January 10, 2010

A New Change

Well, as the title says, There will be changes, short time and long time changes as I may say. First of all, to everyone who's been counting with me for my Graduation Day, Yup, it was faster for like 4 days because guess what? Graduation Day was moved from the 29th till the 26th! Wow! Makes me more excited and afraid at the very same time!

Next change is the very important change that will be happening this year, a change for our nation! I have just added a Poll here at the upper left hand corner of my blog "Who will have your vote as Philippine President on 2010?" Please kindly think of the time that you will be choosing your Candidate as if it is the very day of Elections and please, as a comment on this post, Why will you give your precious 1 vote to your candidate. Let's vote for a difference not for fame. study each candidate. Who will make a difference? The difference that we Filipinos need after 9 years of poverty and non-responsiveness not just by our leaders but ourselves as well! Who can give us the motivation to stand up not just for ourselves but for the common good as well? VOTE WISELY!!!