September 30, 2009

What a Fun-filled Day!

Happy Birthday Lyka! Thank you so much for Accommodating us in your beautiful Home! And most of all, thank you so much for making me very happy by letting me record a song using your Mac Garageband! You just don't know how happy I was! To everyone, May you please take a moment and listen to my song "Everyday" by Me and featuring the voice of Vanessa Ann Hudgens. Thank you so much and Please Rate and Comment on this youTube video!

September 29, 2009

A Sigh that will last FOUR days...

Well, I give a very long sigh for being so relieved because we don't have classes till October 1st. I can never say it's fun and happy because the upcoming "Couple" Tropical Depression is about to set foot on Philippine shores. I just hope they become gentle because a lot of Filipinos are not yet coping up with their current situations due to Ondoy. But we were relieved because our Proposal Defense for Technical Writing Class will be postponed but, There will be a one week extension of classes for this current semester!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day if ever if it doesn't rain because I will be meeting up with my groupmates to do some props and dry runs of our Art Appreciation Presentation! I am sure it will be very fun because all of us in the group are close friends so it will be an enjoyable moment! May God bless us all! And let us pray for the victims of Ondoy not just here in the philippines but also in Vietnam.

September 28, 2009

An Unexpected Road Trip!

Well the Day started at around 7:30 am as Me and my High School and Closest Friends Ate Judy, Rjay, Myrcel and Gerome went to Jollibee at Tanza, Cavite just to eat Breakfast. But Then the Unexpected Trip started when we decided to Go the the next town, Naic. Here is my countdown for the Top 5 Cavite Towns we went on Earlier:

1. Tanza, Cavite - A coastal Town Located Just beside General trias, facing the South China Sea is famous for its beaches. A lot of Families flock out here every weekends to unwind by the sea. But during the Holy Week, a big number of families from the Country's Capital, Manila spend their Easter here by the beaches of Tanza. This is the first Town we went on to have breakfast. As you can see on my Picture with my friend Myrcel, we are beside my friend, Gerome's owner type jeep which we used for this Unforgettable trip!

2. Naic, Cavite - The first "Upland Cavite" Town from Tanza and was our second Town on our Road Trip. The Town is famous for its slightly cooler climate and beautiful high streets and colonial type houses which is really good for film shootings. On the Photo is Judy, RJay, Myrcel and Me on the Naic Church's Garden. The Immaculate Conception Parish for me, personally, is one of the most beautiful Parishes on the province and the whole CALABARZON. The rain came down on the road to Naic but it stopped as we leave the church.

3. Trece Martirez City - Our third stop! We were quite nervous on the road from Naic to Trece because we are not familiar with the road connecting the town to the City. But eventually, with our tour guide Myrcel, the anxiety was all gone and pure enjoyment was left. Our eyes were filled by the beautiful scenery. We went to St. Jude Parish and we took some pictures on the Trece Martirez Shrine (Thirteen Martyrs in Spanish) which is a Historical shrine dedicated to the Martyrs of Cavite during the Spanish Era. Me, Rjay and Myrcel joined them on this shot!

4. Amadeo, Cavite - After we went down at Trece, we moved up to the Next town, Amadeo. This is one of my Favorite Towns on the Province for its lush greens, very cool climate and all the fruits and coffee you can eat and drink! We passed by my friends house, Kathleen Lumandas, to borrow the MS Office Installer and she was quite shocked by our Road Trip! (Thanks Katie for the Installer!) Then we went to the Town Proper to visit the Parish. It was a beautiful parish as well but it was closed that time so all we did was took pictures beside the church. As we move farther up to Tagaytay City, the Rain came very hard on us and we decided to go back Home.

5. General Trias, Cavite - Home Sweet home as it was! We stopped by our friend, Myrcel's House for Lunch and Rest as we went home. The traffic was really long due to Barangay Tapia's Barangay Fiesta Karakol. It was a fun sight to see but we overtook the road for us to arrive home faster.

This was really an unforgettable experience with my Friends! Friends are really the treasures that someone must learn to take care of. They are easy to find but the true ones, will take Years and even a Century (in our case) to know each oother and prove how much they are worthy of each other and for each other. I love my friends and I hope we all learn to love our friends because at the end of the day, even money will be worthless as compared to friends!

By the way, I would like to invite you all to visit Cavite Daily Photo and see my come back post! It was quite a while since I have last posted there! Daily Photo Blogging has been popular to Photo and Travel enthusiast like me for years and counting. My Blog is a member of City Daily Photo which is the Portal of all Daily Photo Blogs (Approved by the Board) in the World. You can check them by visiting my Blog and look for links on my Cavite Daily Photo's sidebar. Have a great day tomorrow, too bad we have classes resumed already! God Bless us all and please continue to pray for the Filipinos affected by Typhoon Ondoy.

September 26, 2009

The Rain came down and the Flood came up!

Well just as the Sunday School Song about the wise man building his house upon a rock became realistic for the past 8 hours here in the Heart of the Country! Streets and even Homes become flooded with rainwater! In our case, the Dam near our Place went full and so the water cannot rush through the river and went to the streets. A lot of people have been stranded even some friends! Until now, though the flood eventually came down here at General Trias, it is still raining and raining. Thanks be to God that it didn't went inside our house and our warehouse because if it did, It will be very harsh for our Hardware since the Cements will harden and will be put to waste. Please pray for our country and the Filipino people! I really hope everything turns out good after this storm.

By the way, I was really really happy because I have reformatted my Laptop. It is so slow that I decided to reformat it. Though it was my first time to do so, I am really Thankful for Acer eRecovery Management's Restore Factory Default Settings and to Ms. Kathleen Lumandas for guiding me through the simple steps. Now I do enjoy a faster laptop though all my applications were washed out with the flood, now I need a Microsoft Office 2007. God Bless us all!

Two pins on a single square

Betsy Bolan, a 48 Year old Pollice officer from Campton, New Hampshire, was the second person voted out, and the third person to be out of the game. The second one was Mike Borassi, a 62 year old Personal Chef from Marina del Rey, California who was forced to leave the island due to Low-blood condition after their Reward-Immunity Challenge. As the Title says, two castaways were out of the game on a single episode. It always makes me wonder that whenever a season starts with more than 16 players, there is always a forced eviction happening.

It does make me feel awed whenever someone I've been rooting for gets voted out, on Betsy's case. I started liking her when she gets suspicious by the Evil Stint, Russell of her own Foa Foa Tribe. A lot of things happened at this episode starting with Ben of FoaFoa's Historical 'First ever castaway to be pulled out of a Challenge'. But I do understand his point on tripping the other player because there are no exceptional rules as to how to play the challenge.

I also like the scene when Yasmin visited the FoaFoa Tribe and started to talk trashy statements that lowers the FoaFoa Tribe! I was like "Yo Girl! Your Blabbing in the wrong Camp!" So it was followed by a confrontation with her and Ben. Ben was really on the top of the list but of course, the EVIL RUSSELL thought it was best to Oust Betsy for his personal reasons so the whole tribe was again rolled by his fingers. I just hope that the FoaFoa tribe would start to have the slightest idea on what Russell is up to.

September 25, 2009

Planning on the CONFERENCE Room.

After our Operating System Concepts class this afternoon, me and my groupmate on the Art Appreciation Presentation had a meeting on the Conference room near the Library. It was really full of fun because all of us are very good friends on the group. We started to talk almost every aspect of our presentation. But we are wondering why are we scolded and scolded and scolded saying that we create too much noise! Too much ios a very big word as for me and by the way, HELLO!!! What is a CONFERENCE ROOM for?

Then I got home with my Ate Judy and Rjay. We ate at Red Ribbon and I've had a Lasagne that is smaller than it's Garlic Bread! As we arrived, it was raining and up until now! I went to the Plaza earlier with my Yeya and bought some props for tomorrows Props Preparation. I am really excited because it is really going to be another fun-filled meeting but we are sure of one thing, we shall never have the CONFERENCE conducted on the CONFERENCE ROOM.

September 24, 2009

My 2009

I'm back with the blogging world and hopefully, back soon again on Cavite Daily Photo. It feels so good to start a new blog but maintaining it needs a loadful of dedication. But hopefully this time, since we PASSED our Undergraduate Thesis, thanks to all your prayers, I have plenty of time especially by the end of this semester.

A lot of things happened since I last ranted to these blogging spaces. I'm sure you want to hear everything but here are just some of the most important things I did throughout the very long leave of absence. I shall run my own(and only, I guess) version of the Top 5 biggest moments since February 2009:

5. BCS42 Senior Year Retreat

It was a bittersweet moment for each and every BCS42 (BS Computer Science, 4th Year, Block 2, My own) student that was able to join the retreat. From the sixth till the seventh of August, we were confined inside the walls of the Unforgettable Charles Huang Convention Center on Batulao, Batangas. For us, this is the first step on bidding goodbye to everyone and remembering the graces of God throughout College and one of his biggest blessings to all of us, each other. Some of the greatest people I have known are here in this Block and I will truly remember and cherish my moments with each and every one of them.

4. Palawan Birthday Trip

On the day before my birthday, me and my Dad went to the Beautiful Philippine Island of Palawan, Home of the Wonderous Puerto Princesa Underground River. Of course, we got the chance not just to see the Majestic River but we even went inside it. Palawan is also rich in beautiful and sapphire Beaches. Me and my Dad really had the time of our lives during the four day trip to Palawan. Thanks to Kuya Rafael, my Yeya's Nephew who was our tour guide throughout the whole adventure!

3. Dengue Fever

This was really the through of this whole year's signal, my Dengue Fever. I was confined at our house praying and asking God for immediate healing because I was ill for 2 weeks in a row. From August 17 till the 28th, I was just at my room, with a dextrose (which was quite horrible for me since it was my first time) on my left hand, visited by my cousin, Doctor Eriel (Whom we are really really thankful for) and being brought to the hospital every other day for my Platelet tests. This was the worst time that I can remember being ill thoughout my entire life and it was really, really a bleak part but it gave me so many lessons that I will take through my life's journey. Thanks to the people that helped, prayed and took care of me especially Dad, Mom, and Doc Eriel.

2. Riding an Airplane after more than a Decade

I really Really have to place this high at number two because this is really spectacullar for me. The Last time I rode an Airplane was when I was just a kid, 6 years old, on a Philippine Airlines flight from Manila to Los Angeles. Of course I can never remember the specific facts on how I felt or how happy I am during those moments. As me and my Dad went inside the airport for our Palawan Trip, I got really really emotional because it was my first time to ever set foot inside Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2. As we went inside the plane, we waited for an hour because our flight was delayed due to the stormy weather. But as the plane started it take off run, I was truly, truly emotional. Happiness enveloped my whole heart full of praises and thanks to God for the joy I felt on that very moment.

1. We Passed our Undergraduate Thesis.

The picture above is with my Thesis Groupmate (The best groupmate in the whole entire world and also my closets College Friend), Ralph Sanchez on the right. On the very day of September 8th we were trialed by the panelist, including our third groupmate Karen Oliveros, for our Final Defense. The Defense proper lasted for 2 hours and when the verdict was delivered, all our efforts, hardships and sweat for almost a year since the proposal was all turned over with joy, happiness and gratitude. Our Proposed System, the Municiplaity of Kawit Network-Based Payroll System with Biometrics Timekeeping was Accepted. It was truly THE Moment for the three of us because our names are now printed on the graduates list of BCS Batch 2010. Our Thesis Coordinator and Panelist is also delighted because we are the first group that passed out of 84. At this very moment, after almost 60 groups, approximately 5 groups' Systems were Accepted. Thank you so much to God, my Friends, our Parents and all the people that prayed and gave their support for the whole Process.