November 30, 2008

La Union - March 2008

From now on, This blog will share features from my travels before and in my coming trips. I have been inspired to remake my blog by my friend JM's travelling, from Portugal and I am inviting you to visit his adventures on over 40 countries that are super beautiful and these countries are not the common ones, many of them are the most hidden paradises on this earth. Still, I'm 18, so my travel experiences are just limited to my own country, The Philippines. But I really hope you enjoy my experiences as much as I am hoping to visit YOUR Country sometime!

These are some of my photos on my La Union Experience, 9 hours north of Manila by bus. It was a beautiful province and we have been there for Visita Iglesia, a tradition of the way of the cross and visiting many churches to pray and contemplate during the holy week. Hope you guys enjoy the photos!

October 18, 2008

Enchanted Moments

Our trip to Enchanted Kingdom Theme Park in Sta. Rosa, Laguna Last October 16 was a blast! I think this is my best trip to the park eversince! I can really say that because I rally had fun and I have rode the most rides I've ever had incuding Rio Grande Rapids(White River Rapid Ride), Roller Skaters (Mini Roller Coaster), Flying Fiesta(Giant Swing Ride) and the Wheel of Fate(Ferris Wheel) which is probably the highest one in the country!

Together with my Cousin Judy, Rjay and some of my College friends from De La Salle - Dasma, we had so much fun. Here are some of the pictures and photos that I had framed up using my camera's lenses. Hope you guys enjoy them!

Me(Racer Shirt) with my friends before we went inside the theme park.

Me, Candidly

Me with RJay and my cousin Judy. We were friends even from kindergarten till now. We all went to the same University but we have different courses.

All of us in the hanging bridge

The three of us again on top of the Ferris Wheel! Look how anxious I look!

Me posing oddly inside one of the fake tree roots. Notice that big bag of fat in my tummy! So embarrassing!

Me while riding in the Wheel of Fate. This shot was quite appropriate because of what I wear and the karting track that can be seen below!

Before we went home, Of coure I struck a pose in front of the Grand Carousel!

Hope you guys enjoy my post today! I hope I can post again tomorrow for another story in the - Life of a Daily photo Blogger! God bLess you all, Have a Happy weekend and Mabuhay from the Philippine Province of Cavite^^

October 4, 2008

Exams in two days!

Well exams are on in two days time! From Monday through Friday, i will be taking 6 Final examinations. They are really hard actually. Junior Year as a Computer Science Major was harsh for us and we need to really hike for good grades. I hate low grades that's why I always make it a point to catch up on things! Please Pray for me especially on my Physics and System Analysis and Design Exams. Those are the rocky ones!
Of course, everyone is looking up to the Semestral break wherein we can rest and go places with the people and friends we seldom see. A lot of trips are lined up for me so hopefully, I can do all the schoolwork on time to feel all the relief!

Hope everything's fine in the world, in your world! And also, please visit Cavite Daily Photo whenever your free! I hope I can cater you all with the sights and stories from my Province! Have a great week everyone and God Bless you all! Mabuhay from the Philippines!


September 1, 2008

Hello Everybody!

The Philippines have been not so well these past months. Fare hike, rice price hike, everything seems to enjoy a hike on Mt. Pesos! I just hope that everyone around the world is doing great! Cavite Daily Photo has been revived because I am doing my best now after the thought of having this great oppurtunity to bring my Province to the world in my own way and meeting such great people has been very overwhelming!

God Bless us all and Semestral break is getting near! I just hope I'll have a smooth ride till the end of this Term and my grades would fly high in Brilliant colors!

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June 29, 2008

Such a great Saturday! (Dolores, Quezon - San Pablo City)

It was a very great Day yesterday! So great that I haven't posted yesterday on Cavite Daily Photo and on my other networks! But hey! I'ts here already! The story is like this. We should be on a tour getting there. On a bus with many other friends that come along with the tour. But the bus didn't came and a lot happened that pissed us all off! But that didn't stopped us from having that coveted Weekend Vacation! 7 am, we strode of from Cavite Thanks to my Aunt's Van that took the six of us, Me, Dad, Mom, Lola, Nana Norie(Aunt) and my older brother! We arrived at Dolores, Quezon past 9 am. We thought it would be a long drive but my father managed to get us there earlier than expected.
The interior of this church is a modern meets classical architecture. The patron saint is the Birhen Dolorosa Where the town is named for.

An old Bell that is used in the church but now on display. It was made in the year 1799, during the Spanish era.

Just some of the religious artifacts sold just beside the church.

The water on Bato Spring Resort on San Pablo City was so cold! I can't even stress the coolness of the water in here! But despite of it's coldness, I find it refreshing and even theraputic in a sence that it cooled my body and my eyes with the beautiful scenery and man-made waterfalls.

Me in front of the Beautiful man-made waterfall in the resort.

The water is so cold and the scenery is simply spectacullar!
After the trip, we ate lunch at Kusina Salud. It's our third time at the restaurant owned by the great fashion designer Patis Tesoro. Every time we eat here, the food gets better and better! The food really leaves you with great memories and experinces while you eat them. We'll definitely come back there!
My mom in front of the entrance to this all-sences filling restaurant!

If you wish to see the rest of the shots of this great weekend getaway, just click on the link: Dolores Quezon + San Pablo City = Great Weekend!

June 27, 2008

Another week has ended!

These past few days just went like a movie in fast forward mode! And tomorrow, I'll be going to Quezon for some refreshments! Hope I enjoy my tour! And after that, we'll be swapping BAto Resort at San Pablo, Laguna. Never been there but they say it's like Hidden Valley in Alaminos. Hope they say are true things! Well, I'll just leave you with some of my photos with friends earlier before we went home in school!

My tropapeepz (Ilyn, Zarah, Florence, Ralph(Below), Jayson and Luis) of course I shot the photo so I wont be in it!

And now with me(leftmost). I am so proud of this photo because I can see what people have been telling me that I have slimmed an amount since last semester.

Have a great and blasting weekend everyone! God Bless us all!

June 22, 2008

My Top 10 Dream Places to Visit

Travel and Geography is my Passion ever since I started learning all the countries and capitals of the world when I was just three years old. Everything about Travel, Tourism, Geography makes my heart melt! Especially just seeing other peoples pictures from different countries make my day! Just those simple things that make me think... When will be my time setting my feet on those soils, breathing those air, climbing those landmarks and seeing and knowing those people around the world! 

Cavite Daily Photo has really helped my cravings a lot by knowing many other Bloggers from all over the globe! But I just pray and wish that I can go to these places some time in my life. Here are my Top 10 DREAM Places. What more to best describe these than Photos!: (From 10 to Best)

10.) Machu Pichu, Peru
9.) Grand Canyon, USA

8.) Stonehendge, UK

7.)Rome, Italy
6.) Great Wall, China

5.) Nara, Japan

4.) London, United Kingdom

3.) Tibet, China

2.) Paris, France

1.) Santorini, Greece

Was your pick on my list? Or have been to some of this places? Please share your experiences and comment so that I may continue dreaming to see these places!

No Classes!

Well, I'm a lot better now compared to yesterday! Thanks to all your prayers! Especially those from my CDPB Friends! Now, another of my Prayers have been answered! Due to stormy Signal No. 2, there will be no Classes for us tomorrow! It's not just the fact that we'll not go to school tomorrow makes us happy but the fact that our assignment in System Analysis and Design that is truly hard to search will be extended till our next meeting! And our next meeting besides tomorrow will be on Friday so the work's time will be extended. I can still ask some help for sites to find the examples of Information Systems from my Classmates.

Before I go, I would like to share everyone this photo shot a week ago on my nephew's birthday. I've been bored a moment earlier so I decided to enhance the photo. Hope you don't find it dreadful.

"Memories are the Best treasures you can have for a long time without having the anxiety of it being stolen" - Steven Que

June 18, 2008

What a day!

Such a short and tiring one! 100% wasted with the sun and the rain! Just like my post on Cavite Daily Photo for this day entitled, Tired of the Weather (Click on the link to view post), the heat was excrusiating this noon! I just hate it! We only have one class every wednesday, VB.Net. And before I went home, I met with the LCS Officers for some things to do. It was fun to be with BCS31 friends again. I barely have seen them since Last Semester especially Laurice and Joan. Here are some of the photos of my friends from the neighboring section.

From left: Laurice (LCS Vice President), Jam (LCS President), and Charmaine (LCS Asst. Secretary)

The Black and White Effect jam requested!

Another BIG thing happened to me this day! It was my first ever vaccine I can remember throughout my whole life. My father wanted me to have a flu vaccine! Thanks to him and to Dr. Lopez, my cousin who did the injection! Honestly I was not that nervous because I always see my mom doing it for her Renal Medications. But of course, doing it myself, forget it!

June 17, 2008

New Books

Well, just this day, I have bought three new books for three subjects this semester. We are somewhat pissed for these 'requirement' books because they do cost a lot! Though little by little, as you sum everything up, you can really see how heavy it is for the pocket. But of course, it will be up to me to bring these leaves to waste. If ever I would 'use' it, the invested money can even be priceless for all the learnings I can get.

Yesterday, I bought one, System Analysis and Design at National Bookstore. While just this morning, I bought Statistics Worktext and Physics Laboratory Manual. Then I went home and passed, as I usually do, at SM Dasmariñas to buy another book, Modern Database Management. I just hope I can put these to use and not just for additional points and get away from deductions.

System Analysis and Design by Kendall & Kendall (Covered with Puerto Rico Travel Add) and Elementary Statistics by Zamora-Reys and Ladao-Saren.

Physics Laboratory Manual by Perez, Manelab and Crisostomo and Modern Database Management by Hoffer, Prescott and McFadden.

I always prefer covering my books with plastic covers to prolong its cover life and sometimes, travel mag adds to inspire me to do well in school hoping that someday, I can fly to these places if I do a great job on my Degree. And I also wish I wouldn't have to suffer such bone malfunctions and injuries due to the exesive weight that my shoulders would have to bear just to bring these heavy books to our classrooms everyday from home!

June 15, 2008

JSVPC Reunited

Around 10:30 am, we arrived at Tagaytay Tropical Greens at Mendez, Cavite. I was so excited for this birthday party of my nephew Iñigo because the venue is really good because of its cool climate. By the way, Iñigo has turned one last June 12th, but the celebration was held June 15th so that everyone would be free and celebrate. So after me and Ate Judy ate lunch, we took a walk outside the clubhouse and saw Vigie and Caren. two other cousins that we seldom see these days. Though our houses are not that far, we are really so busy with many things. Vigie or Carlos is now 14 and in third year high school and Caren is 11 and graduating Elementary this year. So after they ate, we went beside the pool to watch the smaller kids have fun wading! Then Patricia my niece, came. She is now currently second year high school.

JSVPC by the way stands for Judy, Seven(Me), Vigie, Patricia and Caren. It started with JSV then as the other two became kids, our mini-club has emerged. During my late elementary and early high school days, They always come to our house and we would play the whole day! So this party really made a big reunion to us 5 because it has been years that we saw each other again and bond like this.

Tricia and Caren Blowing talahib blossoms

Vigie (back) Caren, Tricia and Judy while we are taking a walk around the village

Above is a photo of myself taken by my cousin on one of the beautiful Houses inside the village. The house has three buildings. the main house, another small isolated room and a beautiful Victorian gazebo