December 30, 2010

Ongpin Street

Since childhood, we often go to Manila almost every week since the Malls in Cavite are not yet even planned. One of our usual spots is at Binondo where the Chinatown is located. My grandfather is Chinese so he always insists on taking the family to the streets of Chinatown where tons of Chinese Foods, Chinese Medicines, Chinese Groceries, Chinese Gold and lots and lots more of Chinese stuffs!


Ongpin Street, the most famous street at Chinatown

Since Childhood, we got used to calling Chinatown, Ongpin, which is the busiest and most famous street which is named after Don Roman Ongpin, a chinese mestizo that owned an Art-Supply Shop that catered to famous Filipino painters such as Juan Luna, Felix Hidalgo and even our National Artist Fernando Amorsolo.

A number of food items are very popular along the streets of Binondo. Some of these are the Hopia or small cakes with Mongo Fillings of different flavors from the traditional Ube, Pandan, Cheese up to Eng Bee Tin's new Concoctions Chocolate, Moccaccino, Pastillas and many more. Another famous item that you can buy on the streets of Ongpin is the Tikoy. Tikoy is a glutinous rice cake made of rice flour, sugar and other special ingredients which can be eaten raw, grilled or the most popular to the Pinoys wherein the Tikoy is cut into strips and dipped into eggs then deep fried until golden brown.


Chinese and Filipinos offering incense to the Crusifix at the corner of Ongpin Street on Chinese New Year

As few people know, a large quantity of Chinese-Filipinos are Catholic Christians but even so, they preserve their rich cultures and traditions as to worship. They light these incense sticks to give respect, pray and offer thanksgiving to our Lord, the same incense sticks used to venerate their Buddhist gods. We also use these incense sticks in paying our respect to the deceased loved ones. Also, the hanging of the Sampaguitas is never withdrawn, which is a Filipino tradition to any festive activities.


The Altar at Binondo filled with Sampaguita, Incense and Happy People

During the Chinese New Year, the Streets of Binondo are filled up with people wearing their brightest red to welcome the New Year with Joy, Happiness and Good Luck. It was truly a Joyful moment for me when I got there durnig the Chinese New Year with my friends for the very first time. Surely an experience I would not doubt on recreating this coming Chinese New Years.

With it, I will be leaving you all with my wishes for a Prosperous New Year to everyone around the World and never ending Blessings from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

December 28, 2010

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

For my very first post about the Philippine's last frontier, Palawan, may I present you the beautiful and famous Puerto Princesa Subterranean River or as some may call it, the Palawan Underground River. A UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, it has also been nominated as one of the 28 Finalists on the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Located 50 kilometers north of the heart of Palawan's Capital Puerto Princesa, this magical Wonder has always drawn tourists and travelers from all over the world and from all over the Philippines, in the likes of me!

Me at the shores that starts the path to the Underground River

To get there from Puerto Princesa City, since we don't have a car in the islands, we joined a tour that took us to the place including Van transfers, boat transfers to and from the Subterranean River, a buffet lunch at the nearby beach and friends that you meet that cost us Php2000 per head. It was quite cheap to sum it all up because you only have two options to get there, by your own private car and renting a boat, or by a tour package, just like what we got with the help of our Hotel Affiliates.

After about an hour of bumpy Mountain van Ride (which according to our tour guide had drastically changed a lot better due to the road concreting that was done a few months before our time at the Island) as we reached the end of the road, it was time for us to get in the boat that would take us directly to the Entrance of the National Park. The boat ride took us about 20 minutes of Beautiful and Magical views of Sapphire Blue seas, Gigantic Limestone Karsts and the smell of the freshest sea breeze.

Me and my Dad seating in front of the other tourists about to enter the cave.

When we got inside the mini forest that led us to the river banks, hundreds of tourists and travelers from around the world gather round as we log our names in the log book. There I saw names of Local and International tourists, some from Mexico, Korea, USA, Germany, France, and China as I could remember. We were grouped into Eight and we are 10 groups beyond from the ones entering the cave so we had plenty of time to talk to other travelers and take some shots of the National park from the Outside of the Subterranean River. When it was our turn, the tour guide asked us whoever wants to hold the light for the whole trip inside, and the other tourists pointed me and I accepted the offer happily.

The mouth of the caves that led us to the Magical land under the Limestone Karsts

As we went in the darkness of the cave a monitor lizard greeted us swimming along the river. I took it as a good sign that I would really enjoy the whole boat ride inside and I was not wrong. Beautiful Limestone Stalactites and Stalagmites form Magically throughout the whole cave making up shapes of different fruits and vegetables such as Mushrooms, Corns, Carrots, Sayotes and other foods like Bacons and Steaks. But my most favorite part is the Cathedral where the Ceiling was so high and images of Saints like Joseph, Mary and even our Lord Jesus was formed naturally by time.

The Mushroom (with the light) and the Sayote (right) rock formations

Thousands of bats circle above us and the balinsasayaw birds, whose nests are sold for a very high price to produce the Chinese bird's nest soup, resides also on the whole cave. as we reached the farthest end that the tour could get in on the 8.2 kilometer navigable river, we turned back and went where we started. But it did not bore us at all since there a lot more formations that were emphasized during our trip back.

The whole time that I was inside the cave was truly magical! It was unforgettable since it was my first time on an underground cave and barely just my second time inside any cave. Sharing the whole Palawan trip with my father was a very great experience and someday soon, I really hope I could take my dad on another of my adventures around the globe.

With Dad
Me and my Dad in front of a Limestone Cliff just at the entrance to the Underground River

As I end my post, I would like to invite you all to vote for the Puerto Princesa Underground River as it made it to the Final 28 list buying the spot for the New 7 wonders of Nature. Click on the link to kindly vote for this Magnificent World Wonder. A quick registration that would take you less than a minute will make a difference as you support the Philippine Candidate as it marks itself to the list of World Wonders.

December 23, 2010

Baguio City Public Market

Located at the Heart of the Summer Capital of the Philippines, the Baguio City Public Market is merely just a local market, I can surely tell it is one spot that every Baguio visitor should not miss! With it's fresh fruits and vegetables, to the reddest freshly butchered meat and to it's native Baguio Souvenirs, it is truly a must! With it's burst of colors and bustling sounds, this Market is surely the busiest market throughout the Cordillera Region.

From the Greenest Lettuces and Cabbages up until the juiciest Cucumbers, this market caters from the simplest retail buyers, up to the provincial suppliers that brings the freshest produce from the Mountains up as far as Metro Manila and the Southern Luzon Region. Knowing that these are truly fresh and cultivated high above the mountains of Benguet down to the La Trinidad Valley, you surely will have a great tasting Veggie Dish.

Strawberries line up the sides of the Market

As every Filipino know, when you say "Baguio City" at least on of the five things that would first come into your mind are Strawberries. Baguio City and its nearby Mountain Towns are the only place you can find fresh Strawberries being sold. It is only here in the Baguio City - La Trinidad region where these cute little sweethearts grow and propagate due to it's cool climate all year round, which is very rare to a Tropical Country like the Philippines. Addition to that is the rich soil that wanders around the mountains of the Cordillera.

Sagada Oranges

Another emerging Product of the Cordillera are the Sagada Oranges. Oranges, just like Strawberries, are not endemic to Tropical countries like the Philippines. But growing them in such cool climate all year round in the Mountainous Region of the Cordillera, growing these fruits are never impossible. Grown from the nearby province of Mountain Province just north of Benguet, these Sagada Oranges are just as good as Florida Oranges, that I tell you!

Mountain Cooking Oil

One thing that really really shocked my the most during my latest visit at Baguio City as a Child is seeing these Blocks of White Butterish things. I suddenly stopped when I saw this for the very first time and stared at this for about 10 Seconds. The Salesperson at the store was smiling at me as she was known of my shock and amusement of this food item. She then told me "Oh Sir! Ngayon ka lang nakakita nyan noh! Mantika yan!" And I was like Whoaaaa! In Filipino, she said "Sir! This is your first time to see such eh? That is our cooking oil!" Then we, including other locals around us, suddenly burst into laughs and I suddenly grabbed my camera to take a shot. Ok whoever knows what this thing is even before reading, please forgive my ignorance, I have always known that Cooking oil is on it's Clear, liquid form :)

Baguio City really boasts of it's freshest Produce which is absolutely the reason why dining at the Summer Capital is truly a delight since all their ingredients are from the freshest produce that are grown locally and less traveled from the soil plots into their stoves. So for a great dining (and shopping) experience, Baguio is just around waiting for you :)

November 2, 2010

Patapat Viaduct

Spread along the Northernmost End of Luzon, the Patapat Viaduct is a 1.3 Kilometer Concrete Viaduct constructed 31 meters above the Sea is a scenic part of the Highway where the Mountains meet the Sea. It is located in the province of Ilocos Norte just around 10 miles from the Town Proper. From Pagudpud, head Northeast towards Cagayan and you are surely to pass through this Man-made wonder that will make you truly appreciate the God-made Nature of Pagudpud.

The scenic Coastal view at Patapat Viaduct

How to get there: From Laoag, we hired an MB100 Van Courtesy of our Guest-house owner Manong Rito for a very considerate price that took as on a whole-day tour around Ilocos Norte. We left Laoag City at around 8 am and we arrived back at about 6:30 pm. The Patapat Viaduct was just a part of our amazing Itenerary but it is truly worth all the while. It was our first stop since we traveled all the way to the northernmost part of Ilocos Norte which is Pagudpud and we slowly went down until we got back to Laoag.

My Friends from way back Pre-School until High School: Myrcel, Judy, Ivy, and Lea

I was with my Brother and my High School Pals when we had this amazing Ilocandia Trip so it was loads and loads of fun! It was our third time at Ilocos but it was the first for my Friends and they really find Ilocos to be a very beautiful Province, just like what we feel each and every time we visit. We have all been friends since Pre-School and we all grew together up until High School where we all attended the same old school.

Real Friendship truly lasts but for us, I think we are truly rooted to be friends from the day we were born because up until now, we all treat each other as brothers and sisters thats why I am very very happy with my friends! We'll be friends forever and that's why I am very thankful to have them! I dedicate this post to them :)
Me at Patapat
Me at Patapat Viaduct

November 1, 2010

White Beach, Puerto Galera

Summer 2009 was one of the Hottest Summers ever in Philippine History! And to completely embrace it, Me, my brother and my High School Pals decided to go to one of the Nicest White Sand Beach yet the nearest to Manila, Puerto Galera

White Beach

White Beach at Puerto Galera

How to get There: From Manila, Buses are available in different Stations that will directly lead you to the Batangas Port Area. Several Vans are also catering trips from Major Cities in the Metro to the Port Area. In our Case, since we live in Cavite which is actually near Manila, we decided to take the vans at Pala-Pala, Dasmarinas that took us non-stop to Batangas Pier. The ride lasts for about 2 - 3 hours to the Port via Nasugbu-Lemery Road. Once at the Batangas Pier, take a Ferry ride that will take you directly to Puerto Galera.

It costs roughly Php 900 for a round Trip Ferry ticket from Batangas to Puerto Galera, Puerto Galera to Batangas. It is very conducive to buy a round trip ticket since Tickets are usually sold out in a very short period of time if you are to purchase tickets from Puerto Galera. In about One and a half Hour, you will be arriving at Puerto Galera. We left Batangas Pier at around 4:15 in the afternoon and we arrived at about 5:45 in the afternoon, just in time for its beautiful Sunset.

Sunset Beach

The Sandy Strip at White Beach

By the time we arrived, people are flocking along the Beach to have a great view of the Sun as it sets along the Sea. As the clock strike 6, restaurants and some mini bars are starting to welcome costumers that will surely enjoy their drinks and dinners by the Sandy shore of the White Beach. My friends also decided to have a dip in the Sea during the early evening while I decided to just listen to the waves and took pictures of them. The Sand feels so good to the skin at early evening since the Sun just heated it a bit and as it rush through your pores, it gives you this warm, gentle feeling as if you're on a Spa.

Me at White Beach

Me playing with the Sand at White Beach

Puerto Galera is the place to be for people with tight schedules and budgets to enjoy a luxurious vacation at the beach. Comparable to the famous Boracay Island, Puerto Galera truly boasts of its white, sandy beaches, powder white sand and best of all, its beautiful Dive sites that would truly take you to another world. It is here where I took my first snorkeling experience and it was truly emotional for me! I never thought that there is another world below the seas and how wonderful God truly is for him to create such an Atlantis of Marine Life.

I would definitely come back to Puerto Galera but the best thing about any place is not just its beauty but the memories you share with your friends and family that you have along with your travels and trips!

October 29, 2010

Magellan's Cross and Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

Just a few yards away from the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, the Magellan's Cross, found inside a small Chapel, is the Symbol of the Province of Cebu. It is a Wooden Cross placed by Ferdinand Magellan and the Spanish Explorers when they first set foot on the Province of Cebu. It symbolizes Roman Catholicism in the Philippines.

Magellan's Cross Shrine
Magellan's Cross, Symbol of Cebu

Ever since my Childhood days, the Magellan's Cross has long been my marker for Cebu. I told myself before that If ever I will be traveling to Cebu, the first thing I should go to is the Magellan's Cross because if ever I will not get the chance to see it, then I'm doomed, it's like I have never been to Cebu at all!

So as we arrived at the Basilica for prayer and for some pictures, I asked the Security Guard just outside the church on how we can go to the Magellan's Cross from there. Then I was surprised to know that we need not have to ride a jeep nor have a long walk because the Cross is just a few yards away from the church, just beside it actually, at Magallanes Street (Magallenes, named after Magellan's Spanish Name) So as we walked along the road from the church to the Convent and till we reach this Arch like structure, there it was, the Magellan's Cross.

Magellan's Cross
Magellan's Cross - A cross of Tindalo Wood Encases the Original Cross Planted by Ferdinand Magellan On This Very Site April 21, 1521

They say that the Original cross is inside this Cross of Tindalo Wood to preserve and protect the Original Cross of Magellan which is said to be chipped out by Tourists before to be kept as souvenirs while some Locals say that the original Cross was destroyed or lost even during the Spanish Times and this was just made to commemorate the said Cross. Either way, what's important is how we remember the Christian Roots of the Philippines and the Magellan's Cross is a big statement to that.

Me at Magellan's Cross
Me at the Magellan's Cross - Now I can proudly say I have been to Cebu

As tradition, whenever we travel to different places around the country, the first thing we look for and visit is the town's or the City's church. So on our first day at Cebu City last August together with my older brother and cousin, after a couple of hours' rest at the Hotel, we went directly to the Santo Niño Church or officially known as the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño. It is the oldest Church in the whole country built on 1565 by the Augustinian Priests and later rebuilt into hard stone by the Governor of Cebu on the 18th Century.

The facade of the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

As stated from the Marker, the Basilica Minore was burned down twice during the 16 Century but was built up again ad again from then on. The Convent is situated just beside the Church where the friars lived before and part of it is now converted into a Museum where tourists and travellers can visit and experience the History not just of Cebu City but the Christiandom of the Ciudad.


From our Hotel, we took a Taxi and went directly to the church. All you have to say to the Driver is to take you to the Santo Niño Church and you'll be there in a breeze. Jeepneys are the primary means of transportation in Cebu but it might be quite hard since these Jeepneys are number coded but of course, the Friendly locals will truly be nice to give you the directions on what Jeepney to ride! But you should always remember to be careful because the Cebu Cathedral is also located directly in front of the Basilica so you should be specific as to what Chrch you would like to go to but for us, of course, we visited both. Also, the Magellan's Cross is also located just behind the Basilica so it's like three Historical Attractions in one place!

Basilica del Sto Nino
A Local Cebu Jeepney passing through the road at the side of the Basilica

Many locals and tourists alike visit the Basilica to pray and of course to visit the Santo Niño de Cebu, the original image of the Child Jesus brought the the Magellan Expedition during the Spanish discovery of the Philippines. The Santo Niño de Cebu is housed inside the church and devotees can visit and pray to the Santo Niño. The line to the image was quite long during our visit but of course, it was all worth it when we finally saw the Santo Niño de Cebu. We took a while and prayed and we went off to give way to the next devotees.

Korean Tourist taking some photos with the fountain inside the Convento.

Many tourists visit the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño not just to venerate and pray to the Santo Niño but also, to capture the beauty and history of the Church. By experience, I did not just saw history through the walls and the paintings and the memorabillas on the church but I really felt like I have been swooped into the Spanish Era of Cebu City. So if you are planning to visit Cebu City or the Province of Cebu itself, be sure to make Basilica Minore del Santo Niño your very first stop. Daghang Salamat Cebu!

October 6, 2010

Loboc River Cruise and the Philippine Tarsier

The Municipality of Loboc is situated in the Southern Part of the Beautiful Province of Bohol. Just 24 kilometers away from the Capital City of Tagbilaran, it was the very first stop during our Bohol Island Day Tour last August 2010. The town is famous for a number of things including the Philippine Tarsier, which was already featured on my past posts, the World-Famous Loboc Children's Choir, the Magnifical Loboc Church and my feature for today, the Loboc River.

Loboc River, as seen from the Balsa

Loboc River has been hailed for so many years as the Philippine's Cleanest River. The water might not be that clear when we went there but it surely is Clean! It was deep according to the guides on our Balsa or raft which is being pushed by this small speed boat and give you a good tour along the river for about 30 - 40 minutes. Of course, Loboc River Cruise will never be complete without it's buffet Lunch.

The Buffet Table at the Middle of every Balsa filled up with Native Filipino Dishes

Just for Php400.00, the Cruise caters native Filipino Dishes like the famous Pancit or Stir Fried Noodles, Pinakbet, Kare-Kare, Pork Barbeque, Fried Chicken, Unripe Mangoes in Bagoong and a lot more. For dessert, Fruits such as Watermelons and Pineapples are served together with traditional ricecakes such as the Putong Puti, and my favorites Kutchinta and Peche-Peche. Together with your wonderful view of the Riverbanks and the life that surrounds it, A Small Live band serenades you with different songs ranging from the Kundimans to Air Supply and they even sang Traditional Korean Songs for the Korean Guests that were with us during the Cruise.

Loboc People Singing traditional and popular songs for the Tourists and Travelers

As the Balsa made its way at the end of the River where a small waterfall was, we thought it was the end of the cruise and we are just on our way back. But as we passed by where we have been earlier, There is another Balsa but this time, the Balsa was stationed by the river filled with Boholano children and women in their colorful Pink traditional Baros all waving at us hello. Then our Balsa suddenly made a halt in front of that Balsa and open the doors of ours. Some of the Tourists came to the Balsa of the Singers as they started singing songs with their synchronized choreography. Here, it was the best part of our whole Bohol Trip and I am going to share it with you.

As the Choir started singing a Mellow Song and the tourists started singing along and some are taking photos of them, I started to feel something. I am not feeling sad at the moment but I can't stop the tears falling in my eyes (this is when my Wayfarers are of great use). While watching these Performers sing, at that very moment, I was feeling very very proud again to be a Filipino. I have always been and will always be proud but at that very moment, it reached top heights. Seeing all these Foreigners and Local Tourists enjoying the songs make me feel a bit guilty. I am a Filipino, these are my People! These Boholanos are my people and I should not be here just watching them. I should be there presenting how great the Filipinos are. 

At that very day, I realize that my Love for the Filipino people, My People will never ever Linger. Whenever people scrutinize or just plainly make fun of Filipinos, I get truly hurt. Maybe it's not that I am emotional, It's because I just love my People so much. And if only Pinoys like me would Love our Country as we love ourselves, then our brothers and sisters from other nations would learn to see the beauty and greatness of the Filipino People.

Me at the end of the Loboc River

To the Filipino People, we must learn to love our Country. We can be Doctors or Engineers or Teachers like me or even Beggars and Orphans but one thing is for sure, we will ALWAYS be FILIPINOS! If we could only learn to love our own, that is when other Nations will start to look upon us. And to our brothers and Sisters from other Nations, I have always have this Big Love for all the Cultures of the World and I have so much respect for all of you, and in this way, I hope that you will also see how beautiful my Country is through this blog, its sights and sounds but most of all, the best thing about the Philippines, the FILIPINOS!


Called Maumag in the Visayas region, the Philippine Tarsier is one of the smallest Primates in the world. It is endemic to the Philippine Islands of Leyte, Samar, Mindanao and where this photos where taken, in the province of Bohol. During our Visit in Bohol last August, it was one of our first stops, the Tarsier display where this Tarsiers can be seen on this little shrubs for free, you can give your donations if you like.

Strange Tarsier
A Tarsier looking strangely into the tourists on a branch

The Philippine Tarsier is one of the two primary icons of the Province of Bohol together with its Magnificent Chocolate Hills. According to the IUCN, it is classified it is classified as Nearly Threatened. Although this Tarsiers are a sight to see, we must always remember that these are also creatures that lives a life so we must treat it with much respect as we treat other people.

Me and the Tarsier
Me showing how tiny the Tarsier is. It could actually fit on my mouth

The Tarsiers feasts on live insects such as bugs, spiders, crickets and even grasshoppers. Though they are particularly a prey to larger animals such as wild cats, larger birds and of course, us Human Beings. These cute little primates are nocturnal meaning they are shy and sleepy during the day but much more active during nighttime.

Sadly, the Philippine Tarsier carries only one child per gestation so their reproduce quite poorly especially in captivity so it is true that these Tarsiers are very cute but we should also remember to take care of them by saving their natural habitats and the Tarsiers themselves as well.

Save the Earth, Save the Philippine Tarsier!

 I just hope that the time will come that the next generations would still have a glimpse of this beautiful creatures live! Let's not wait wherein the only chance they can get to see these Tarsiers are just by photos and blog posts like these.

September 18, 2010

Paoay Church

The Saint Agustine Church or more Famously known as the Paoay Church is located at the historical town of Paoay in the province of Ilocos Norte in the Northern part of the Philippines. This historical church was constructed by the Agustinian Friars from 1694 until it was completed two hundred years after on 1894. Paoay Church is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country.
Paoay Church
Me at the Facade of Paoay Church. It's Beauty and Architecture is just simply a wonder.

How to get There: From Manila, take a Bus ride going to the Northern City of Laoag City, the capital of the Province of Ilocos Norte. The Bus ride will take about 10 hours so its better to leave the Capital at nighttime and arrive at Laoag City in the morning. From Laoag: You can hire a tricycle that would take you there directly but for quite a cost. But for Travelers like me, we can always take the longer but less costly way. Ride a Jeep from Laoag to the City of Batac where you can take another short jeepney ride to the Church of Paoay.

Paoay Church Back
Me posing at the Church's Backside.

Notice all the Carved Buttresses around the whole Church. This is the key feature of the Church which supports the whole building especially on times of Earthquakes since the whole country is located in the Pacific Earthquake Belt.

Steven's Travel Tip: To save a lot of things including money, time and energy, take long bus rides (and train rides) at nighttime. This will allow you to save a lot of money with hotel expenses since you can turn your comfy bus seats into cozy hotel beds. And since you are travelling at night, arriving at the town in the morning will give you much more time to roam around your destination yet with energy on full blast mode.

Paoay BellTower
The three-story tall Coral Bell tower which is just a few feet away from the Church Building

One thing I noticed with Churches along the Ilocos Regions is that their Bell Towers are usually separated from the church building compared to usual churches in the country where in the bell tower is a structural part of the main church building. Some of the Ilocanos said that it is due to the frequent quakes that the region is experiencing. If the Towers is detached, there is a safer distance from the Sanctuary in case the Tower would collapse due to natural phenomena.

Paoay Church Inside
One of my High School Friends Myrcel posing beside the Homily Stand inside the church

Paoay Calesa
A typical Ilocano Calesa is displayed at the park just in front of the Church

Ilocos Norte has so much in store for lovers of History just like me. It doesn't just show its visitors the history, but it relives it in your very eyes. Paoay Church is truly one of the landmarks of the Province and all I can leave you is to share what I have felt during my very first visit and even my latest visits to the church, even though pictures of the church such as these can truly amaze you, there is this unexplainable magic that the church will surely offer you by the time your eyes would set on it. Visit Paoay Church, enlive History.

September 12, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom is currently the premier Theme Park in the Country. It has a number of rides and attractions to cater people who wish to experience the magic it gives. Located at the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna, it has several famous rides including the Rio Grande Rapids, Jungle Log Jam and the Space Shuttle.

How to get there: From Cavite, I would truly recommend riding a Passenger Van at the Terminal in front of Robinson's Pala-Pala in Dasmariñas, Cavite. Take the Balibago Van (Php 50.oo)

From Manila, There are several Bus Lines that would Directly take you to the City of Santa Rosa via SLEX

When you arrive at Walter Mart Santa Rosa, Take a tricycle ride that would directly take you to Enchanted Kingdom for only Php8.00.

At the Midway Boardwalk where people flock to take some pictures with the stunning little shops and walkways.

A Whole day's ride-all-you-can Ticket is available for Php400.00 for weekdays and Php500.00 every weekends and Holidays. But if you are not into rides and you just want to walk around the park, you can purchase a Grand Carousel Ticket for only Php150.00 which gives you a full day's entrance to the park and enjoy the Grand Carousel at Victoria Park.

Me walking along the Midway Boardwalk at Noon.

Some other rides at the Park includes the Anchor's Away, a rocking Viking Ship that goes up high, the Flying Fiesta, A swingaround ride, Roller Skaters, a small roller coaster for the weaker heart that cannot manage the Tall Mega Space Shuttle.

The Flying Fiesta Glowing in the Afternoon.

Another of the Buildings at Midway Boardwalk where you can see the height of the Wheel of Fate.

At the Wheel of Fate, the Park's Ferris Wheel and my Favorite Ride

Enchanted Kingdom is truly where the Magic is! It is for Kids aged 2 - 92! Whatever you want, the park truly has something in store for you! But what more way to enjoy your day at the park but with your friends and family along! So what are you waiting for? Come and see Enchanted Kingdom and surely, the Magic will stay with you!

August 19, 2010

Pizza Volante

Pizza Volante is a 24-hour Italian Style Pizza Parlor, located at 82 Session Road strip in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. It is probably the most famous Original Pizza Parlor in the Whole City.

Pizza Volante's famous Pizza Hannah

This two story Restaurant offers a wide range of Italian dishes mainly their Pizza, Pasta and many more that will truly satisfy your Italian Cravings. Even with a small budget of 300 - 500 Pesos, foodies like me could really enjoy surprising dishes that will surely make you smile while you eat. Some of their Best-selling specialties are the Pizza Hannah or Hannah Pizza, Pasta Puttanesca and their Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken.

Pizza Hannah and Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken

Their Original Recipe Pizza Hannah is made up of Tasty Italian Sausages, Fresh Tomato Sauce, Succulent Mozzarella Cheese and with all the Italian Seasonings. Their Tasty Pesto Pasta is topped with Savory Grilled Chicken that truly goes well with the Basil Base. It is best to have this dishes with a cold Beer but for non-drinkers like me, Pineapple Juice is the Best Partner!

It is Best to dine during the evening so you can feel the Restaurants' whole Italian Bistro Ambiance that would surely make your dining experience Molto Fantastico! The place is really conducive and very accommodating for conversations with friends and family. Also, I would like to commend their fast and friendly staff that makes Pizza Volante truly a success.
Steven Holding a hot pan of Pizza Hannah. Mangiate Bene!

July 5, 2010

JSV - The Reunion

Photo above was taken earlier at our JSV mini Reunion (From L-R) Seven, Vigie, Caren, Tricia and Judy

I am so so Happy! Had a reunion with my JSV Cousins! We are cousins from the 3rd Generation of the Que Clan! We have so many cousins but we are the younger group. We have been together ever since and we grew up altogether. We had so much memories and so much bonding especially during our Younger Days. Now, as Vigie and Caren went back from the States, I really hope we can be much more closer because JSV will Live Forever!

May 27, 2010

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors PART I

In the lieu of the End of another Survivor Season. I would so Love to blog about my review and my feelings over the Finale but as what I hate to feel myself, I don't want to spoil any other die hards like me. So instead, in celebration of the 20th Season of Survivor, I will be counting down 20 of my Favorite Survivors. For the First Part. Survivors 20 - 16 will be counted down. Here are the ones that made the first quarter of my Favorite Twenty

PS: To get you more suspended, I reversed the order of my posts to make it in order from 20 -1! Hoe you like my list :D

20. Jerri Manthey, Australia

She has been known to be Survivor's Original Black Widow. I was not able to watch her first attempt in joining Survivor during the second season on Australia(since I started watching on the Third) but I did had a glimpse of what THE Jerri is during the All-Star Season. I can never forget the booing of the fans during the Reunion Show. But tables turned during the Last Anniversary Season where she has redeemed herself and though she will always be known as a Villain, she has shown the her heart can be a Heroic Heart as well.

19. Terry Deitz, Exile Island Panama

You might be wondering why Terry made it to my list where he is quite hated by most. Well, He was the very last La Mina Member left when he won all 5 consecutive Immunities and cruised effortlessly to the Final 3. His Perseverance and Performance despite his name always on top of the chopping block every single Tribal Council makes him get my respect

18. Eliza Orlins, Vanuatu
She was my bet to win among the most powerful All Girl Alliance after Survivor Micronesia's Pack. Well, I don't have to elaborate why I like Eliza. I just like her attitude, her personality, I just like her period.

17. Candice Woodcock, Cook Islands

The fact she had the most number of Exile on Survivor History, I really like her heroic acts. Though she failed during the last season where she was also part of the Heroes Tribe, when she believed in Russel instead of her Allies and switched with the Villains. She should have gone better on my Favorites ranking but because of that very move she did. But I still like her, I still do.

16. Shii Ann Huang, Thailand

What can I say, called herself the 'Shi-Devil'. She was the most and for me, honestly, the only remarkable Castaway during the Fifth Season on Thailand. She stood out of them all even though she did not place farther with the game. Also, she was a very important figure that resulted to Amber Brkish's win during the Survivor All-stars where Amber awarded her the Prize Car.

Well that is just the First Five of the Top Twenty Castaways I will be running down. I just Love Survivor with all my Heart. I love the game, the people, the social rambles, I JUST LOVE SURVIVOR THAT'S IT!

So Stay tuned for the next parts of this Series as I ran down the remaining Top 15 Castaways that made my list.