June 25, 2011

Romeo ♥ Juliet

Mine thoughts have wished endlessly as to have hold and of read a wonder as such. Shakespeare truly a man of measure which measure immeasurable is. Ok enough of this trying-hard-to-be-old-English stuff! I just Love the fact that I finally bought a Shakespeare Play, Printed on a Book, in my own hands earlier at National Bookstore at SM Rosario. I hope this would enrich my knowledge in English Literature and much more, to deepen my vocabulary and the way I arrange words and phrases in a more artistic manner!

What way to choose than grabbing Romeo and Juliet which is perhaps his most famous work. I got the No Fear Edition which features a Shakespeare side by side Plain English which aids Shakespeare beginners like me to have a more comprehensive experience while reading this wonder.

I hope, but I'm sure, I'll have fun in my hopes in reading this book. I am now on the Fourth Scene of the First Act and I'm Loving it! Hope to post again about this Book!