November 26, 2015

Seven Wanders - San Diego, California

Seven Wanders - Arrival at Oceanside, California

During my trip to the USA last June to July 2015, I spent almost two weeks in San Diego, California. My first stop from Los Angeles was the San Diego city of Oceanside. I visited my niece Vanessa and we had a great time at the beach. after a couple of days they drove me to my aunt at South San Diego where I spent a whole week.
Seven Wanders - San Juan Fiesta at San Diego

On June 24th, we celebrated the feast of Saint John the Baptist at National City. We had a great time at the feast and the traditional karakol was danced around the venue. It was a really great celebration even if I was a thousand miles away, I felt so much at home!


you-wee because said...

What will you do when you've visited all countries and nations on our planet we call Earth, Steve? Do you plan to fly to the moon next??? ;-)

Steven Que said...

Hello my dear friend Uwe! Oh my! It is so nice to think about it! If God permits I would definitely love to visit the Moon as well! Hahahaha I hope I can see you someday when I visit your wonderful Germany :)