June 22, 2008

My Top 10 Dream Places to Visit

Travel and Geography is my Passion ever since I started learning all the countries and capitals of the world when I was just three years old. Everything about Travel, Tourism, Geography makes my heart melt! Especially just seeing other peoples pictures from different countries make my day! Just those simple things that make me think... When will be my time setting my feet on those soils, breathing those air, climbing those landmarks and seeing and knowing those people around the world! 

Cavite Daily Photo has really helped my cravings a lot by knowing many other Bloggers from all over the globe! But I just pray and wish that I can go to these places some time in my life. Here are my Top 10 DREAM Places. What more to best describe these than Photos!: (From 10 to Best)

10.) Machu Pichu, Peru
9.) Grand Canyon, USA

8.) Stonehendge, UK

7.)Rome, Italy
6.) Great Wall, China

5.) Nara, Japan

4.) London, United Kingdom

3.) Tibet, China

2.) Paris, France

1.) Santorini, Greece

Was your pick on my list? Or have been to some of this places? Please share your experiences and comment so that I may continue dreaming to see these places!