September 18, 2010

Paoay Church

The Saint Agustine Church or more Famously known as the Paoay Church is located at the historical town of Paoay in the province of Ilocos Norte in the Northern part of the Philippines. This historical church was constructed by the Agustinian Friars from 1694 until it was completed two hundred years after on 1894. Paoay Church is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country.
Paoay Church
Me at the Facade of Paoay Church. It's Beauty and Architecture is just simply a wonder.

How to get There: From Manila, take a Bus ride going to the Northern City of Laoag City, the capital of the Province of Ilocos Norte. The Bus ride will take about 10 hours so its better to leave the Capital at nighttime and arrive at Laoag City in the morning. From Laoag: You can hire a tricycle that would take you there directly but for quite a cost. But for Travelers like me, we can always take the longer but less costly way. Ride a Jeep from Laoag to the City of Batac where you can take another short jeepney ride to the Church of Paoay.

Paoay Church Back
Me posing at the Church's Backside.

Notice all the Carved Buttresses around the whole Church. This is the key feature of the Church which supports the whole building especially on times of Earthquakes since the whole country is located in the Pacific Earthquake Belt.

Steven's Travel Tip: To save a lot of things including money, time and energy, take long bus rides (and train rides) at nighttime. This will allow you to save a lot of money with hotel expenses since you can turn your comfy bus seats into cozy hotel beds. And since you are travelling at night, arriving at the town in the morning will give you much more time to roam around your destination yet with energy on full blast mode.

Paoay BellTower
The three-story tall Coral Bell tower which is just a few feet away from the Church Building

One thing I noticed with Churches along the Ilocos Regions is that their Bell Towers are usually separated from the church building compared to usual churches in the country where in the bell tower is a structural part of the main church building. Some of the Ilocanos said that it is due to the frequent quakes that the region is experiencing. If the Towers is detached, there is a safer distance from the Sanctuary in case the Tower would collapse due to natural phenomena.

Paoay Church Inside
One of my High School Friends Myrcel posing beside the Homily Stand inside the church

Paoay Calesa
A typical Ilocano Calesa is displayed at the park just in front of the Church

Ilocos Norte has so much in store for lovers of History just like me. It doesn't just show its visitors the history, but it relives it in your very eyes. Paoay Church is truly one of the landmarks of the Province and all I can leave you is to share what I have felt during my very first visit and even my latest visits to the church, even though pictures of the church such as these can truly amaze you, there is this unexplainable magic that the church will surely offer you by the time your eyes would set on it. Visit Paoay Church, enlive History.

September 12, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom is currently the premier Theme Park in the Country. It has a number of rides and attractions to cater people who wish to experience the magic it gives. Located at the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna, it has several famous rides including the Rio Grande Rapids, Jungle Log Jam and the Space Shuttle.

How to get there: From Cavite, I would truly recommend riding a Passenger Van at the Terminal in front of Robinson's Pala-Pala in Dasmari├▒as, Cavite. Take the Balibago Van (Php 50.oo)

From Manila, There are several Bus Lines that would Directly take you to the City of Santa Rosa via SLEX

When you arrive at Walter Mart Santa Rosa, Take a tricycle ride that would directly take you to Enchanted Kingdom for only Php8.00.

At the Midway Boardwalk where people flock to take some pictures with the stunning little shops and walkways.

A Whole day's ride-all-you-can Ticket is available for Php400.00 for weekdays and Php500.00 every weekends and Holidays. But if you are not into rides and you just want to walk around the park, you can purchase a Grand Carousel Ticket for only Php150.00 which gives you a full day's entrance to the park and enjoy the Grand Carousel at Victoria Park.

Me walking along the Midway Boardwalk at Noon.

Some other rides at the Park includes the Anchor's Away, a rocking Viking Ship that goes up high, the Flying Fiesta, A swingaround ride, Roller Skaters, a small roller coaster for the weaker heart that cannot manage the Tall Mega Space Shuttle.

The Flying Fiesta Glowing in the Afternoon.

Another of the Buildings at Midway Boardwalk where you can see the height of the Wheel of Fate.

At the Wheel of Fate, the Park's Ferris Wheel and my Favorite Ride

Enchanted Kingdom is truly where the Magic is! It is for Kids aged 2 - 92! Whatever you want, the park truly has something in store for you! But what more way to enjoy your day at the park but with your friends and family along! So what are you waiting for? Come and see Enchanted Kingdom and surely, the Magic will stay with you!