May 27, 2010

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors PART I

In the lieu of the End of another Survivor Season. I would so Love to blog about my review and my feelings over the Finale but as what I hate to feel myself, I don't want to spoil any other die hards like me. So instead, in celebration of the 20th Season of Survivor, I will be counting down 20 of my Favorite Survivors. For the First Part. Survivors 20 - 16 will be counted down. Here are the ones that made the first quarter of my Favorite Twenty

PS: To get you more suspended, I reversed the order of my posts to make it in order from 20 -1! Hoe you like my list :D

20. Jerri Manthey, Australia

She has been known to be Survivor's Original Black Widow. I was not able to watch her first attempt in joining Survivor during the second season on Australia(since I started watching on the Third) but I did had a glimpse of what THE Jerri is during the All-Star Season. I can never forget the booing of the fans during the Reunion Show. But tables turned during the Last Anniversary Season where she has redeemed herself and though she will always be known as a Villain, she has shown the her heart can be a Heroic Heart as well.

19. Terry Deitz, Exile Island Panama

You might be wondering why Terry made it to my list where he is quite hated by most. Well, He was the very last La Mina Member left when he won all 5 consecutive Immunities and cruised effortlessly to the Final 3. His Perseverance and Performance despite his name always on top of the chopping block every single Tribal Council makes him get my respect

18. Eliza Orlins, Vanuatu
She was my bet to win among the most powerful All Girl Alliance after Survivor Micronesia's Pack. Well, I don't have to elaborate why I like Eliza. I just like her attitude, her personality, I just like her period.

17. Candice Woodcock, Cook Islands

The fact she had the most number of Exile on Survivor History, I really like her heroic acts. Though she failed during the last season where she was also part of the Heroes Tribe, when she believed in Russel instead of her Allies and switched with the Villains. She should have gone better on my Favorites ranking but because of that very move she did. But I still like her, I still do.

16. Shii Ann Huang, Thailand

What can I say, called herself the 'Shi-Devil'. She was the most and for me, honestly, the only remarkable Castaway during the Fifth Season on Thailand. She stood out of them all even though she did not place farther with the game. Also, she was a very important figure that resulted to Amber Brkish's win during the Survivor All-stars where Amber awarded her the Prize Car.

Well that is just the First Five of the Top Twenty Castaways I will be running down. I just Love Survivor with all my Heart. I love the game, the people, the social rambles, I JUST LOVE SURVIVOR THAT'S IT!

So Stay tuned for the next parts of this Series as I ran down the remaining Top 15 Castaways that made my list.

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors PART II

I have just done counting down My Favorite Survivors that made up the 20th till the 16th spot. Now It's Time for the Next five Castaways that did not make it to the Top 10. 15 - 11 Here we go:
(PS I think I changed my 3rd - 15th like a hundred times, That's how close they are to my preference)

15. Jake Billingsley, Thailand

Old man Jake from Thailand. Why did he make it on the list? Well, I have always been rooting for older people ever since I started watching Survivor during the Marquesas Season. Yup, that might give you an idea for the coming spots on my countdown. Jake has been underrated, in my opinion, throughout the show. Thailand may have brought the strongest number of older people that made it to the latter half including Jake, Jan, Clay and Helen. Also Jan, Clay and Helen may be the oldest Top 3 ever. But the thing I really like the most of Jake is despite his age, he still managed to play the game with hopes all high and being true to hos word and his alliance. Even though he knew that his former and only tribemate Penny is also gunning for him to save herself, he still did not vote for her because he remained Loyal to his tribe till the very end but it ended up that Penny went out on that very Tribal Council, earlier than him. His exit was really dramatic for me.

14. Courtney Yates, China

Who does not love Courtney? Ok, Ok, there may be few but me, I LOVE HER! Just all her side comments on every scene just makes me so laugh! I was not able to watch her during her China season due to poor telecast by the Franchise that time and we still don't have a great internet connection to get the episodes, but I really really loved her during her comeback at Heroes vs. Villains. She brought so much energy, so much fun and I should not forget, the outfits. I think she is the jury member that has so much exposure during Tribal Councils since she became part of the Jury. Love her!

13. Danielle DiLorenzo, Panama

At first, scanning through the names of the castaways that made it to the list of Heroes vs. Villains, I was like WTH? When I saw Danielle's name. I did not hate her because she was a villain that time but then I came to realize, betraying Cirie and Aras and merging up with Terry? Beating Cirie on that Fire-making Challenge? Making it to the Top 3? Well I guess he deserves the spot. But then, when the 20th Season started, I saw how drastic her change was when it comes to her game play. She's way way better than the last time she played it. Made a strong Alliance with Russel and Parvati and should have been in the Final three not until Russell had the urges to cut her out. But in the end, though it was the reason she got voted out, the loyalty she showed to Parvati was really uplifting for me that's why she made it here.

12. Amanda Kimmel, China

I never really like Amanda during her first two seasons but when she made it to the Heroes Tribe, Then I started to like her not just on that season but I came to a realization how likeable she was during her last games. Though she may be close to James, which is on the number 1 spot if I had to list down the most dreadful players. I really respected her loyalty.

11. Colby Donaldson, Australia

I think the best thing about Colby is that every girl wants him and Every guy wants to be like him! But I have to say, his performance during the Challenges, it was very very pitiful. Compared to his Five Consecutive Immunity wins during his Australia season that made him part of the Final 2 but made the wrong choice to bring up Tina than Keith that made him loose the lot. He's a very nice guy who played the game being nice to everyone as well which made him be the very last Hero standing against all the Villains. I guess he deserves to be the last Herostanding out of the other four JT, Amanda, Candice and Rupert that made it to the merge. Ok, Rupert fans are gonna kill me but that's my opinion!

There you have it! My Top 20 - 11! stay tuned for my Top 10! Who knows I might shuffle them over and over again but I think right now, my choices are firm. I just Love Survivor! It's the best Game ever invented in the face of the world! See you till Part 3!

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors PART III

Okay, You guys now why I'm back right? The moment everyone is waiting for (Or must I say ANYONE?) especially Survivor fans, My Second half of my Top 20 Favorite Survivor Castaways. As I count down my Top 10 up to Top 6, we are getting closer and closer to my Top 5 (Of course! What am I saying?) So with no further adieu My Top 10 to Top 6:

10. JT Thomas, Tocantins

Okay, so who doesn't like JT? Uhm okay, I can see hands, and another one, and another one. I do, I also think he can battle with Tom Westman for being the Most Likable Survivor Winner. But after what he did during the Heroes vs. Villains Season, well yah, I'm sure we can put back what I just told. Though I really thought it was kind of dumb, okay really dumb, It comes to show that JT has a very good Heart, a country guy's heart that was very compassionate. Though with the wrong person I'm sure! I still like him, a man of Values.

9. Stephanie LaGrossa, Palau

Me and my friends predicted that she will not last the 20th season but I do like Steph so much. She is totally a hero during her Palau Season and I think that is why people just love her! Again, a victim of 100% Villain, James the Giant which should be ousted first so that the heroes should have gone far...Wait wait, this is about Stephanie, not James. Anyway, I just love her, She's a true Hero!

8. Russell Hantz, Samoa

Then you guys are going to kill me! Russell? Part of my Favorites? IN THE TOP 10? Well what can I do, having to witness one of the Best Game Players ever in the history of Survivor (ADMIT IT GUYS, HE REALLY IS!) Planting all those 'Russell Seeds' And roasting them one by one by one Without even knowing it? Ain't he Great? Well If that's what I think? Then why is he not on a higher place on my Top 20? Well, as everybody knows, Values really count as for me. It's very nice to be competitive, come on it's a game! But telling lies that are not even necessary and just being plain deceitful? That's not really a good thing for me. Though I think he really marked his name on Survivor History!

7. Tom Westman, Palau

So far, I can confidently say, He is the most Likable Survivor Winner ever! As far as I know Okay? He defied the odds with his head up high and played the whole thing clean. Too bad He was cut out very very soon during the Heroes vs. Villains Season, again because of you know who, let's keep him with the name JAMES THE MONSTER. Tom is the kind of man anyone can look upon with his Values, Virtues and all other good thing that makes him the Tom we know. And that earned him the 7th spot!

6. Parvati Shallow, Cook Islands

She lead the Most Notorious All women tribe in Survivor History. I think all is said why she made it to my Top 6! She should have placed higher but on the later part of this series, You fans will know why! Another reason why she made it on my Top 10 is that she is very very Charming plus when she said on her Final tribal statement last Season that she did feel vulnerable during the merge that's why she kicked ass during the Immunity Challenges to save herself, that gained her more respect from me!

The last part of my Survivor Series features my Top 5 Favorite Survivor Castaways of all Time. But of course, as Homer Simpson says, SO FAR since there's still more a lot of seasons to come on the best Social Game ever invented on the Face of television, SURVIVOR!

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors FINAL PART

So I just counted down my Top 20 till the Survivor Castaway that made it to the 6th Spot of my All Time Favorite Survivors. As I told you on the earlier parts of the series, I had a hard time deciding and finalizing my Tops 15 to 3 because they all are so close to each other when it comes to my preference but hey! I made it. And here comes my Top 5 Favorites. In Descending Order:

5. Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Marquesas

Together with Neleh and Paschal, they've been switched up from Rotu to Maraamu and gave Maraamu and Gina they're first taste of Victory during the Show's fourth Season. She made it to the Top 3 and the final member of the Jury but was ousted out when Neleh and Vecepia made the 'negotiations' during the very long Final Immunity. Though of age, Kathy showed so much strength and true leadership until the very end. She has been a key player during her Marquesas Season which truly made her deserving of her spot on the All-Star Season at Panama.

4. Rob Cesternino, Amazon

For me, He was the very first who knew how to 'really play' the Game of Survivor. Making up alliances, remained Loyal during the start and secretly made other alliances to slowly oust his own one by one by one and that was the reason he made it to the End but sadly, not the Finals since Jenna chose Matthew over Him to take to with her to the finals. I can never ever forget the scene when he was sleeping by the tree while the others were talking secretively but one of his eyes slowly opened which proved he was not really asleep, he is gently observing.

3. Paschal English, Marqeusas

Together with Kathy and Runner-up Neleh, Paschal was the three original members of Rotu which then were switched to the Maraamu Tribe until their merge and most of all, made it till the final four. I personally think He had the title as Sole Survivor in his bag but unfortunatley, and I do mean UNFORTUNATELY, after a Tie Breaker between Neleh and Vecepia, He himself would have to partake on the drawing of colored rocks to determine who is going home. I can still remember the anxiety attack I had while the three of them gently opened their palms. The two girls both got Yellow Colored stones while He, got the Purple one which means He is out and was the second to the last member of the Jury. I always got a special interest on older Castaways because I really find them inspiring. And Paschal truly did inspire me.

2. Sandra Diaz-Twine, Pearl Islands

Okay, now on the top 2 slots, these two are undoubtedly my Top 2! No other! Why Sandra? I just love the way she plays her game! Her game is just Sandra's Game, no other Survivor can win Twice out of Two Seasons she made it to the game. Most of all, all the scheming and the stealth she used to win Survivor Pearl Islands gave her 0 out-votes which is truly amazing. And on the Heroes vs. Villains Season, I can only laugh at Russell when He said that Sandra did not do Anything and made it to the Finals! I was wondering what he felt when he saw what Sandra did to take out Coach when it was her time. Oh How I love Sandra! I'll just leave you with her Prime Principle on Playing Survivor: "I don't care who's gonna get voted out! I'll write anybody's name, UNLESS IT'S NOT ME WHO'S GOING HOME!"

1. Cirie Fields, Panama
"To everyone who's in the couch, STAY IN THE COUCH!" Those were the words of my Top Favorite Survivor Castaway Cirie Fields during the first parts of her Exile Island: Panama Season. Who would not love her? Being "Scared of Leaves", she was the very first target of the Tribe of Older women but It ended up that Tina was out and she stayed. She kicked some ass and whiled minds up until she made it to the Final Four were she was beaten out by Danielle on a Fire-making Tie Breaker. She was a big contender during that season even up until she made in on the List, the second time around when she became part of the 16th Season of Survivor, Micronesia:Fans vs. Favorites. She was part of the Notorious Tribe of women led by Parvati. I was happy she was part of the Final Three until we were all surprised that it would be a Final Two. Then again, her hopes of winning was cut out short on the very end. Again, I personally think she was going to win that very Season but Parvati got the Title and the Million Dollars. But the biggest disappointment to us Cirie Fans was her early exit during the Heroes vs. Villains Season where JT plotted against her that led to her premature Exit.

There you have it! 10 years, 20 Seasons, 20 Survivors, 20 Favorites but there can only be one of them of all time! I am very proud to be a Survivor Fan and of course, Very Thankful for the invention of the Best Social Game in the Face of the Earth, SURVIVOR! Until the next 20 Seasons!

May 14, 2010

Loose Lips, Sink Ships...But still they did...

After almost three seasons watching him, I was never the Fan of Rupert Boneham, 15th Person voted out of Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains. Just as what Sandra's Line stated at the Title of this post, No one tries to attack Sandra. Yes you heard me right, Sandra, not just Russel. Russel may look like the best Player Survivor had when it comes to tactics and manipulation but his weakness just kills him, his emotions. He has been voting most of the time by his emotions and not with his mind. Unlike Sandra, what were her words? "I don't care who's going home, As long as it's not my name down there!" says Sandra to Coach.

I was truly delighted to saw the final casting of this Anniversary season when I saw Sandra Diaz-Twine's name on the list! She was truly one of my favorites together with Cirie Fields and yes, Even Russel. We were very sad last Survivor All-Stars that she wasn't able to join due to a Parasitic Disease she had during that time. And when she pulled out that Immunity necklace from her Bra, I was truly delighted that though I do know that she's not going home, I wished that she will use the Idol to prove everyone that she's a bad girl! Bad Bad Girl, well, she's a villain! When I first saw her on the Helicopter Scene at the Opening Episode I can really feel she had it in the Bag!

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale is on in just three days! I am very excited! So Sandra, I'm rooting for you! You can do it! If ever, she will be the first Two-time titleholder of the Sole Survivor on Survivor History!

Random Wants

Here is a list of What I WANT at this very Moment:


1. to take a lot of stunning photos to revive Cavite Daily Photo.
2. to finish the system that I am currently working on.
3. lots and lots of long-sleeve plaid shirts.
4. to eat at a Lauriat.
5. to get rid of this bitchy dandruff.
6. to go on a trip before the month ends.
7. to go back to the States even for an hour.
8. 10 packages of Tomi. 10 is enough btw!
9. to go to Tagaytay and finally feel what wearing a jacket feels like after almost 5 months.
10. to watch the 13th Episode of Survivor, Tonight!

I'm placing this list on a Paper Boat and let it sail. Problem is, with this drought, WHERE?!?

Care to share your list of Wants, I'll be waiting for them at the Comments Sections :)

May 8, 2010

My Vote is for GORDON

The photo above was shot last February 5, 2010 on DLSU-D, my Alma Mater. I'm the one on the Left and together with me is Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon, Presidential Candidate for the May 10 Philippine Elections.

Just like me, Senator Gordon's Roots were Traced from the Historical Province of CAVITE. He was part of the 1971 Constitutional Convention where he was the youngest delegate, still a student he represented the 1st District of Zambales. He became the Mayor of Olongapo City for 3 terms, 1980 - 1993. After that, he established the SBMA or the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority that became one of the Best Economic Zones not just during those times but up until now.

But on 1998, He was forcibly removed by Former President Joseph Estrada (Who was convicted, pardoned and is running AGAIN for the presidency) because of personal issues, one being Richard Gordon as his fierce critic. Then after participating on the second People Power Revolution that led to the impeachment of President Estrada, He was appointed as the New Secretary of Tourism. This is when I truly became a fan of Senator Gordon. I was barely 12 that time but I am very aware of all his works. With his experience with Procter and Gamble and SBMA, He placed the Philippines in the Tourism Map by his WOW Philippines Campaign. 2004 He ran for the Senate and despite the Surveys that placed him 29th during the Pre-elections, He placed 5th in the Final Official Tally garnering more than 12 million votes. The Veteran's Bill, National Tourism Act of 2009 and the Election Automations are just a small part of his records as a Senator.

And when he declared his plans for running as the President. I did not even think twice that I will not just give him my vote but I have been campaigning for him and persuaded almost hundreds to vote for him. Now, I am persuading you! We all have the free right to Suffrage but If you're going to ask me, DICK GORDON deserves all our votes. Votes for the REAL CHANGE that the country needs! All his works are just inspiring much more are his plans for our Nation! He has proven a lot than those stinky Surveys.

To the Filipino People, I assure you, GORDON's Victory will be Triumph for each and every Filipino! I am so excited to regain the respect that our country has lost from the past decades. I even texted him earlier tried if he'll reply since he gave us his number during his visit to our University. And He did, I'm very sure it was him! I'm leaving you all with his words, part of his long reply to my message. This May 10, 2010, Proudly with my head held high, My Vote is for RICHARD "DICK" GORDON!!!

"Steven, i hope that you campaign for me even if im not there. Appreciate your efforts. It's high time we change this country and I welcome your support. Today is the last day of the campaign and we have to work double time. I hope u and your friends can spread the word today. There is a country to be won. Let's win it together. This s Dick Gordon"