what can I do? I'm so tired I can't force myself not to be pulled down by the force of my bed.

But right now, I realized that all those reasons stated above are actually and in fact real and it does affect what I feel right now. But that is why God made something called 'tomorrow' so that we can promise and assure ourselves that the next day will be better, so much better as long as we do our best and give all our hearts in everything that we do! Thank you so much Lord for giving me Thousands of Tomorrows and may there be thousands more to come!

PS. Congratulations to my Blog! 3 years now and this is my 100th post! So Few as to compare the number of days but still, the best thing about blogging is that we can always post anything even if the posts are about memories. It will still bring the same feeling :)

November 13, 2011

Iloilo, I Love

Iloilo City, the Capital of the Province of Iloilo and the center of Western Visayas has a long history dating back to Pre-Spanish Colonial Period. This is where the ten datus from Borneo went with their Golden Hat and Pearl Necklaces to trade for land with the natives. This is also the First and Last Stop of my Western Visayas Adventure.

Iloilo City Harbour

We started our journey by leaving Cavite at around 2:30 am ad arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 at around 3:00 in the morning. Our airphil express flight will leave at around 4:45 so the check-in counters are already open as we arrive. This is my third time travelling with a bunch of my High School Barkadas and it is always fun to travel with them. After checking in we took some pictures, which my friends Myrcel and RJay really are into.

We purchased our MNL-ILO-MNL round trip tickets ahead of time during the promo period for a total of 2024 pesos inclusive of tax and other fees. One thing I really like with airphil express are their Boarding Passes because you can keep them as souvenirs compared to Cebu Pacific that uses cheap laser receipts that wore out in time. Well of course my Travel Journal is with me in this adventure!

We arrived at Iloilo International Airport at around 5:45 in the morning, 5 minutes ahead of time. It was definitely like the ones I see on pictures. It is like a Miniature version of NAIA Terminal 2. The structure, the design and even the colors used are very identical. Even the interior of the Airport is patterned with the PAL Terminal.

Me, Ate Judy, RJ, Ivy and Myrcel at the runway of Iloilo Airport

After completing the arrival requirements and grabbing our bags, we headed to the van rental area and rented a van bound to Ortiz Port since we are directly going to Guimaras Island this time. The van ride was really relaxing because we saw the road from the airport to the Iloilo City Proper and everywhere we look, it was clean. No candy wrappers, no plastic bags, not like the other cities I have visited before. The sky was starting to lighten up as the sun rises higher and higher. If you wish to see about my Guimaras Getaway, you can find it here at Guimaras in a Day


On the third day, after visiting Guimaras and Bacolod respectively, we went back in the morning to IloIlo to continue our Adventure. Our flight will be in the evening so we have the rest of the day to roam around the Province and visit the spectacular sights to see. We went back to SM Traveler's Lounge to check in the rest of our luggage and asked for vans. Just beside the Biscocho House are van shuttles to the Airport. We talked to the man in charge if we could rent vans that will take us to San Joaquin, a town farthest west of the Province of Iloilo, just beside the province of Antique. We agreed on a price of 3000 pesos for a round trip to San Joaquin, passing to Maig-ao and will bring us directly back to the Airport.

After about an hour drive along the scenic countryside of Iloilo, we arrived at the town of San Joaquin. Seeing the San Joaquin Church feels very colonial period! Just the Church itself makes you feel you are in the early times. The Relief on the top of the church facade is amazing. and the church was huge I must say. We took some shots outside the church and went inside for some prayers.

RJ, Ate Judy, Me and Myrcel at San Joaquin Church

On our way to the church, a funeral march has been held from the church to the Cemetery. The San Joaquin Cemetery is the main attraction of the Town. This is the one most travelers wish to visit because of its magnificent architecture. As we arrived at the Cemetery, the funeral has just ended but the people are still there. The place was magical! It doens't even look like the usual cemetery which is creepy and haunted, this one feels like you're in Italy. It was beautiful.

Me and the Gang at San Joaquin Cemetery

We then left San Joaquin and started on our way back to Iloilo City but of course, we are now bound to the most important destination and it is the most famous structure in all of Iloilo, the Miag-ao Church. Miag-ao Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is hailed all around the world for its magnificent architecture. The Vast Relief in its facade makes it very wonderful. Just as usual, it feels so surreal for me because st that very moment, I am facing what I have been seeing in pictures and what I have been studying at school all these years. Now, I'm in front of it.

Me and my Dad in front of the Miag-ao Church

After a lot of pictures taken in front of the church, we moved on the road back to Iloilo City but we were starving and we asked our very nice Driver Kuya Sadam for a place to have lunch. He stopped us at a resort named Bantayan Beach Resort at Guimbal Iloilo. The food was amazing and very cheap! A Quarter Chicken BBQ costs with Softdrinks and Ice Cream that is made at that town, all for only 88 Pesos! We also ordered the signature dish of Iloilo, the La Paz Batchoy for only 35 pesos. The real ting tastes so much better than the ones we had in Manila. Seems like half of the soup is made up of Chicharon.

Our Delicious Ilonggo Lunch

After that hearty meal that filled not just our stomachs but our spirits as well, we headed back to SM Traveler's Lounge to claim our Luggage and then we asked Manong Sadam if ever we could pass by some Pasalubongs and he was very kind enough to bring us to Wewin's for some Biscochos and then to Robinson's Place to grab some Shirts and other souvenirs. We then headed back straight to the airport and bid our goodbyes to our very nice driver Manong Sadam. He is really kind and I promised that we will get back to his City!

Our Driver Manong Sadam as he is called by his friends, with me and my dad.

We got into the airport very early for the check-in time. Our flight is about to depart at around 7:15 in the evening but we got there at around 3 pm. I always make sure in every travel to be as early as possible than late. So we still got to buy more souvenirs at the airport. As usual buying from the airport is a bit pricey than outside but the thing is you get to see a lot of goodies here that you seldom see at the city because it is seasonal so it's still worth it!

When the clock struck 5 pm, we were on queue to the check-in counter. I can say that airphil express has been improving since our last flight with them on our Cebu trip. Even if there is only one Ground Crew attending all of us, He is very fast in entertaining us yet very efficient. He reminded me of my brother because he kind of looks like him when he was younger.

Me and the cashier that looks quite like my brother. I know my back looks big but I don't care! Kidding :)

One funny thing about the people in Iloilo is that most of them, like this guy in the check-in counter, keeps on talking to me in Ilonggo. Even the cashier at Kenny Roger's and the ladies at the Ocean Jet Ferry Counters are conversing with me in Ilonggo. Good thing is that I can understand Sorsoganon which is my Yaya's dialect and surprisingly, most of the words in Sorsoganon are the same with the words in Ilonggo even if the regions are so much apart from each other.

After checking in our baggage, it was time for some dinner at the airport! We have read from the blogs that there are great foods here at Iloilo Airport. So we had our meal at JD's Bakeshop. They don't just serve different breads and pastries but meals as well! I had my Ciabatta Sandwich and it was literally mouth-watering! Their Ciabatta was so soft and fresh that it made me want to bring home some. Unfortunately the ones for sale are sold out and the ones left are for dine in only. I was quite heartbroken but at least I did tasted it!

RJ, Ate Judy and Me waiting for our meal at JD's

After that we had some cakes at Coffee Dream just beside JD's! Their cakes are very daintily made and designed and the taste, Dreamy! They are small cakes served in a cute little box but if you eat it little by little, they you can say that it is worth it! My Ate Bought an Oreo Cheesecake, Myrcel got a Mango Cheesecake, RJ had a Cappuccino Brownie and Ivy tasted something controversial, it was named BTS or "Better than Sex". The name might sound vulgar but the cake was splendid! It is a moist chocolate cake draped with chocolate truffle frosting and topped with Walnuts! I'm not so sure if they are walnuts or pecans but whatever it is, I liked it!

Myrcel at Coffee Dream trying out the cakes but thinking about buying it all

Just as we buy the cakes, I even saw one of my former students and we were both shocked to see each other far away from Cavite! He said he was on vacation because he is really from Iloilo and I told him I was on a Vacation. After that we went back to our gates and it was time to say goodbye to Iloilo! We left the city at exactly 7:25 and arrived at NAIA 3 about 50 minutes after. Airphil express truly had a great flight during that time and it makes me think that they are really improving. I even bought a shirt from the pretty cabin crew to make that flight more memorable!

Iloilo was truly warm. Not solely because of the weather but the people that makes up the whole province. I must say, just like in all of my travels that attractions and sceneries are just half of what makes my adventures complete! the other half is about meeting great and wonderful people that truly makes my adventure truly a memorable one and Iloilo really brought that to me! Scenic History, Fantastic Foodtriping and Enchanting People makes up my own personal description of the place that is Iloilo!

November 12, 2011

Bacolod - The City of Smiles

Bacolod is the Capital of Negros Occidental situated at the upper left of the island of Negros. Hiligaynon is the Language spoken together with the rest of Western Visayas. You can get there from Manila via direct flights through major carriers. But in our case, Bacolod is the Second Stop of our Western Visayas Tour.

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

From Iloilo City, we purchased Ocean Jet Ferry tickets at the SM Traveler's Lounge but you can get them at the same price on the Ocean Jet Ferry Port. The round trip ticket costs 320 pesos per head plus Terminal Fees for both IloIlo and Bacolod worth 50 pesos for a total of 370 pesos per head for a round trip ticket. A One way ticket costs the same but since we are availing of Ocean Jet's Libreng Balik promo, Our fare back to Iloilo will be free!

The ferry trip lasted for about 45 minutes. The trip was very nice because the sea was calm and the fast craft really sticks up to its name, FAST craft! The view while we left Iloilo port was spectacular! Almost as if our windows are TV screens featuring the colonial era of the country!

Me and the Gang at Bacolod City

We arrived at Bacolod at around 3 in the afternoon. The city greeted us with a fine and sunny skies. We are about to get the usual two taxi cabs as we always split ourselves into two groups. But then there were Tricycles lining up just outside the Ferry Terminal and so we decided to take it on our way to the hotel. We were to get two tricycles but then they insisted that all six of us, including our luggage, would fit one. Yes! One Tricycle and so we did! We asked about the price and it was just 15 pesos per head from the Terminal to O Hotel as our driver Kuya Biboy said. So the six of us would just pay a total of 90 pesos. My Dad and Ivy sat in front, Ate Judy, Myrcel and Rjay at the Back of the carriage and me, well, at my favorite spot, at the Back of the Driver!

Me at the Back of a Tricycle at Bacolod City

It was a great ride to the hotel! For me, is was wild! There were no back rests unlike the ones here in Luzon so the way I sat was facing the road, my back against the driver as he went so fast along the road! Bacolod City was clean almost as clean as IloIlo City. So When we arrived at O Hotel, we Checked-in and the Hotel was really nice! All the crew were nice and smiling, staying true to the city's Title.

But then Ivy decided to look for her church because she is an Iglesia ni Kristo Parishioner so we all decided to accompany here looking for her kapilya. We decided to ride Kuya Biboy again our Tricycle Driver. But before Ivy went to her Church to attend, Kuya Biboy gave us a small tour around the sights in the City and our First stop was Negros Museum.

Me at the Negros Museum

The museum was closed at that moment unfortunately but we still had some pictures outside the building. And after that we rode back to the tricycle and the Kuya Biboy took us to what they call the Lagoon. It was gorgeous! This is their Plaza right in front of the Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental. The lagoon is very clean and hundreds or might I say thousands of Tilapia fishes live on it and feeds are being sold so that people can feed the fishes.

My Daddy, Me, Ate Judy, Myrcel and Ivy in front of the lagoon

Then we walked a little farther and we had some pictures in front of the Provincial Capitol. The building was beautiful and I think it was pattered to the US White House. People are flocking along the park and I noticed that there are many barkadas or groups of school aged teenagers having fun with their friends chatting and laughing along. We were very happy to see such friendships because we ourselves have been a barkada since Kindergarten even up until now that we all have our own careers.

The Barkada: Rjay, Ivy, Myrcel, Judy and Me

So it was time for Ivy to attend her church and she was nice enough to let us roam around the City while she was on church. So after dropping her, Kuya Biboy dropped us to the Jeepney Terminal that will take us to the Ruins. The Ruins is a Beautiful Unfinished Mansion which is truly one of the greatest attractions in Negros Occidental. So it was almost 5:30 pm and Kuya Biboy told us that we'll just text him if we got back to the terminal.

So we road a Jeep to Silay City for just 15 pesos and it was around 20 minutes when we got there. So when the Jeepney Conductor knew we were about to go to the Old house he was scaring us and told us that it was a Haunted House and he was even making scary sounds and everyone of us in the jeepney went to burst out of laughter! It was really refreshing to be in Bacolod because all the people are just so nice! When we arrived, we have known that we are in the wrong place! The ones in Silay City was the Balay Negrense but we should be in The Ruins on another city, Talisay City. It was quite a story which I shall be telling you on a separate post about Silay City.

Then after roaming around Silay, We decided to ride a jeepney back and it was dark already. We talked to the aircon jeep driver that took us back to Bacolod about directions on how we could get to the Ruins. Personally I would want to get back to the Hotel now but my friends are still eager to get to the Ruins so I decided that we should go since we are already there and it is very important to see it. So after talking to the driver and after we got back at the terminal, he was so nice to accompany us to the place where we can ride a tricycle to The Ruins in Talisay City. He was also the one who talked to a Tricycle Driver and sealed the deal of 50 pesos per head for a round trip to the Ruins. He was so nice and I will never forget his kindness to us! Bacolod really does have AMAZING people!

Me and the Jeepney driver that helped us get to The Ruins

So it was quite a ride to the Ruins because it was already dark and we were running through massively tall sugarcane plantations! Almost as if we are on a scene of a Scary massacre Movie! I'm not scaring you guys but it's just the scene on the road to The Ruins. Besides I never really got scared that much because I know how nice the people of Bacolod are in just a few hours in the City. And then we arrived. I was speechless, amazed, enchanted and as Taylor Swift would describe it, wonderstruck by the sight in front of me! It was almost the most beautiful thing at night I have ever scene (after the Fireflies I saw in Sorsogon). The Ruins are just spectacular! It will be a great setting for Taylor's Music Video I thought of that time!

The Ruins, Bacolod City

It was so beautiful! I just can describe it enough how majestic it looks in person! Too bad my Camera drained after a few shots, I didn't even had a shot with myself in it except from my friends' digital camera! But still I felt very lucky to be there at that very moment and still, I got a few shots! I will be back at the Ruins someday and relive that very moment as if it was my first time seeing it! I'm sure that's not so hard!

Thank You Bacolod!

Bacolod is just Magnificent! I can say that the friendliest and nicest people I have ever encountered in my life are the Negrenses! They are very warm and welcoming to everyone and to anyone who visits their City! Me and my Ate Judy were on the Tricycle ride when we both thought of something! I was astounded that it wasn't just me that thought of this, that Bacolod is called the City of Smiles not just because that their natives are always smiling but because anyone and everyone that visits the city will never run out of a smile in their faces because of their AMAZING PEOPLE!

November 11, 2011

Guimaras in a Day

Guimaras is located at the Heart of the Philippine Islands, in the center of the Western Visayas Region. It is an Island province famed for its lush greenery, warm smiles, sandy beaches and most of all, its World's Sweetest Mangoes! I, together with My Dad, my cousin Judy and three of my lifelong friends RJ, Myrcel and Ivy have been lucky enough to get to this paradise in such fine weather which enabled us to get from the uppermost tip to the bottom part of the whole Island.

Guimaras Island
Getting to Guimaras from Manila requires you to fly to the City of IloIlo, one of the largest and oldest cities in the Philippines. We took the very first airphilexpress Flight to Iloilo that leaves Manila at around 4:45 am and arrives at IloIlo at 5:45 am. Then upon arrival at the airport, ride a van that will take you to Ortiz Port at the edge of IloIlo City which will cost 70 pesos per head or if you happen to be a group, it is very comfy to hire the entire van, which we did, and it costs 500 pesos per van.

The Ferry Boat from Iloilo City to Guimaras Island

From Ortiz Port, you will ride a medium sized motor boat which will take you directly to the Ports in Guimaras whether it is in Jordan Port or at Buenavista Port. The Boat we rode, the Cena Love, brought us directly to Buenavista Port. The 15 minute ride costs 15 pesos per head. Very cheap it is!

As we have read from other travel stories, the ride from IloIlo to Guimaras may be short but for them, it seemed like the longest due to the massive waves that they faced. But in our case, the sea was very calm and serene! Feeling the morning breeze of the sea felt very relaxing, it replenished us even if we haven't got sleep yet.

Buenavista Port

After exactly 15 minutes we arrive at Buenavista Port. It was really a cool morning and most of us are quite awed to see how near Guimaras is to IloIlo because from the port, you clearly have a view of the Port Area of Iloilo from a distance. People from Guimaras, bound to Iloilo have been flocking up the boats going back to the City to commute for work and school. An indication of how early we were in Guimaras is that the Newspapers from Manila are being delivered on the same boat that we took to the island.

While we were waiting for Kuya Cherald to arrive at the port, (because we were supposed to ride a boat to Jordan Port but the boat took us to Buenavista so Kuya Cherald rushed back to Buenavista Port to see us) I saw the Tourism Building just at the entrance of the port. I decided to ask for some maps to keep and there was this young and friendly Policeman who was very nice to give me a lot of maps and brochures. The older Police officer even told us to sit in the police shed while we wait for our Tour Guide. Then I knew how nice the people of Guimaras are! They really are welcoming especially to travelers like us. One of them even recognized I'm a La Sallian because of my shirt and he told me how sad he was about the defaet of the La Sallian Team in the last UAAP Basketball Season.

Travelling around the Island of Guimaras requires you to rent a tricycle or for a larger group like the six of us, it would be wisest to get a Multicab. So from another blog that my cousin Ate Judy have read, we decided to contact Kuya Cherald, A native of Guimaras which gives trips around the Island. We called him up and after some arrangements he asked us about our date of arrival and then when we arrived at the Port, He went to fetch us together with the driver Kuya Neng!

Our First stop was the McArthur's Headquarters. This was McArthur's and his men's headquarters in the Island during the Second World War. Kuya Cherald took a photo of us six and I have to say he does know a lot about taking great shots! He told me that once he gave a tour to a photographer around the Province and He tought Kuya Cherald a lot of tips on how to take great shots and how to use DSLR's in the best possible way! Whoever this Photographer is, He was really nice and he did a great job teaching Kuya Cherald!

Navalas Church, Guimaras
After the Headquarters, we then rode a quite a bumpy ride to the next Destination, Navalas Church. Navalas Church is the oldest building in the whole of Guimaras. It was built in 1880 and is also known as the San Isidro Church. There was a massive 4 way arch in front of the church that led to the magnicficent facade of the structure. It was magical I must say.

Roca Encantada
As we left the Church, we then go to the beach not for a swim but to see the Roca Encantada, A house built on top a rock by the beach. The sight of it just makes me sing the song we sung at Kindergarten about the wise man who built his house upon a rock. Situated at the northermost tip of the Island of Guimaras in the town of Buenavista, Roca Encantada is owned by one of the richest clans in the country, the Lopezes. Roca Encantada means Enchanted Rock in English and it does have a great view of the Las Islas de Siete Picados which are seven islets scattered along the Guimaras coast.

Shrine of the Holy Family

Then it was time for a real long ride, we went to the heart of the Province in the Town of San Lorenzo in Baranggay Tamborong wherein the Shrine of the Holy Family is situated. It was a very long ride and since the multicab has open windows and the wind that comes in is just so fresh, I have slept all the way to the Shrine. We were all laughing because we found out that it was not just me or my friends who got a little drowse but Kuya Cherald our Guide as well!

We then arrived at the shrine and it was beautiful! It features larger than life size versions of the depictions of the Station of the Cross and at the top of the hill is a massive Statue of the Holy Family on top of a Marble-like Gazebo. You can see a clear view of the whole shrine at the top and even at the beautiful mountains and streams that are just behind the area. We were very lucky enough that even if the Shrine is still closed to the Public, Kuya Cherald knows the people behind the shrine that granted us a visit. But I do encourage to give some donations for the maintenance of the Shrine.


It was time for a quick halt to have some brunch and to visit the Capital of the province, Jordan. We stopped by a small restaurant. I decided to have some sisig it was spicy and it was really good. I can tell that it was the best Sisig I have ever tasted in my life. My friends had some Beef steak and some Soup. After brunch we headed for our next destination.

Guimaras Provincial Capitol
But before we left we visited the Provincial Capitol in Jordan and we took some photos with the Mango Jeep that was parked in front of the Hall. It was Yellow! I Love Yellow!
Trappist Monastery

Just before making it to Sibunag, we stopped by the Trappist Monastery to get some Pasalubong. The Trappist Moks are really the ones who harvests, cooks and makes their products. There are 27 Monks according to Kuya Cherald and their products range from Mango Bars to Mango Juice, Mango Piaya to Mango Candies, Mango Soap to Mango Otap. Evrything is just about Mangoes which is so delightful because even as a kid, Mangoes are my Favorite fruit! After buying a lot of Mango goodies, Kuya Cherald took a shot of us inside the store before we left.

Shopping at Trappist

We then went back to the cab to go all the way to our next Destination, the Guisi Lighthouse. As most of my friends know, I am crazy about Lighthouses! How tall they are and how sturdy and strong they are yet their purpose can never be measured. On the way, we stopped by a scenic resort just by the road, Valle Verde Resort to take some pictures. At that place, you can really have a great view of the Southern part of the Island. I can see a beautiful Bay that protects the inner beach of the coast.

Guisi Lighthouse

After a few shots and a bottle of water, we then headed south to the Guisi Lighthouse. The road to the lighthouse was a bit bumpy. There were houses along the road and friendly natives wave and greets us as we pass by. As we arrived at the site, we walked about 50 meters until we finally see the Lighthouse. I was astounded by what my eyes are seeing. The lighthouse that is so old and rusty which I only see on Magazines is now right in front of me. It was very touching. We then headed near it and we also saw the newly installed lighthouse right beside the old one.
The lighthouse was built along the rocky cliffs of the southern part of the Island. The rusty lighthouse does not function as a lighthouse anymore but more of a historical attraction. Kuya Cherald went up to take a shot of us from his perspective. He encouraged us to get up there with him but we are quite afraid. I know I somehow conquered my fear of heights when I Skywalked Cebu but climbing this lighthouse was quite a different story for me because I have to be honest, I got so much weight and I got a feeling this old rusty lighthouse might collapse.

Ivy, Me and R-Jay at the Top of the Lighthouse

Ok that was hilarious but when Kuya Cherald called me and asked me again, I did agree and I finally went up. It was quite disturbing up there because there were no railing around the top. It's just you and around 2 meters of metal plank flooring. But Kuya Cherald was very nice and he would really guide you along while he take some photos of you. Here is one of my photos.

Kuya Cherald of Guimaras

My friends Ivy and RJay decided to go up as well and after a few shots they went down. Before I did, I took a shot of Kuya Cherald too While he we were up there.

Kuya Cherald or also known as Kuya Gerald is a Tricycle Driver yet his Tour Guiding skills is very remarkable! He is a very good speaker and he knows everything about his Province really well! He is probably one of the Best Tour Guides I ever had because He is very informative about the history and the current events of his hometown, he is very caring of his travellers and most of all, he take great shots of us! He is always I would really really recommend him to everyone! You can reach through his Cellphone Number 09084748122. So if ever you have plans of visiting Guimaras, He is the Man!

La Puerta Al Paraiso

After the Lighthouse we were finally up to our last destination for the Day, La Puerta Al Paraiso, the resort where we will be spending the night. We got a fan room for 6 people, 3 double beds which is really comfy. Yes you do not need Air conditioning because the sea breeze is quite cool especially in the evening but the only thing to remember are the Mosquito attacks so better get ready with your Insect Repellent lotions.The view from our room is just Spectacular feels like there's a giant billboard of a Resort Add right in front of you. The best thing about La Puerta and our Time there is that there are probably just 20 guests throughout the Resort and it feels so exclusive as if we have rented the lot for our own.

Guimaras is truly a Wonder of Nature. The name of our resorts does not just describe the resort itself but the whole island in general. It truly is a Gateway to Paradise or might I say It is PARADISE in itself! Beautiful Scenery, Freshest food, Gigantic Sweet Mangoes and my favorite thing in every travel, Wonderful Natives that makes Guimaras truly a Magical Destination!

October 12, 2011

Prom (2011)

Disney's Prom was a good movie! I have always been a fan of Prom themed movies and some of the actors did quite a good job. It was a fusion of several Prom stories that happened on one school, one prom. I personally love the displays on the Prom Night and their Theme Starry Night! It was really classy for a High School prom. The story ended with the jerks got shamed on and the good guys had a great time, great night!

I always loved watching Prom themed movies! Even if the stories are not so perfect, these prom movies just fill up my longing for great prom experiences and memories that I didn't completely get when I was in High School! Yes! We did had our own Prom at my High School. Yes it was memorable but not because it was magical nor spectacular. I know we have been privileged to have such events but it was more of a prayer meeting for all of us. I Love God and I have nothing against prayers and sermons BUT NOT AT PROM. Prom is supposed to be a memorable night for Juniors and Seniors where we feel like classy and elegant young men and women just in the time of embracing adulthood through dances, food, partying and partying. But it turned out to be, in my school's case, was just a scripted, event filled with rituals that are too practiced and worked out wherein we really didn't get to feel so much ourselves.

We were wearing our coats and the girls, their elegant dresses but after the cotillons and the rigodons, as early as 10 in the evening, the party will be cut off by force and it will all be up to us, usually, off to our houses. Not much partying, not much dancing, not much enjoying. If only I could turn back time, I would have done something about it, but of course, our school was so much conservative that even the songs being sang at the event just undergoes strict checking and censorship as I may say the least. But of course, at the end of the day, I still get to have some great memories with my high school friends which is, to the least, worth all of it!

Prom (2011)

Script: 2.5
Story: 4
Setting: 4
Casting: 3.5
Emotion: 3

Steven's Over-all Rating: 3.4 (Good Movie)

October 11, 2011

Gained a Phone, Lost a Teeth

Just Yesterday, the teeth that I broke months ago has been finally extracted from my gums. It was a bittersweet moment since I would have to say goodbye to another of my teeth making it to three teeth lost in my own set. I am not afraid of the Dentists or Extractions or blood but this one was quite worky for my Dentist Dr. Blancaflor, but she did an effortless job! She's amazing! Her hands are really light and careful and she makes sure you feel utmost confidence while the extraction takes place. I git my first shot of anesthesia and it numbed a bit. But while she was rocking the teeth, it started to hurt so she shot me another. Then it was number than the first time yet it was when the real pulling began, the sore became intense from the inside. She decided to give me Block.

This time the numbing was intense and with prayers, the aching from the inside went gone just like magic and in the next few minutes, my teeth bid farewell to its home for years. She explained me how the roots of my teeth were in an outward direction making it hard to be extracted. She also showed how the roots had high PH due to puss which is the main reason why it ached on the first parts.

The dentist told me I have a beautiful set of teeth, no extra teeth and aligned perfectly. I do need some fillings but all in all, it's nice! To Doctor Blancaflor, thank yo so much for doing a great job with my teeth! It was an honor! I just hope this would be the last time I'll see you for tooth extraction! Fillings would be nice but extraction again, I hope never (knocks on wood).

This last Thursday, October 6th, I bought something I have been longing for to have for a very long time now, a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab! I am so thrilled even if it meant loosing some money. Hahaha I didn't actually loose it ofcourse, I bought something I really really want for a long time so I think it's all worth it. I Love it so much just as much I love the Kuya Wilson's Graduation Gift for me, my Nokia E63, which will forever be my Favorite Phone.

My Galaxy Tab is so cool especially having yourself to personalize it with your own choices of apps and everything that is free. I love everything about this phone but the only thing I least like about it is that it takes so much time to charge it fully! But nevertheless, its a great great phone :)

October 1, 2011

No To Mining In Palawan!

No To Mining In Palawan

This is me and my dad two years ago along the entrance to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River in Palawan, the Most Beutiful Place I have ever been to!

I was never fond of posting Non-Cavite Photos and Stories here at Cavite Daily Photo but I really really feel I should do this. Palawan has been famous around the world through its Natural Beauty and its ecosystem that is truly one of the richest around the world. Even the Natural Wonders of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, is located on it's heart, and the colorful Tubbataha Reef spreads across the waters of the Island Province.

But today, all these wonderful sights and sounds are in the grieve danger of being just a was. Something that will just be on Photos and Videos, something good that will just be a memory, because of the threat of Mining. Mining that damages all the beautiful mountains, poisons its waters, and kills its people. But it is never too late if we work altogether to stop these greedy monsters from exploiting these natural treasures.

I have never in my life seen such green mountains, towering limestone karsts, beautiful smiles and the Freshest Seafood since being in Palawan. I just hope ou can all help me, help Palawan, Help ourselves to Save Palawan! To the Filipinos who will be directly harmed if we don't unite ourselves to save our country from thorough devastation, This is our chance, let our voices be heard! And to all our brothers and Sisters from all Nations, Palawan is just waiting for all of you to be seen and discovered. You can help us save the Province and you can help yourselves by doing a favor to save something you should visit and see with your eyes!


Visit the Site and see the ways how you can help stop this Threat at

September 20, 2011

Christmas Village 2011

Ever since I was a little Boy, I always loved Christmas! The Gifts, the Family Reunions, seeing all my cousins as well all get together here at my Lola's House as we talk about everything that happen in our lives for the whole year. But one thing I would always be thankful for is the feeling I get whenever the Christmas season is drawing near. As I grew up, it was never about the gifts anymore, nor the money, it's the Christmas Feeling that the Season gives whenever September starts here in the Philippines.

I do agree with the saying "Iba ang Pasko sa Pinas" or in English, Christmas is different in the Philippines. I have to be honest, I haven;t been to any other country to celebrate Christmas for me to believe in that phrase but I am a Filipino and this is my Home that is probably one of the reasons why I love Christmas here in the Philippines. But being a Family-Bonded People, the Filipinos are always happy especially whenever the Family is Complete every Christmas Season.

Just seeing the parols or the lanterns on the street gives me so much joy that no other thing can ever warm my heart. Hearing the carols of street Children still uplifts my spirit. I know it may sounds a bit fake to all of you but that is really what I feel everytime its Christmas. Just these simple things can really give me so much joy even without the gifts, delicious food and any other thing.

But just last year, before my Mother died last January, She and my Dad went to Sonia's Garden in Tagaytay City and bought me and my Brother Little Structures to start up my very own Christmas Village. My mommy will always do everything to make me so happy even these simple things. (Now I'm starting to cry, I miss her so much) So She wanted me to start this Village and right now, I added a big number of structures and buildings for my Village adding up to the Toy Factory and the Victorian House that my mom gave me.

So last Friday I had no Classes, I asked my Dad to bring me to Quezon City where Dapitan Arcade is. My Brother Wilson went with us. At first it was kind of hard to find the Dapitan Arcade since it is nestled in the midst of Quezon City, just a few blocks away from UST. When the Ice Cream Man told us the directions very clearly, we finally came where we should be at.

It was a haven full of Christmas Decors and different House Figures that can truly liven up any home! The first thing that came up to my mind is that If only I can bring this whole arcade home, That will be so much better. Then We started looking around and my eyes were filled with so much Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, Elves, Poinsettias and then there it is, the thing I have been looking and craving for, Christmas Village Buildings! It was a wide range of structures from Houses to Stores, Inns to Bars and the one I have been dying for, Lighthouses!

So I haggled along the stores and bought around 7 structures and little Christmas Trees and Villagers for my Display. Most of the buildings ranges from 250 - 400 without lights and 400 - 500 for those with the lights. Buying the ones with lights are truly effort and time saving but for those who have people who can help you with the lighting, like I do, it is so much better to grab the ones without the lights because you get bigger savings!

As I have told you earlier, it all started with the buildings that my mom and Dad bought for me just this last year. I included all my Souvenirs from all my Travels across the Philippines and little miniatures of World Landmarks so it created something I called " A Christmas around the World".

It featured little turtles I bought from Palawan, Windmills from Ilocos Norte, a little house from Ilocos Sur, and the Ifugao Houses I had during my trips to Baguio together with those that my Brother Wilson gave me. He also lent me his Mini Churches from his Collection to add up to the Filipino touch of it. Even my cardboard Eiffel Tower made its way into the display. It may be a bit cluttered and without a direct theme but I'm sure you would agree it feels so much like Christmas!
It started with these two structures from my Mom and Dad which are still included for this year's White Christmas Village Display.

And here are the ones I bought last September 16th to add up to this years Display. Together with the little Christmas Trees and Villagers playing along the Cotton Snow, here are the Structures and the Train I bought at SM Mall of Asia.

The Table was first covered with White Cartolina then the houses were assembled in their places. Though some of the houses are still not lit so you still have to look forward to it, anyway it's still early September so better stay tuned! Then the train was assembled around the village. Actually I was quite nervous that the Train will not fit but it did, perfectly! Used my Small Coca-Cola Cars and the Giant Tree was placed in the middle.

I may have spent quite a fortune to build this Village display up and some of you may not understand why I built this but It is so much more than worth it because I'm doing this not just for my own satisfaction but this a symbol of my Mother because she is always what Christmas means to me. I can still remember starting when my mom found out about her Kidney Failure, Each and Every Christmas, I would pray and thank the Lord that She is still with us and will ask him another year. It went on for almost 8 years until we spent our last Christmas with her last year. I would still pray the same prayer this Christmas, thanking the Lord the He gave ma a Mother who truly loves me and I will forever be proud of the life she lived.

This Village will always remind me of my Mommy and I am very sure that the bright and pure heart that my Mother have will always be projected by these lighted houses and snow white cotton. As long as I build this Village Yearly, My Mom and her Love will continue to Live and Endure Forever.

September 9, 2011

My Philosophy of Education

My personal philosophy in education is to have a total learning experience for both the learners and other persons involved in the educational system. Academically excellent that comes hand in hand with moral values that will enable, enrich and establish the students to be active, honourable and responsible members of the society, essential for building the Philippine Nation.

Academic Excellence on their chosen fields should be the primary goal of my educational philosophy, Excellence Globally and most especially domestically so that the nation can make use of them. Moral Values should be established in molding these learners so that they may be responsible members of the future generation which will then be the leaders of the future. Patriotic and Nationalistic Ctiziens should also be a goal in this Philosophy.

An Education that will equip them of these three features, Academic Excellence, Moral Values and Nationalism and Patriotism which will start from the very beginning of their school experience. Through these traits, the Philippine Nation can be guaranteed of a brighter future as this future generation will be upright, righteous, excellent, efficient and nationalistic which will truly destroy the nation’s problems such as unemployment, poverty, maleducation and corruption. These traits should be established from the beginning of the Child’s development wherein the school is its primary dsource of knowledge and wisdom that will help them be competitive citizens of this nation that will represent the country in the coming of age.

-Stevenson Que, Foundation of Education 2

September 8, 2011

Enchanted to Meet You

I just can't stop Singing Taylor Swift Songs and Quoting her lyrics as my Statuses and Tweets! Well no one can Blame me, her songs are just Magical given the fact that anyone can relate to her songs, anyone with a young heart regardless of age! Whenever I listen to her songs, I really get the feeling that I am still a Teenager, Well at my Age I can still I am but of course with all the Work I have rigt now, It's quite hard to keep that in mind yet Taylor never gets tired of reminding me that Hey! You're young and I'm here and I can always be a friend just plug those earphones and listen as I sing you my story, our Story, every teenager's story. 

Taylor Swift, Wherever you are I will forever look forward to that day I will say, I was Enchanted to meet you! I am already Enchanted by you even without you in the flesh! Let me share my week's Favorite, Enchanted by Taylor Swift This one Live from NYC during the NBC Concert!


There I was again tonight, forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old, tired place lonely place
Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy
Vanished when I saw your face

All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you

Your eyes whispered, "Have we met?" across the room, your silhouette
Starts to make its way to me
The playful conversation starts, counter all your quick remarks
Like passing notes in secrecy

And it was enchanting to meet you
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

The lingering question kept me up, 2 a.m., who do you love?
I wonder 'til I'm wide awake
Now I'm pacing back and forth, wishing you were at my door
I'd open up and you would say

It was enchanting to meet you
All I know is I was enchanted to meet you

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

This night is flawless, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, dancing around all alone
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

This is me praying that

This was the very first page, not where the storyline ends
My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again
These are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon
I was enchanted to meet you

Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you
Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

This night is flawless, don't you let it go
I'm wonder-struck, dancing around all alone
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you

Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you


September 6, 2011

Simple Joys of Being a Teacher

I have been privileged to have handled hundreds of students from the Psychology and IT Graduating Class of DLSU-Dasma last school year and in just a year of teaching, I already had students that are now dispersed in their careers. As any teacher would feel, I am very very proud of each and everyone of them. Every time they ring me, text me or even wall post and chat me on Facebook regarding Great news about being employed or just simply saying "Hi Sir, How are you? Just wanted to say Hello :)" And It will always brighten up my day! Brighter than thousands of pesos I receive every payday.

One of my students who just graduated sent me a message on Facebook. It is a very warm message of thanks and showing how appreciative she was of me being her teacher. Simple words like that can truly make a teacher smile not just with his or her lips but gives them a smiling heart. She was one of the most quiet students in my class and it feels really touching to hear such words from her. I do get a number of thank you messages from my past students and each and every single of them gives me the same great feeling of joy and happiness every single chance I get one.

To all my students, I have said this almost a hundred times I guess but the feeling I get is still the same as when I first told this, You guys are my Treasures that no other Gold, nor Silver nor Million Dollar Paychecks can offer me. A real Teacher will always have an answer why He or She is still in the Job despite the low salary, and the answer is the pride their students give them and how addicted they are to the fact that they shape not just pots but characters, build not just skyscrapers but dreams and most of all, be part of not just a system but of every single lives of their students.

By the students I have thought and by the hearts I have touched, as they have told me, I may not live a life of a Millionaire by being a Teacher, I am insured to die and have a Number of Years remembered by the lives I have touched.

To all my Students Then, Now and in the Future, I will always Love you and truly be honored to have been Loved by all of you :)

September 5, 2011

92 Truths about Sir Steven

Name: Sir Seven
Present Address: General Trias, Cavite

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, copy and paste this note, erase my answers and enter your own, tag people in the right hand corner of the app then click publish.)


1. Last beverage: Water
2. last phone call: Ivy Saria
3. last text message: Myrcel
4. last song you ever listened to: Enchanted by Taylor Swift
5. last time you cried: Yesterday?


6. dated someone twice= No
7. been cheated on= as a Friend? Yes
8. kissed someone and regretted it= No
9. lost someone special= Yes, I miss you Mommy 
10. been depressed= Yes
11. been drunk and threw up= First and Last Time, Yes


12. Yellow
13. Brown
14. Blue


15. Made a new friend =  Yes
16. Fallen out of love = No
17. Laughed until you cried = Yes
18. Met someone who changed you = Yes, Hundreds :)
19. Found out who your true friends were = Yes
20. Found out someone was talking about you = Yes
21. Kissed anyone on your FB friend's list = Yes, My Mommy and I miss her a lot :(


22. How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life = About 99.4% :)
23. Do you live with your Family = Yes
24. Do you have any pets = Yes! Sally Dear and my Cichlids
25. Do you want to change your name = I'm Happy with my name but I want something much more Pinoy or Spanish as much as Elder Pinoys :)
26. What did you do for your last birthday = Had a Party for my Friends.
27. What time did you wake up today = 8 30 am
28. What were you doing at midnight last night = Pokemon Fire Red Until 1:30 am 
29. Name something you CANNOT wait for = Next Trip Overseas
30. Last time you saw your Mother = January 19th, her Burial :(
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life = Nothing
32. What are you listening to right now = Silence of the Night
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? = Yes. My Friend Tom from England!
35. Most visited webpage = Facebook, What Else!
37. Nickname = Seven, Steven, Sir Steven, Sir Seven, Sir Que
38. Relationship Status = Single
39. Zodiac sign = Gemini
40. Kindergarten = Bethel Academy
41. Elementary = Bethel Academy
42. High School = Bethel Academy
43. College = De La Salle University - DASMARIÑAS! ANIMO LA SALLE DASMA!
44. Hair color = Brown
45. Long or short = Long 
46. Height = 5'8
47. Do you have a crush on someone? = Yes
48. What do you like about yourself? = Being Comfortable being me
49. Piercings = None
50. Tattoos = Never
51. Righty or Lefty = Righty


52. First surgery = None, Thank You Jesus :)
53. First piercing = None
54. First cellphone = Nokia 3350 6th Grade
55. First sport you joined = Badminton
56. First vacation = California :)
57. First Best Friend = Ate Judy
58. First pair of trainers = What is this?


59. Eating = Nothing
60. Drinking = Nothing
61. I'm about to = Sleep after this one
62. Listening to = Nothing
63. Waiting for = Tomorrow Morning


64. Want kids? = Yes
65. Get Married? Don't Know Yet
66. Career? = Will be trying all sorts of things I want to! A Single Career is not for Great People with Big Dreams :)


67. Lips or eyes = Eyes
68. Hugs or kisses = Hugs
69. Shorter or taller = Taller
70. Older or Younger = Both
71. Romantic or spontaneous = Both
72. Nice stomach or nice arms = Arms
73. Sensitive or loud = Sensitive
74. Hook-up or relationship = Relationship
75. Trouble maker or hesitant = Hesitant


76. Kissed a stranger = No
77. Drank hard liquor = No
78. Lost glasses/contacts = Yes :(
80. Broke someone's heart = Yes?
81. Had your own heart broken = Yes
82. Been arrested = No!
83. Turned someone down: Yes?
84. Cried when someone died= Yes
85. Fallen for a friend = No?


86. Yourself = OF COURSE!
87. Miracles = Yes
88. Love at First Sight = Yes
89. Heaven = Yes
90. Santa Claus = Yes
91. Kiss on the First Date = No
92. Angels = Yes

-Steven :)