January 24, 2010

Graduation Toga Measurements

Had my Toga Measurements last Thursday and it was really really exciting! We were in line then the Lady started getting our measurements. She is tip-toeing because she can't reach my head until she asked me to please lower my head. My head size is 59 cm and my Toga Length is 123 cm.

Well from this day on, 60 days are left till the very big day! We are scheduled to claim our Togas on March 9th. Hope everyone will have a great week coming full of God's Blessings!

Congratulations in advance BATCH 2010!

2010 Presidential Poll Results

After a whole week that my Poll has been on, here are the results:

1.GORDON, Richard 20 votes 50%
2.AQUINO, Benigno III 8 votes 20%
3. VILLAR, Manuel 7 votes 17%
4. TEODORO, Gilbert 4 votes 10%
5. ESTRADA, Joseph 1 vote 2%
6. MADRIGAL, Jamby 0 votes 0%

It goes to show that people start to think and stand up to what they think and not just who is popular or they are just going with the flow. I just hope whoever wins this coming elections would be truly deserving. Even if He/She is popular or not, unless he can make the Change that our country needs, then we shall all be proud of him and of ourselves for choosing the right President.

62 Days to Go before my Graduation Day! God Bless the Philippines :D

January 13, 2010

Miracles Happen

Well it has been a long day! Went to school at around 1 in the afternoon and arrived at about 2:10 pm. Then after like 30 minutes, we went inside the Computer Lab and our professor jutted things on the whiteboard. the GUI and some requirements of what we would be doing for the next two and a half hours. Well it was worky since we would have to use arrays instead of Databases so testing and debugging ten student records require encoding each and every record every test that we would run! But Believe it or not, I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! For the first time on our C# Class that I had fun! Our Professors is slowly and slowly turning cooler this past two days. Though the computations of our Preliminaries were wrong so giving of Grades were moved until Monday!

7 am class again tomorrow! May we all be blessed and guided by God Almighty!

PS. I really really want to revive Cavite Daily Photo. For people wondering what it is? visit http://cavitedailyphoto.blogspot.com Hope to bring it back very very soon :D

January 12, 2010


72 Days to go...

Well, I'm very very Happy this week to be informed of the three out of five Preliminary grades.

Subject Grade(4.00 =100, 1.0 = 60, 0.0 = F)
Economics 4.00
Graph Theory 3.50
Automata Theory 3.25

The other Two Grades: C# and Philippine Constitution is up for the coming days.

And the best thing that happened today is of course, (together with completing no. 76 of my 100 things to do List) Finally Decide on whom to vote for 2010. I am proud to announce, after studying all the candidates, that my one vote will go to Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon. He did very well in all his works politically or just simply on helping the Filipino People cope up with the problems and calamities that we encounter. Just look at what He did to Subic! And if He would have the chance, He can do it again, TO THE PHILIPPINES! I also like his motivation that in order for change, it is not necessary to just change the leaders but change ourselves! Stand up and be an asset for the country! BAWAL ANG TAMAD as He said.

GORDON 2010!

January 10, 2010

A New Change

Well, as the title says, There will be changes, short time and long time changes as I may say. First of all, to everyone who's been counting with me for my Graduation Day, Yup, it was faster for like 4 days because guess what? Graduation Day was moved from the 29th till the 26th! Wow! Makes me more excited and afraid at the very same time!

Next change is the very important change that will be happening this year, a change for our nation! I have just added a Poll here at the upper left hand corner of my blog "Who will have your vote as Philippine President on 2010?" Please kindly think of the time that you will be choosing your Candidate as if it is the very day of Elections and please, as a comment on this post, Why will you give your precious 1 vote to your candidate. Let's vote for a difference not for fame. study each candidate. Who will make a difference? The difference that we Filipinos need after 9 years of poverty and non-responsiveness not just by our leaders but ourselves as well! Who can give us the motivation to stand up not just for ourselves but for the common good as well? VOTE WISELY!!!

January 8, 2010

80 Days to go!!!!

This is me shot just last week December 27th on SM Baguio. The view is just absolutely beautiful out there, day or night! I'm also wearing my favorite jacket here :D
I get so so excited, 80 days left till the very big day!!! (I wanna greet my friend JM from Portugal! He knows the countdown as well and I hope he gets to read this! Olá! JM! Como vai você?) Just dropped by here. It's 12:41 in the morning right now and I got to get some sleep! Film viewing tomorrow for Philippine Constitution Class! Have a great Rest of the week everybody! God Bless us all :D

January 6, 2010


Okay, So I started the whole day watching the rest of the episodes of America's Next Top Model 12. Then I went to school at around 1:30 in the afternoon for my single 2:30 pm 3 hour Programming class. I arrived at around 2:40 and yah, I was late. I don't usually get late in class, all my college life, there were just like 6 times I was late for class. But then I saw all my classmates still chatting on the Huts in front of MT Hall. Then after like 15 minutes, we were called by the teacher of the other half of the class to tell us all that our Professor will not arrive, VERY NICE!!! The thing that I hate the most is going to school, after a three our jeepney ride, to find out that the teacher is not around, SUCH A WASTE OF TIME, MONEY, ENERGY AND EVERYTHING!!! I'm sorry to tell ut our teacher is one reason why I hated c# so much! If only this was not a requirement for Graduation I would not waste my everything going every Monday and Wednesday to school! Well, There's just two months left and I have got to nail every subject including C#! Then I went home, arrived at 7 pm, ate and...

...continued watching the Finale of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 which I started last night (12 episodes, Yes, I always tend to get addicted to these reality shows). And I was really really happy that the one girl I noticed from the very very beginning, Allison, made it to the Final 2! I never ever expected it with all her competition! The girls that I notice on the very first episodes or the call backs always make it to the final five, and she was the one that made it the farthest I may say! I mean, look at her! I always root for those that are different among all the bunch and look at her transformation! From this stiff, corpse-looking vampire from Transylvania, to this gorgeous, wide eyed model! Even if she did not win, I'm still very proud of her, she'll always be one of my Favorites!

But the bad thing that happened today, just minutes after watching the finale, I began searching about Allison on the CW websites and of course, wikipedia.org. I was scanning through the page then I saw this list of winners and I saw Cycle 13's winner! I HATE IT! I WAS SPOILED!!! I was actually going to watch the whole season this coming Saturday but, yah, I'm still gonna watch but the anxiety attack that normally happens to me, every finale will take a break till Cycle 14 I guess, I HOPE...

7 am class again tomorrow! That means I'll be leaving at around 5:30 am again!!! See you all tomorrow! 82 DAYS TO GO TILL THE BIG DAY!!!

January 5, 2010

28% Complete!!! 100 Things to Do Before Graduation

1. Shave my Hair
2. Go Biking in the morning before sunrise
3. See the sunset alone on a beautiful spot
4. Fit on a size 34 pants Go to church and attend the mass twice on a week
6. Finish Beginner’s Lesson on Spanish Language
7. Buy an Original Audio Album
8. Ride on a jeepney route I have never ridden yet
9. Plant a Tree
10. Print my best photo on an 8R print
11. Eat something I have never tried before
12. Decide 100% on what career to take
13. Give P1000 to Mom without any reason
14. Have a picture with each and every classmate.
15. Play Soccer
16. Reunite with ten or more High School Classmates at the same time
17. Camp on the rooftop for a night
18. Use the same Bag at school for a straight week
19. Make someone laugh till he/she cries
20. Last a day without eating rice
21. Be on a General Assembly
22. Make a speech to the class telling how thankful I am for everything
23. Go to the Beach
24. Sing a Duet with a friend
25. Go on a road trip with friends
26. Finish the Thesis Documentation
27. Get a 4.00 on a Subject
28. Play Badminton with Ate and beat her
29. Help someone on their thesis and make sure they’ll pass
30. Go back to Bethel Academy
31. Cry
32. Read a whole Novel
33. Make a dish Garden
34. Give Sally a bath
35. Name all the countries of the world out of an Outline World Map.
36. Send a letter abroad
37. Teach Choan a song
38. Attend a Simbang Gabi Mass
39. Spend a day without the internet
40. Laugh until I can’t breath
41. See the sunrise
42. Join a contest at school
43. Write a poem about the past four years of college
44. Finally have a taste of grilled marshmallows
45. Buy something at SBC

46. Learn a song in French
47. Have a stable plan on my first trip abroad after graduation
48. Eat puto bumbong and bibingka
49. Give away atleast Five pieces of clothing
50. Go to at least 5 classmate’s houses
51. Be Late for class
52. Produce a big big World Map for my room’s wall
53. Watch a very scary Horror film
54. Cook something for my friends
55. Be a part of the production team for the BCS42 video annual
56. Buy the twins something that they would like
57. Sing at least three song on the videoke
58. Open a general Knowledge semester
59. Visit Lolo Dodong
60. Have Dinner at Tagaytay61. Do another cover of a song
62. Eat seven kinds of food at Oven Maid in a meal
63. Have a Hazelnut Frappe
64. Paint a shirt and wear it to school
65. Write a short essay in Spanish
66. Watch a whole FIFA Qualifying Match
67. Stay at school until 7 in the evening
68. Develop a research paper about something
69. Cook something that my parents would like
70. Fly a Kite
71. Listen to my iPod while on class
72. Save P3000 pesos

73. Paint another art piece
74. Burn at least 40 movies on DVD
75. Watch a concert, presentation or play at School
76. Finally decide on whom to vote
77. Write at least 5 letters to five classmates of choice
78. Eat two slices of cake at Red Ribbon
79. Buy new fishes for my Aquarium
80. Visit Ralph’s House
81. Sell at the store for at least 3 hours straight
82. Have a glass of wine
83. Eat crepe
84. Visit Ma’am Connie Bautista
85. Slip something gross on a classmate’s bag. They should not know
86. Swim on a pool or at the sea(Identical to 23) Go to school using the Bacoor Route
87. Donate a whole day’s allowance
88. Have a signature campaign about nothing. 300 Signatures needed
89. Have a fake tattoo and wear it to school
90. Go to Cartimar with Ralph and set up a beautiful Amazon inspired aquarium
91. Go to an exotic place in Cavite or nearby provinces for an eco-trip
92. Ask for 10 ballpens from 10 classmates and keep them
93. Eat Noche Buena with Family
94. Eat at McDonald’s and Jolibee consecutively
95. Give something to the best professor I’ve had in LaSalle Dasma
96. Go to Binondo and Have a food Trip with Ate, RJ, and Friends
97. Try and eat Isaw
98. Go to Jataynas, the first place we ate as friends(college) and the last time here at school
99. Write a poem about the whole BCS42 and give it on Graduation Day
100. Document all of this on a scrapbook

My very last "Back to school" as a student! Wow! The day gets nearer and nearer and nearer and so far I have done 28 tasks already! Though I'm really in doubt that I would accomplish this lot but I hope that I get a passing grade of at least 60%. Well, this day was also the giving of Preliminary results for masisipag teachers. And the very first subject that we had our Preliminary Grade was Philippine Economics. Our Teacher, Ms. Sally Dulog, Roll called each and every student but skipped my name and my classmate Lyka's! I wonder why! Then at the end of the class, she told us that both of us got a 4.00 Grade. That's like 98-100!!! And I am very happy that I got to cross out #27 not just being early but the fact that I did had a 4.00 Grade on my very last semester!

Another new feature to my blog is the HTML countdown that I placed above (I hope I can update it everyday because I hate those pre-made countdown widgets that are very complicated to look at! All I want is the number of days to show! So, until then!!! 84 days to go!!!