June 25, 2011

Romeo ♥ Juliet

Mine thoughts have wished endlessly as to have hold and of read a wonder as such. Shakespeare truly a man of measure which measure immeasurable is. Ok enough of this trying-hard-to-be-old-English stuff! I just Love the fact that I finally bought a Shakespeare Play, Printed on a Book, in my own hands earlier at National Bookstore at SM Rosario. I hope this would enrich my knowledge in English Literature and much more, to deepen my vocabulary and the way I arrange words and phrases in a more artistic manner!

What way to choose than grabbing Romeo and Juliet which is perhaps his most famous work. I got the No Fear Edition which features a Shakespeare side by side Plain English which aids Shakespeare beginners like me to have a more comprehensive experience while reading this wonder.

I hope, but I'm sure, I'll have fun in my hopes in reading this book. I am now on the Fourth Scene of the First Act and I'm Loving it! Hope to post again about this Book!



Caren said...

Glad you've finally decided to read the book! :) My copy's even harder to understand because they just give the definition of some words. But there are also words that I don't know and they didn't provide any definition. Hahaha. So sometimes I just skip through it. But still, I was still able to understand the story because I watched the movie first so it would be easier for me to understand when I read the book. :) It was really really good. I even made a poem because I was really inspired after reading! :)

Steven Que said...

Totally! Thank you so much Caren! You were the one who encouraged me to have one! You even told me to watch the movie first yet out of so much excitement, I started reading it. Daddy has seen the movie and He gave me a quick but very nice plot as to the Tragedy.

Post your Poem sometime will you? I'll be frequenting your Blog from now on! :)

Kuya Steven^^