May 14, 2010

Random Wants

Here is a list of What I WANT at this very Moment:


1. to take a lot of stunning photos to revive Cavite Daily Photo.
2. to finish the system that I am currently working on.
3. lots and lots of long-sleeve plaid shirts.
4. to eat at a Lauriat.
5. to get rid of this bitchy dandruff.
6. to go on a trip before the month ends.
7. to go back to the States even for an hour.
8. 10 packages of Tomi. 10 is enough btw!
9. to go to Tagaytay and finally feel what wearing a jacket feels like after almost 5 months.
10. to watch the 13th Episode of Survivor, Tonight!

I'm placing this list on a Paper Boat and let it sail. Problem is, with this drought, WHERE?!?

Care to share your list of Wants, I'll be waiting for them at the Comments Sections :)

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