December 10, 2015

Doornation on Instagram

I have always been a lover of doors and windows and everything that comes with the two. Every time I travel these are some of the things I actually notice on buildings and architectural wonders across Asia and the Americas. I decided to start an Instagram Gallery of all the doors, of beauty and character, that I encounter throughout my everyday life and memorable trips.

All these photographs featured at @doornation are all my shots using both my Nikon D3100 and Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.

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you-wee because said...


--> The next exit door is always the best exit door! ;-)

And: some guys collect stamps, some other guys collect doors.
You are a real hunter-gatherer, aren't you!?

Steven Que said...

Hahaha Thank you so much my dear friend Uwe! I developed this fascination about beautiful and interesting doors these past years and thought I'd hunt for pictures I took and those I shall take of these amazing doors and bring them all together :)

Happy Happy new Year Uwe! Greetings from your Filipino Friend ;)