March 31, 2010


After a lifelong hardwork, patience and waiting, the day has finally arrived, My College Graduation! Dreaming of wearing my Black Toga, Tassel still on the left longing to go to the other side and on queue with my fellow Graduates has been a part of Yesterday now. It was truly a proud yet humbling experience for every graduate, parent and University Staff along the premises of the Commencement. No words can describe the feeling we have been in during the whole Ceremony!
I would Like to thank God, my Family, and to all my Friends and Professors who have been part of this journey! All the Learnings and Values imparted by the school will be brought by us, the Graduates, Forever. but the best thing I can bring for the next volume of my life's novel are the Characters which are my College Classmates who have proven their love, respect and appreciation to me and will forever be protagonists of my Journey!
Here are some of the photos during the Graduation Day:

Me and BCS42 throwing our Caps up high with Pride!

The Girls and the over-used Jump Shot!

Me with my Classmates from Kindergarten till High School. We also Attended the Same University. The one on Left is RJay Miranda, took up BS Computer Science as well (we were separated by a different section) and Francis John Cantela, took up BS Biology major in Human Biology

Me in front of Ugnayang La Salle, the venue of the 29th Annual Commencement

Me with my Classmates Angelica Caranto, Maricon Del Rosario and Jayson Sabale

BS Computer Science 42 Class of 2010 "We are all made of Stars"

The Lemon Team - Developers of Trece Martires City Payroll System

Me with my College Best Friend Ralph Sanchez and the BEST Thesis Mate. We make up the MKNPS Team, Developers of Municipality of Kawit Network Based Payroll System with Biometrics Timekeeping
ANIMO BCS42! ANIMO Class of 2010! ANIMO LA SALLE!!! Congratulations everyone! we made it!

March 13, 2010


In the Middle of the Jungles of Indang, Cavite, I, together with mmy 15 Classmates had experienced the Game of Survivor, SURVIVOR INDANG. I hosted the Two day event that served as our Post-College Trip just before our Graduation this coming 26th of March. We were on the woods from the 10th till the 11th of this Month and it was truly a fun experience! It was way way out of your Typical College Outing/Trip because it was full of Challenges and Experiences that can never be easily organized. I was honored to be the host of my friends and it was truly tiring yet full of fun!

The Alamid (Wild Cat endemic at Indang known for its Alamid Coffee) Tribe and the Sawa (Boa Constrictor) Tribe battled it all out and the Sole Survivor, Jayson Sabale, Outwitted, Outplayed, and Outlasted all other 14 Castaways and cruised his way to the Top. Together with the Final Four, Aljon Guttierez, Ralph Sanchez and Diane Rosario, they led our classmates to every Challenge and had a hand on voting out all other Castaways.

It was very unforgettable and we shall cherish this for the rest of our lives! As we part our separate ways two weeks from now, We already planned for our Third Season, SURVIVOR ZAMBALES... Coming Soon, this December 2010 :D